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Worlds Beyond Number, New All-Star TTRPG Podcast, Announced

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A new tabletop RPG podcast featuring a well-known cast will be launching later this year. Worlds Beyond Number is a new “narrative-play, audio fiction” starring Aabria Iyengar, Erika Ishii, Lou Wilson, and Brennan Lee Mulligan. The podcast will be designed by Taylor Moore at Fortunate Horse. Moore is also a producer for Rude Tales of Magic, a well-known D&D podcast. The podcast will be launched in March 2023 following the launch of a Patreon for the podcast in February. The show is described as a cross-genre, cross-world experience that ranges from “immersive, years-long cinematic epics” to one-shots. No game system has been announced for the project, but the description suggests that more than one system could be used depending on the narrative.

Iyengar, Ishii, Wilson, and Mulligan all have impressive resumes and have all appeared on some of the best-known D&D and TTRPG shows on the web. All four have appeared on Critical Role and Dimension 20 programming and are considered by many to be some of the top “Let’s Play” TTRPG cast members currently performing regularly. However, Worlds Beyond Number is an independent and creator-owned project, which means that the cast members will own whatever characters and storylines appear on the shows. 

Worlds Beyond Number was first teased last week via a mysterious website that was shared by the four cast members and Moore. Many speculated that it would be a new tabletop RPG project of some kind, especially after the website wasn’t shared by any corporate social media accounts. 

More information about Worlds Beyond Number will be revealed in the coming weeks, with weekly reveals announced on social media. The patreon for Worlds Beyond Number will launch in February. 

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