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Marvel Reportedly Cut Becky Lynch’s MCU Post-Credit Scene

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A new report suggests WWE superstar Becky Lynch was supposed to be in a post-credit scene for Marvel Studios’ Eternals, but it was ultimately cut.

This article covers a developing story. Continue to check back with us as we will be adding more information as it becomes available.

WWE superstar Becky Lynch (real name Rebecca Quin) was reportedly supposed to make her Marvel Cinematic Universe debut in the 2021 film Eternals in a post-credit scene. However, Marvel Studios ultimately decided to omit Lynch’s character from the film.

According to the wrestling news outlet Fightful Select, Lynch’s Eternals scene would have featured the former Women’s Champion in an undisclosed role opposite Harry Styles as Eros/Starfox. Of course, Styles did appear as Eros in a mid-credit scene alongside Patton Oswalt as Pip the Troll. However, while Lynch was excluded from the final cut of Eternals, the door is reportedly still open for her to reprise her mystery Marvel role in a future project.

Evidently, the powers that be simply decided that the Eternals scene involving Lynch’s character and Eros was “too depressing.” Moreover, Fightful Select reports that Marvel’s decision to cut the scene had absolutely nothing to do with Lynch herself, as the studio was actually quite happy with her performance. That said, the outlet clarified that it is currently unknown if the scene was actually shot, or if it was cut before cameras could start rolling.

Fightful apparently knew of Lynch’s involvement in Eternals back in 2021, though no sources within Marvel Studios would comment on it at the time. The outlet has now been told that “the role was for [the Eternals] in a post-credit scene to set up something for a future installment.” Interestingly, Kris Tapley — formerly of Variety — reported all the way back in 2020 that Lynch had joined the cast of a Marvel film, though offered no further details at the time. In 2021, there was some brief (and flimsy) speculation that Lynch may have been involved in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, though Fightful‘s own Sean Ross Sapp quickly debunked such claims.

Source: Fightful Select, via The Direct

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