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How Gomez and Morticia Meet in The Addams Family

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The Netflix series Wednesday offers a whole new look at the iconic Addams Family, namely focusing on the titular daughter of the household. Nevertheless, her other family members appear in the show as well, namely her creepy and kooky parents. Not only does the show feature new takes on Gomez and Morticia, but it also adds a new version of how the couple’s macabre marriage all began.

The patriarch and matriarch of the Addams Family have met in different ways over the years, with various shows and movies having their own versions for how their dark bond was born. Wednesday is no different, becoming one of several divergent iterations of the freaky family. Here’s a look back at how the two met in the original TV series, as well as how Gomez and Morticia were introduced in other continuities.

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Morticia and Gomez Had a Whirlwind Romance In the Addams Family

Morticia-Gomez-Original-Addams-Family (1)

The first version of how Gomez and Morticia became betrothed was in 1965’s “Morticia’s Romance,” a two-part story that comprised Episodes 2 and 3 of The Addams Family Season 2. The story begins with Wednesday and her brother Pugsley asking about how their parents met on the night of their 13th wedding anniversary. Morticia recalls how she met her future husband when he was meant to be married to another woman entirely! At that point in his youth, Gomez’s mother decided that it was time for him to marry and attempted to set him up with Ophelia Frump, the daughter of an old friend.

Along for the ride was Ophelia’s sister Morticia, who instantly took notice of Gomez. The feeling was mutual, as Gomez had no attraction to the otherwise colorful Ophelia. Unfortunately, Gomez’ rather timid nature couldn’t help him to stave off Ophelia, who had already announced her engagement to him. Throughout the course of their time together, however, Morticia’s sister becomes far more smitten with the hirsute Cousin Itt. Thus, when Gomez finally musters the courage to object to their marriage, she’s more than fine with it, leaving him free to marry Morticia.

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How Morticia and Gomez’s Meeting Differs in Other Versions

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“Morticia’s Romance” would in many ways be the more iconic version of how the Addams Family truly came to be, with the storyline even being remade in the 1998 series The New Addams Family. Later episodes of the original show would somewhat contradict “Morticia’s Romance,” making mention of the love notes that Gomez supposedly sent to Morticia when they were courting. Given that the episode showcasing their betrothal gave no such time for a courtship, it’s likely an example of an attempt at humor, even at the expense of continuity.

In the ‘1990s Addams Family movies, Morticia and Gomez met each other at a funeral, with the latter’s morose sense of flirtation noting that his future bride was so beautiful that it distracted from the sight of the corpse. The new series Wednesday, however, makes it clear that a young Gomez and Morticia met at Nevermore Academy. This school is a haven for misfits and outcasts, and it’s where the couple’s daughter would later attend school. No matter how it was that the two met, Morticia and Gomez are a disturbingly healthy example of a great marriage, showing that even the coldest, blackest hearts can beat for another.

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