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Interview With the Vampire Star Initially Turned Down Role in Anne Rice Series

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One of the highlights of the first season of AMC’s Anne Rice’s Interview With the Vampire was Eric Bogosian’s Daniel Molloy, but it turns out that the actor almost didn’t take the role. In an interview with Australia’s TV Tonight, Bogosian revealed that initially said no to the series — but he reconsidered after reading the scripts and is glad he ultimately took on the role.

Bogosian explained that when his agent asked him if he wanted to play Daniel, who is the one conducting the interview in the series, he was pretty blunt in his refusal.

“I said, ‘I’ll make it easy for you. It’s a hard pass,’” Bogosian said. “But he said, ‘Let’s talk tomorrow.’ I’m so glad that he and I finally read the scripts, then I finally understand this is not a simple gig. This is going to be somebody that will challenge you. Plus, I have to say, I’ve worked with people who are really good at what they do but are kind of awful people, and I’ve worked with people who are very easy to work with, but they don’t make great work. This group of people who made the show… are the best at what they do. And they were great to work with Jacob (Anderson), Sam (Reid), Mara (LePere-Schloop) our set designer who created the whole look of the show and Rolin (Jones), Alan (Taylor) who was overseeing director and the other directors — it was such a pleasure. They made it easy.”

When can fans expect Season 2 of Interview With the Vampire?

While it’s been just a bit over a month since the Season 1 finale of Interview With the Vampire on AMC, fans of the series may be in for a bit of a wait for Season 2. O’Byrne indicated that he doesn’t anticipate Season 2 arriving until late 2023 or even early 2024, with the series expected to film from April to August 2023 in Prague.

“My guess is we won’t make that window,” O’Byrne said of the October release month for Season 1. “That is an AMC call.

What can viewers expect from Season 2 of Interview With the Vampire?

“We’re going to Europe and Part 2 of the novel is Episode 1 of Season 2. So, we’re going there and we’re going to experience that. Then we’re going to Paris. We’re going to see what coven life is all about, and we have some more time than the movie or even the book,” Jones previously said. “We’re continuing to make the interview part of this and just as important as the flashback, in that there are some very active things that are going to be happening in Dubai. Then, more than anything, and we teased it out a little in Season 1, the idea of memory and what is true and what isn’t true is a big player in Season 2. It’s all going towards, groping towards, who am I? How did I get here? What is to become of me now? There’s a lot!”

The first season of Interview With the Vampire is now streaming on AMC+. The second season does not yet have an expected release date. A third season has not yet been officially announced.

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