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10 Strongest Relationships From The Big Bang Theory

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The Big Bang Theory was one of the longest-running sitcoms in TV history, lasting for 12 seasons from 2007 to its 2019 finale. The many characters it introduced across its 12 years on air were either in relationships or actively looking to get hitched. Indeed, the series’ biggest pull was the time-honored “will they/won’t they” trope that kept the earlier seasons thriving.

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These romances and couples kept The Big Bang Theory relevant as a water cooler show, and fans tuned in to see how these pairings would play out. Break-ups, marriages and flings filled the seasons well and served as the main basis of the later seasons. Every good show needs romances to keep viewers interested, and few TV shows accomplished this as well as The Big Bang Theory.

10/10 Leonard And Priya Started Strong Until They Crashed And Burned


After his relationship with Penny – and subsequent rebound with Dr. Plympton – failed, Leonard started dating Raj’s sister, Priya. While fans knew the relationship was doomed to failure and Leonard would return to Penny, they still hated the Priya romance.

Despite some sweet moments between the couple, Priya tried to change Leonard in ways he didn’t like, including driving a wedge between him and Penny. When Priya finally revealed to Leonard she had been unfaithful – as had he – the relationship ended with a simple closing of a laptop.

9/10 Raj And Lucy Were Always On Shaky Ground

Raj and Lucy Big Bang Theory

As sweet as the initial relationship between Raj and Lucy may have been, for many fans it was also the most predictable of Raj’s romances to fail. Their first date was made notable by Lucy sneaking out of a cafĂ© bathroom window to get away, leaving Raj alone.

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Lucy was mostly used in the show to bring down Raj, which just wasn’t a great experience for fans. At almost every turn she would skip out on the hopeless romantic and, although he didn’t help his situation, she was horrible for Raj’s self-esteem. Putting it simply, Raj deserved better.

8/10 Penny And Zack Had An Innocence About Them

zack, penny and leonard talking in the big bang theory

Although Penny’s rebound date, Zack, was an idiot, he had a heart of gold and managed to win over audiences. Where many of Penny’s boyfriends before Leonard had been bullies, Zack was just a genuinely decent guy. Even Leonard found it hard to be mad at Zack.

The relationship was short-lived but just had a certain innocence about it, with Zack even bonding with the four guys. Even after Penny and Zack broke up, he took it well and their relationship was entirely amicable going forward, Zack being one of few characters who didn’t hold a grudge.

7/10 Raj And Anu Ended Disappointingly

Raj and Anu from Big Bang Theory

Raj and Anu seemed doomed as a couple from the start, but there was a moment when it seemed they had a chance. What started as a very formal, planned relationship took a turn into genuine romance when Raj told Anu that he didn’t want a procedural relationship.

When Anu realized Raj was serious, it seemed like their relationship had a shot, and she proposed in a more romantic way. However, Anu later gave Raj a choice to follow her in her move to London away from his friends. The choice was tough, but Raj stuck with his friends and let Anu go.

6/10 Emily And Raj Should Have Gone The Distance

Emily and Raj Meeting on Their First Date for the First Time from the Big Bang Theory

The show’s most underrated relationship, Emily and Raj started out on rocky ground but seemed like they could last. Raj initially used Amy to meet Emily but once they gave it a shot, things went well. Despite being an eccentric, dark person, Emily was accepted by the group.

Emily’s unique personality shouldn’t have counted against her. After all, the friends were each unusual in their own way and knew what it was like to be judged for quirks and eccentricities. The hate the romance got was never justified and the couple should have gone the distance.

5/10 The Rostenkowskis Were Quiet But Seemed Like A Strong Couple

The Rostenkowskis from Big Bang Theory

Parents of Bernadette, the Rostenkowskis were a traditional, old school marriage, with the retired cop in Mike and his wife. Fans didn’t know much about them beyond the little shared by Bernadette, but they seemed to have a healthy relationship.

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The length of the Rostenkowski marriage alone puts them in the running for the top spot, coupled with their raising of Bernadette. They reminded many fans of their own parents and grandparents and just signaled strength and tradition and fit in well in the show.

4/10 Penny And Leonard Had Their Problems But Their Love Was True

Big Bang Theory -- Penny and Leonard kissing

Penny and Leonard were the show’s main attraction, and their “will they/won’t they” relationship was the basis for the first five seasons. Although the first season ended with a date, it wasn’t until season three that they finally got together – and subsequently broke up.

Unfortunately, their relationship was written to be flawed and volatile. The couple shared two on-screen break-ups, a number of fights and many more off-screen break-ups were hinted at later on. They may have made a good couple and kept fans tuning in, but they still have some work ahead of them.

3/10 Stuart And Denise Were Bonded By Their Common Interests

Stuart talks to Denise in the Big Bang Theory

One of the show’s later relationships, Stuart finally got a girlfriend in the show’s twelfth season in his employee, Denise. When Stuart’s comic book store was finally booming, he hired Denise to manage the store for him. They immediately bonded over their shared hobbies.

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When Stuart finally gained the courage to ask Denise out, things started a little shaky, and it wasn’t long before they had their first quarrel. However, once things worked out they went ahead without any issue and instantly became a sweet couple.

2/10 Amy And Sheldon Were Made For Each Other

Amy Farrah Fowler and Sheldon Cooper on The Big Bang Theory

First brought together in the season three finale, Amy and Sheldon were matched on a dating site by Raj and Howard. Although they started out in a state of denial, never referring to the other as a romantic partner, it didn’t take long for Amy to want some commitment.

When Sheldon finally got serious, fans fell in love with them as a couple and never believed for a second that their break-up was permanent. Sheldon and Amy are united in their common personalities, shared experiences in the out-group and love of science.

1/10 Howard And Bernadette Achieved A Picturesque Marriage

Howard Giving Bernadette A Star Necklace in the Big Bang Theory

Howard and Bernadette were easily the strongest couple on the series. Despite a very early break-up and some bumps along the way, they generally stood by each other and had a loving relationship. The show’s first married couple, they were also one of the most wholesome pairings.

When their first baby came along, it was a sure thing that the Wolowitz marriage was here to stay and fans couldn’t be happier. Most notable was how marriage changed the character of Howard from the creepy perv to a loving and sweet husband and father.

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