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Invincible Teases Big Season 2 News Coming Sooner Than You Think

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Fans of Invincible are about to have a really good time. Days after Prime Video teased impending news regarding the series, the official social media account for the series tweeted Sunday that news is imminent. Using memes crafted from the show itself, the show tweeted that an announcement is coming sometime between now and January 31.

Outside of the confirmation regarding an announcement time frame, little else is known about what fans should expect. Should work on Season 2 be clipping along faster than expected, it’s possible the big announcement is a release date, or maybe even a trailer if it’s far enough along.

After a successful first season on Prime Video, Amazon renewed the adult animated series for not one, but two more seasons. The series is written in part by Robert Kirkman, one of the creators behind the comic series the show is based on.

“[Invincible] sometimes adapts the comic book very closely, and sometimes it varies wildly,” Kirkman told last year. “I think that the majority of the first seven is original to the series. There are vast chunks of every episode that are not in the comics at all. I think that there are even episodes #1 and #8, which I wrote, and so I feel like they probably skewed a little bit closer to the comics than some of the other episodes, there are large chunks of those episodes that are completely original to the show. But I think that because the way that it’s so consistent, and because some people haven’t read the comics in some time, they’re like, ‘Oh yeah. This is exactly like the comics.’ So I think that some people think it’s a little bit closer to the comic than it actually is. Then at the same time, after years and years of working on The Walking Dead and being the guy in the room that’s like, ‘No, let’s change it. Let’s kill this character. Let’s do this,’ I was always pushing hard to change things as much as possible because I was bored with the source material because I was there for so long and additionally, The Walking Dead was something I was still actively doing [as a comic]. And so I was like, ‘Oh my God, can we please do something different?’”

The first season of Invincible is now streaming on Prime Video while the second season has yet to set a release date.

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