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Kingdom Come’s Armored Batman Spreads His Wings as a McFarlane Toys Figure

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McFarlane Toys adds the armored Batman design from Mark Waid and Alex Ross’ iconic Kingdom Come series to its extensive catalog of DC action figures.

One of DC Comics’ most iconic alternate versions of Batman will soon be available for fans to own courtesy of McFarlane Toys.

Last month, McFarlane Toys offered its first look at an upcoming Batman figure based on the older, armored version of the character seen in Mark Waid and Alex Ross’ seminal Kingdom Come. The figure sports the stylized armor fans will instantly recognize from Ross’ pages, complete with its signature pair of bat-shaped wings. According to the company’s tweet, the upcoming figure will stand at 7 inches tall.

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Batman’s Dark Future in Kingdom Come

Kingdom Come depicted a dark possible future for the DC Universe, one where Superman and the heroes of the Justice League retired after new, darker heroes like Magog came on the scene and were embraced by the public, only to return when their successors proved to be too violent and reckless. His body broken down after years of crime-fighting, the older, grayer Bruce Wayne seen in this future was confined to an exoskeleton in his day-to-day life and maintained peace in Gotham City with a legion of bat-themed robots he controlled from the Batcave. In order to participate in the massive superhuman battle at the end of the story, Batman had to don the winged armor seen on the figure as he led his faction, the Outsiders, into the conflict.

Outside Waid and Ross’ original story, this armored-up variant of the Caped Crusader has popped up sporadically in other media. It appeared briefly in animation, in the episode “Triumvirate of Terror!” of Batman: The Brave and the Bold in 2011, and was a source of inspiration for the Bruce Wayne of Earth-99 seen in the Arrowverse’s “Crisis on Infinite Earths” crossover played by the late Kevin Conroy.

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Kingdom Come Batman joins McFarlane Toys’ extensive lineup of DC Comics figures, and is not the only Batman-related figure fans can expect in the future. In a recent announcement, Todd McFarlane himself revealed a figure based on Jim Lee’s iconic “Hush” artwork, depicting the Dark Knight in the pose seen on the cover of Batman #608, while figures based on Batman, Scarecrow, Joker and Two-Face from The Dark Knight trilogy were confirmed earlier this year at New York Comic-Con.

A release date for McFarlane Toys’ Kingdom Come Batman has not yet been announced.

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