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The Best Deck for The Hunter

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The Hunter can be difficult to create a deck for, as they can work for multiple builds. However, not focusing on any one aspect can lead to disaster.

The Hunter is one of the most versatile characters in Marvel’s Midnight Suns. They can be used however the player sees fit, be it as a support character or damage dealer. However, without direction, the Hunter can quickly become a burden to a team instead of one of the biggest keys to its success. This is why a well-built Hunter deck is paramount to completing missions in Marvel’s Midnight Suns.

The Hunter has multiple unique aspects, lending them to various roles. For example, they can change their passive abilities by gaining new suits and collars, they have different branches of light, dark, and balanced abilities and the Hunter is a blank canvas. Because of this, the following build is by no means the only option for the character. However, it does focus on dealing with damage while offering support to the team in a pinch.

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Holy Spark+ Can Hurt or Help the Hunter

Holy Spark Hunter Marvels Midnight Suns

Beginning with attacks, the first card for the Hunter will be Holy Spark+. This card can either deal 100% offensive damage to an enemy or Cure an ally. It’s a tremendous dual-purpose boon that doesn’t pull away from a damage build but offers support when needed. Holy Spark+ will also generate one Heroism when played.

Last Sight+ Can Provide Camouflage to Avoid Attacks

Last Sight Hunter Marvels Midnight Suns

Continuing with attacks, Last Sight+ does 150% offensive damage and grants the Concealed status on KO. Concealed is a fantastic status as it will make the caster unable to be targeted. This status effect is removed once the Hunter is damaged or after using a targeted ability.

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Merciless+ Deals Major Damage to Foes With Debuffs

Merciless Hunter Marvels Midnight Suns

Merciless+ is a great combo to use with characters that can apply the Stun or Bind status, like Spider-Man’s THWIP! card. This is because Merciless+ does 400% offense damage to targets that are either stunned or bound. Otherwise, the attack will do 100% offensive damage to the targeted enemy.

Call to Arms+ Doubles Heroism Points

Call To Arms Hunter Marvels Midnight Suns

Moving from Attack cards on to Skill cards, Call to Arms+ is a strong move regardless of the Hunter’s build. This powerful card doubles all Heroism gains for a turn and is Free to play. At the same time, the card itself does not generate any Heroism. It’s extraordinary to combine with cards that create multiple Heroism, such as those which generate Heroism for each KO. So, even if a player isn’t using large Heroism cost cards for the Hunter, the card is excellent for companions with high Heroism cost.

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Mindbender+ Turns Enemies Against Each Other

Mindbender Hunter Marvels Midnight Suns

Mindbender+ allows the Hunter to target an enemy and corrupt them, so they will attack their nearest ally twice. This card comes with the Exhaust status but will generate two Heroism when played. So, not only is it a great way to get in some hits without much cost to the player but also an excellent method of getting attention off of an ally or dispelling the protection an enemy provides to another while also causing the latter enemy damage.

Wrath+ Adds Boosts the Hunter’s Damage Levels

Wrath Hunter Marvels Midnight Suns

Rounding out the skill cards, Wrath+ can help increase damage dealt by the Hunter. Wrath+ gives Hunter cards in the player’s hand as well as those pulled for the next two turns the Critical status. This card is Free to play but doesn’t generate Heroism. However, that matters little with the Critical status boosting the damage Hunter inflicts for a while.

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Holy Burst+ Heals Allies While Hurting Enemies

Holy Burst Hunter Marvels Midnight Suns

The only Heroic card needed, two copies of Holy Burst+ will nicely round out the deck. This dual-purpose card does 100% offensive damage to enemies while restoring 300% offense of health to allies within its area of effect. This card is cheap to play as well, only costing two Heroism. Holy Burst+ is recommended regardless of the deck build due to its ability to help support characters who may need a boost, like Iron Man, and dish out damage simultaneously.

To get the most out of Hunter’s deck, it’s also essential to wear a useful collar and apply the right passive. For this deck, it is recommended that the player use the Obsidian Collar so that the Dark attacks can deal double damage. The Fully Charged ability that comes with the High Tech suit is also very useful, as it will allow the Hunter to gain Resist or generate Heroism at the start of every turn. This isn’t the only way to utilize the Hunter, but it is a fantastic build for those looking to dish out damage while keeping some support aspects in the build.

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