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10 New Year’s Resolutions For The Greatest DC Heroes

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New Year’s Day is a time of reflection when people take stock of their lives and decide to do better. New Year’s resolutions are always a big thing, with social media feeds full of them. Nearly everyone makes them, so it’s a good bet that superheroes do as well. The heroes of DC Comics seem like just the types to make them.

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The greatest DC heroes have some things that need to be addressed. Thinking about what resolutions they would make is a lot of fun because many of them would certainly make them. No one’s perfect, not even the greatest heroes.

10/10 Martian Manhunter Should Cut Back On The Oreos

DC Comics' Martian Manhunter (J'Onn J'Onzz) flying through the night sky

Many of DC’s greatest heroes aren’t human, with Martian Manhunter unafraid to make sure everyone knows about his alien heritage. J’onn J’onnz loves humanity, and he does everything he can to protect it. However, one gets the feeling that a big reason for this is Oreos. Martian Manhunter is known for his love of the chocolate cookies with the cream filling, indulging in them often.

While it’s doubtful he’d get fat from them, a good resolution for J’onn would be to cut down on the cookies. He loves them, but there are healthier snacks out there. People look up to him, so his gluttonous love of cookies needs to be cut down.

9/10 Zatanna Would Remember To Take Some Time For Herself

An image of Zatanna Zatara. She is facing the viewer and touching her top hat.

Zatanna is a very busy woman. She has her career as a stage magician, her endless study of magic, and her place as leader of the Justice League Dark. She’s always there to help her friends in the League and beyond as well, pitching in when they need help with her magical problems. She has a lot on her plate, and she doesn’t really seem like she has a lot of time for herself.

Zatanna’s resolution should be to take time more time for herself. Even something as simple as hanging out at the Oblivion Bar for a few drinks once a week would go a long way. Zatanna needs to unwind, and New Year’s is the perfect time to resolve to do better.

8/10 Power Girl Should Be Nicer To People

Power Girl glaring with red laser eyes in DC Comics

Power Girl has had a tough time for years, partly because of her lack of a family. She’s known for being gruff and mouthy with everyone, but there’s actually a lot of vulnerability under it all. She’s a person who lost her entire universe; for years, there was an emptiness inside of her that she couldn’t identify because no one could remember it.

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Power Girl’s attitude has hurt her relationship with her fellow heroes. For New Year’s, she should resolve to be nicer. She can still be mean to villains, of course, but she should work on not snapping at the heroes she works with who just want to help her and be her friend.

7/10 Aquaman Should Resolve To Be A Better King

Aquaman is sat on the throne of Atlantis

Aquaman can be an underrated hero. It’s easy to forget that his mandate isn’t just the surface world and fighting alongside the Justice League. Aquaman is the protector of the oceans, as well as the king of Atlantis, the largest country on Earth. A frequent problem that Arthur has is that various people, starting with his half-brother Ocean Master but by no means ending with him, try to take his throne.

Aquaman’s resolution should be to be a better king. Several would-be usurpers have talked about how much time he spends away from Atlantis as their reasoning behind trying to take over. Devoting more time to being a better king could help him in the long run.

DC's Green Lantern, Hal Jordan, powers up

Hal Jordan’s time as Green Lantern has proven several things about him, most of them positive. He’s a great hero who can overcome fear like few others. He’s a man who cares deeply about his friends and loved ones. He’ll sacrifice anything to help others. However, he’s kind of a messy himbo who can be extra about things.

Hal needs to work on not being extra. That’s a pretty common characteristic of many of DC’s Silver Age legends, but Hal’s taken it to the next level. It’s definitely something he needs to work on, and it would help his relationship with his co-workers in the Corps.

5/10 Wally West’s Resolution Should Be Passing On What He Learned

Wally West's Flash runs in DC Comics.

Wally West is a legendary DC hero, and a big reason for that is that he had a lot of people teaching him. From Barry Allen teaching him how to use his superspeed powers in intelligent ways to his fellow Teen Titans sharing what their mentors taught them to older Justice League teammates helping him on, Wally learned from the best. Now, it’s time for him to pass all of that along.

Both Irey and Jai West have superpowers, and they need someone to teach them the ropes. Likewise, Wally’s cousin Wallace needs a mentor to actually step up and do the work. Wally’s resolution should be to take more time to pass on what he’s learned. He has so much to share, which can mold his children and cousin into amazing heroes.

4/10 Nightwing Needs To Keep Using His Wealth To Help Blüdhaven

Nightwing blending in with a black background.

Nightwing is basically DC’s main character nowadays. His quest to clean up Blüdhaven has taken up a new dimension because of the billions he inherited from Alfred. He’s still fighting crime in the traditional sense, but he’s also started to use his money in ways that even Bruce Wayne doesn’t. It’s made a huge difference in the city.

Nightwing’s resolution should be simple. He should not only keep this approach, but he should go farther. Poverty breeds crime; Gotham always had the Waynes helping out, but Blüdhaven had no one. Nightwing is filling an important role in the city, and he should go even further in the new year.

3/10 Wonder Woman Should Find A Personal Life

Wonder Woman in her Silver Age costume

Wonder Woman is devoted to her life as a hero. She’s a Justice League stalwart and is known for fighting evil everywhere it turns up. Her mission in Man’s World is to spread love and peace in the Themysciran way, something which has taken up so much of her time and life. Of all the DC heroes, Wonder Woman easily has the worst personal life.

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Wonder Woman’s resolution in the new year should be to actually get a personal life. Wonder Woman’s entire life is her mission. She barely understands the lives of the people she predicts. There’s even a feeling that the only reason she keeps getting with Steve Trevor is because of her lack of life. She should remedy that in the new year.

2/10 Superman Needs To Spend More Time With Lois

DC Comics' Superman holding up a building

DC has some iconic romances, but none so iconic as the one between Superman and Lois Lane. Their love is perfect, and the two make an amazing couple. Their relationship is a partnership like no other; each looks at the world differently, and put together, there’s nothing they miss. However, they don’t always have a lot of personal time.

Superman’s resolution is simple. He should resolve to spend more time with Lois. At this point, that’s actually very easy. Jon, Kara, Conner, John Henry, and Natasha can all look out for things and give the Kents some private time. This is especially important after how much time Superman spent on Warworld.

1/10 Batman Should Lighten Up

DC Comics' Batman

Batman is the greatest vigilante on the planet. His mission to eliminate crime and save the innocent consumes his life, with him having little time for anything else. Batman barely has a life outside of being a superhero. He does the bare minimum as Bruce Wayne, going so far as to make as much of his life revolve around being Batman.

Batman needs to lighten up in the new year. His mission is undoubtedly important, but he allows the severity of it to run his life. His seriousness has hurt his relationships with his friends and loved ones, so he should definitely take a chance to lighten up.

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