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VR Game Broken Edge Is a Fun Way to Excercise

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The New VR dueling game Broken Edge from developer TREBUCHET creates an enjoyable workout experience for the lower body through dodging enemy attacks.

Game companies have tried to make everyday tasks more enjoyable by turning them into games. From brain games to fitness titles like BOXVR, developers have been attempting to make the mundane fun and encourage people to improve their lives through the virtual world. While not always intentional, VR games have helped to promote a more active lifestyle while experiencing a world that would otherwise never exist.

Recently released indie title Broken Edge from developer TREBUCHET is a VR title that makes the player a warrior from history. Being able to play as barbarians, duelists, samurai, and more, warriors can experience sword fights using each class’s unique style. While some players can attempt to swing their weapon wildly, since destroying the opponent’s sword is the best tactic to ensure victory, this will not be as effective as a true clash of VR blades.

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Get Some Exercise While Dueling Enemies

Broken Edge Samurai Slices At Enemy

While also being an enjoyable dueling game, Broken Edge provides a fun exercise experience. Possibly unintentionally, TREBUCHET has developed an enjoyable way for players to get in their leg day. Due to the title’s mechanics, it is not beneficial to just swing a weapon around or constantly try to take a hit to a blade to block a blow. Because the swords can break, this will leave a warrior open to a well-placed strike. Therefore, it can be a much better option for players to dodge blows.

When dodging, since a player can be standing in VR, warriors will find themselves moving their legs frequently. This translates well to exercising when a player may squat to dodge a blow to a head or lunge to the side to avoid being jabbed. A player can also hop around their VR space to keep active while dodging, thus keeping the calves engaged.

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Broken Edge Can Provide a Full-Body Workout


Many VR titles can provide an arm workout, but only a few engage the legs or the whole body. The Climb or Beat Saber can quickly put a player’s arms to work but doesn’t do as well keeping the entire body engaged. Broken Edge has, possibly accidentally, become a potential full-body workout depending on how engaged a player wishes to become. Players can work out their lower body by avoiding blows, and they can up this by using purposely formed squats or lunges to the side and calf raises. They can engage the upper body through swipes and jabs at the enemy.

Broken Edge is worth looking into if a player is seeking a new game to work out or just a fun dueling experience. Players can take on enemies solo versus bots or join online matches to face other VR gamers. Regardless of how someone approaches the title, it will stand out as an enjoyable dueling game where anyone can live out a fantasy of being a historical warrior wielding their blade.

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