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Doctor Strange’s Best Student is Teaming Up with Dormammu

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Doctor Strange’s most promising Strange Academy student now appears to be teaming up with a horrifying figure from the MCU.

After being divided by the issues which have long plagued Strange Academy, the students of Doctor Strange’s New Orleans school have found themselves split between their shared home on Earth and the Dark Dimension. Worse still, the best and brightest student has seemingly found a more permanent place among the horrors of the Dark Dimension. Not only has Emily Bright seemingly embraced her new role as a villain, but she is also about to settle into another at the right hand of none other than Dormammu himself. Then there might not be any coming back from it if and when she does cross that line.

Following their attack on the villainous Gaslamp, the students of Strange Academy: Finals #3 (by Skottie Young, Humberto Ramos, Edgar Delgado, and VC’s Clayton Cowles) are left coming up with some way to repair the multiple blocks of New Orleans’ French Quarter. Although their carnival fundraiser attracts plenty of attention, not all of it is wanted. Apart from the emergence of Shuma-Gorath, the school’s former students take the opportunity to check in on their old classmates. This proves to be nearly disastrous for Calvin, who very nearly slips back into the clutches of Misery. Thankfully, he manages to fight off Misery’s dark influence, though the same can’t be said for Emily and her budding relationship with Dormammu.

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Strange Academy’s Emily Bright is the Dark Dimension’s Latest Villain

strange academy finals 3 shuma-gorath

The Faltine ruler of the Dark Dimension has been a major presence in the Marvel Universe ever since his introduction in Stan Lee and Steve Ditko’s “The Domain of the Dread Dormammu!” from 1964’s Strange Tales #126. Over the years Dormammu has stood in direct opposition to Doctor Strange on more than one front. His ominous shadow has also cast his son Doyle in an unsettling light, with many assuming that the heir to the dark dimension would be the downfall of Strange Academy, if not the world.

Unfortunately, it was Doyle saving Emily’s life with a ring made of his own infernal flesh that kicked off her slow descent into darkness. Coupled with her disillusionment in the very Masters of the Mystic Arts who were supposed to be protecting them, the Faltine influence has driven Emily to declare open war on Strange Academy. It has also driven her straight into the arms of Dormammu, who seems more than happy with his new young ward. This is especially tragic since his Faltine son is set to become his next worst enemy.

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Emily Bright May Still Have a Chance For Redemption

strange academy finals 3 dormammu

It certainly isn’t any big surprise that Emily would align herself with Dormammu considering everything she has been through. Still, that doesn’t make the situation any less unsettling. Emily was always one of the smartest of Doctor Strange’s students and was clearly meant for great things. That those have come in the form of turning into Marvel’s least likely villain is genuinely heartbreaking.

Of course, there is always hope that Emily will be saved from her own worst ideas at some point, no matter how unlikely that seems. She is still just a kid after all, and no amount of her own mystic ability is going to change that. Then again, it isn’t just Emily that the rest of Strange Academy has to be worried about. Even with the heir to the Dark Dimension on its side, it is hard to imagine how Doctor Strange’s school would survive Dormammu’s fury without some truly divine intervention.

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