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One Young Jedi Had a Vision of His Order 66 Death

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When Star Wars fans think of the word tragedy, most of them would automatically jump to the “Tragedy of Darth Plagueis.” With visions of a smirking Palpatine and a conflicted Anakin, they would picture the Munn Sith Lord being killed by his apprentice. While Plaguies’ death was ironic (because he taught his apprentice everything he knew), it wasn’t really a tragedy. He claimed untold amounts of power for himself, and eventually, it got taken away.

There were tragedies in Star Wars. The best example would be Anakin Skywalker. Palpatine manipulated the supposed Chosen One into destroying everything he loved in a fruitless venture to save Padme. Darth Maul’s life was also pretty tragic. Palpatine took Maul as a child, raised him as a Sith and eventually cast Maul aside in favor of a new apprentice. However, Anakin and Maul’s stories pale in comparison to a character named Whie Malreaux. In fact, what happened to him was beyond tragic — it was disturbing.

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Whie Malreaux’s Vision Was Terrifying in Star Wars

Star Wars Whie, Cin Drallig and Bene

Whie’s story was told in Sean Stewart’s Star Wars: Yoda – Dark Rendezvous novel. He was born on the planet Vjun, where his family was extremely wealthy. The upper-class families on Vjun had high midi-chlorian counts, which gave them status. So, it was no surprise that Whie was Force-sensitive. Unfortunately, Whie’s father tried to enhance natural midi-chlorians, but that only made people go mad and start killing each other. And during the debacle, Whie’s half-drunk mother gave him away to a passing Jedi.

After being given to the Jedi Order, Whie spent his early life training at the Jedi Temple, and he was revered for his grace and control. His greatest ability was being able to peer into the future through visions. At first, his dreams scared Whie, but Yoda, with his backward-speaking wisdom, helped Whie overcome that fear by noting that nothing was set in stone. Unfortunately, Yoda gave him a false sense of security.

In the waning days of the Clone Wars, a 14-year-old Whie received a troubling vision. He saw himself getting killed by a blue lightsaber. Naturally, that scared him because he thought he was destined to fall to the Dark Side and be killed by a Jedi. Things came to a head when Yoda received a message from Count Dooku to visit him on Vjun at Ch√Ęteau Malreaux. While it felt like a trap, Yoda couldn’t discount the thought that Dooku was trying to repent for his evil deeds.

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How Whie Malreaux Was Killed By a Blue Lightsaber

Anakin Skywalker leads clone troopers during Order 66 in Obi-Wan

So, Yoda departed for Vjun with Jedi Masters Maks Leem and Jai Maruk and their padawans, Whie and Scout. During the mission, Asajj Ventress appeared and killed Master Maruk. After that, Whie had to face Ventress, but he wasn’t afraid of her, knowing that a red lightsaber wouldn’t kill him. As predicted, he did survive his first encounter with the Sith assassin. But his second encounter with her was worse because Ventress tempted him to join the Dark Side by kissing Scout. Thankfully, Whie was able to resist.

Having resisted the call to the Dark Side, Whie was convinced that he had altered his fate. His vision wasn’t going to come true, after all. When Obi-Wan and Anakin arrived on Vjun to rescue them, Whie embraced Anakin, saying, “I’m so glad you’re not coming to kill me!” That, however, was an awful twist of fate. Only months later, Anakin killed Whie during his assault on the Jedi Temple. His death was briefly seen in the Revenge of the Sith when Obi-Wan looked at the security camera hologram. Whie, Cin Drallig and another padawan named Bene were protecting young Jedi in the Room of a Thousand Fountains when the newly-christened Darth Vader killed all of them. Thus, Whie’s vision was accurate, as he was killed by a blue lightsaber and foresaw his own Order 66 death.

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