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Alice in Borderland Season 2’s Biggest Plot Holes & Questions

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Season 2 of Netflix’s highly-popular Alice in Borderland kicks things up a notch as Arisu and his friends try to survive the mysterious realm they’re trapped in. The first season focused on them playing sinister games (akin to Squid Game) in an empty Tokyo, positioning themselves on the social ladder to be elite survivors. However, the second season finds their shady overlords (aka the Face cards) trying to break their spirit by separating them.

Thankfully, they’re able to persevere, learning more about themselves, their competitors and the masters running the competition. Sadly, it leads to even more bloodshed and Arisu losing friends. Interestingly, by the time the veil drops in this quaint pocket of space and time, there are some plot holes and mysteries that arise, especially regarding how things were just way too convenient for their attackers.

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The King of Spades’ Powers Aren’t Explained

Alice in Borderland hides the King of Spades' powers

The King of Spades is a cloaked mercenary who opens the season up by firing on these “citizens.” He’s thinning out the herd, but it’s never explained how gunfire occurs from the air and high-rises. He rolls solo, has his guns, as well as bombs and knives on the ground. He’s also able to somehow find all targets and leap on cars without them noticing. While there’s a blimp with his symbol in the sky, it’s never revealed as part of his arsenal. Had fans seen him remotely operating guns from a distance, automated sniper machines, or using the blimp to teleport his body around, it’d have made sense. As it stands, however, he just has magical firepower that can find anyone, anywhere.

The Purgatory’s Bosses Remain Vague

alice in borderland season 2 an kuina arisu and usagi

This dimension is a purgatory where many Tokyo denizens went after meteors struck the city. The players are supposed to learn the value of life, which happens to Team Arisu. They eventually beat the final game with the Queen of Hearts, and as a reward, they accept the offer to go back to the land of the living. But it’s never explained why such a sadistic game of torture was needed. It’s obscure regarding if people who died in the two seasons in this realm went to Hell or Heaven as well, and if it’s God or the Devil running the show. At best, the latter is a strong possibility as the Joker’s hinted at as a Season 3 villain.

The Limbo Returned Players Who Were Dead

Alice in Borderland has Aguni killing the King of Spades

A major point of contention occurs with the resurrections of players after they ended up in a coma following the meteors. Arisu and Usagi, for example, defeated Mira in the final game and got to possess their bodies once more. But the likes of Ann was left dead after fighting the King of Spades, while Heiya got gunned down close-range with a machine gun. Yet, they get a second chance and are resurrected, which breaks the established rules of the game. It leaves fans wondering if others with willpower who got killed were allowed to return to Earth.

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The In-Game Kills Aren’t Consistent

Alice in Borderland has Usagi inspiring Arisu

In the battle with the King of Spades, Aguni gets shot in the face, while Niragi and Chishiya both suffered mortal wounds to the torso. Yet, they somehow last, remaining alive on the ground while Arisu took Usagi to go face Mira. This makes no sense because their shots were point-blank, with many others dying due to similar wounds. It felt like the show was forcing key characters to survive when it could have easily killed them in the alley. It made the Spades’ game scarier, but then just resurrected them like Ann as rules were being broken.

Arisu Ignored the City as a Weapon

Alice in Borderland Season 2

While Team Arisu did hole up in buildings at times to scrounge up food, one has to wonder why they didn’t hijack more cars, or break into skyscrapers and such when the King was rampaging. There’s a lot to use in the city as weapons and to hide out in, which are well within the rules of the game. This tactic was seen with the Beach mansion in Season 1, yet Season 2 keeps it vague why these locales can’t be used again as a means of defense. This is especially true as the King of Spades was stretched all over the city.

The King of Spades Ignored His Main Mission

Alice in Borderland hides the King of Spades' powers

The King’s directive is to slaughter at will, thinking he’s sending players to a better place. However, when he goes after Arisu, he leaves others behind in the alley, who aren’t dead yet. Kuina and Usagi, for example, are bleeding out, yet he refuses to finish them off. It’s uncharacteristic and would have changed the outcome of the final game, especially by taking Usagi out. The fact these victims are visibly alive and caused him so much damage, he should have been thirsty for revenge and to end them there on the spot as a Grim Reaper, of sorts.

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Arisu Has Blood-Erasing Powers, Apparently

Alice in Borderland has Usagi and Arisu falling in love

In the game against Kyuma early on in Season 2, Arisu has to break Tatta’s hand to get his electronic bracelet. This gives Arisu extra points in the tag game, allowing him to shake Kyuma’s hand and steal the villain’s points. The problem is, it was a bloody scene that eventually saw Tatta bleeding out and dying, yet when Arisu meets Kyuma, he’s spotless. It’s inconsistent as he just had blood all over him, on his clothes and on the band, but the show forgets this when he faces Kyuma. That would’ve been a literal red flag to alert Kyuma of the deception, which leaves fans wondering how Arisu could become so clean.

Mira’s Secret World Has No Foundation

Alice in Borderland has Mira torturing Arisu

In the final game, Mira feeds Arisu lies, telling him they’re in a simulation, then they’re robots, and a bunch of other stories to break his mind. One that resonates is he’s a mental patient, with the series focusing on her working him and trying to destroy his mind with therapy. There’s even a shot where Usagi enters the room and harms herself, just to push Arisu to keep fighting in the game of croquet. However, the show never explains how their minds get taken to this realm or if they’re hallucinating. It also doesn’t explain how Usagi is cognizant (acting like a glitch in the construct), and if it was indeed a Matrix-like world where one’s consciousness could move up a level. This ends up being the weirdest and most convenient narrative jump, with Mira viewing their love in the asylum as a reason to help them beat the game.

Season 2 of Alice in Borderland is now available on Netflix.

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