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Dungeons & Dragons Fans Find Clever Ways to Play the Game Solo

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Dungeons & Dragons fans came together to discuss the best ways to play sessions solo — and whether it’s better to pick up a video game instead.

Members of the r/DnD subreddit had a discussion about the best ways to play Dungeons & Dragons for those who don’t have a dedicated tabletop group on-hand.

Redditor u/Nokwatcher69 took to the Dungeons & Dragons subreddit to ask if there was a way to both DM and play a session on a “solo adventure,” for those who aren’t already a part of a D&D group. Responses varied from people sharing their own resources on how to run a solo session to claims that playing a solo session is the same thing as writing a novel to some suggesting that playing a video game is the best alternative. One person directed the OP to a subreddit dedicated to the idea of playing solo, while others tried directing them to a subreddit for finding D&D groups.

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One Redditor, u/SayethWeAll even shared a few short games they wrote themself, including one inspired by an old RuneScape quest. They then recommended a number of licensed D&D books meant specifically for players looking for a solo adventure.

Despite the adamancy of those who argued that solo sessions are either impossible or a waste of time, there appears to be a solid amount of resources and communities available to potential solo players. Still, games like Baldur’s Gate or Pillars of Eternity, which some users suggested, are ample replacements for those craving a role-playing experience without a dedicated tabletop group.

r/DnD isn’t always so divided though. In a rare display of unanimity, Redditors joined together to condemn the strange choice of a D&D DM to nerf their rogue’s sneak attack. On another occasion, they joined together to come up with solutions for a DM struggling to get one player to spend less time deciding what to do with their turn.

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The company which owns Dungeons & Dragons, Wizards of the Coast, came into the spotlight recently when it announced its intention to remove the word “race” from D&D from all upcoming content. In the blog post announcement, it stated, “We understand ‘race’ is a problematic term that has had prejudiced links between real-world people and the fantasy peoples of D&D worlds. The usage of the term across D&D and other popular IP has evolved over time. Now it’s time for the next evolution.” The company also stated its plan to land on a new word to use in its place, but has not yet determined one and will be using “species” until one is found.

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