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10 Times Temari Was Truly Terrifying In Naruto

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Temari is an underrated and beloved character from the Naruto series. She doesn’t get as much screen time as she deserves but in the moments she’s appeared, she’s proven to be a formidable Shinobi. She’s the type of person with a strong sense of self and an even stronger attitude, which can be pretty intimidating.

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She may not be as strong as her brother Gaara but she’s proven she can hold her own in a fight. Tamari is downright terrifying when people get on her bad side, which is probably why her husband and son walk on eggshells when they’re around her.

10/10 Temari Didn’t Hold Back Against Tenten

Temari defeating Tenten during the Chunin Exams tournament in Naruto.

Tamari’s fight with Tenten during the Chunin exams is the first time fans are able to see her fighting style. Despite how short the fight is, it’s incredibly memorable for how brutal Temari acts towards Tenten. Temari easily blocks Tenten’s attacks with a speed that’s impossible to see with the naked eye.

Once Temari pulls out her fan it’s game over for Tenten. Temari defeats her with a single wind attack but to add insult to injury, she places her fan underneath Tenten’s body so she would fall directly on top of it. Even Naruto, who loves fighting, recognized how vicious Temari was towards Tenten.

9/10 Shikamaru Didn’t Stand A Chance Against Temari

shikamaru vs temari chunin

Temari is the only female ninja to make it to the final round of the Chunin exams, and she wasn’t about to let the male characters show her up. Not only is she incredibly powerful but she proves to be just as analytical as Shikamaru, which is a scary combination.

Shikamaru could only hide and use tricks against her because he knew he couldn’t take her on one-on-one. The fact that Shikamaru is able to trick her but gives up, is a testament to how scary an opponent Temari can be.

8/10 Temari Took On Madara Knowing How Strong He Is

temari enraged while fighting naruto

Madara’s fight against the shinobi forces showed how powerful he is against an average Shinobi but it also proved how tenacious Temari can be. When Madara appears he takes out dozens of Shinobi in an instant. At one point, a group of water Shinobi was needed to block a single fire attack from him.

However, that didn’t stop Temari from delivering an attack of her own. Before Naruto appears she is the only one who deals a significant blow against Madara and it’s clear she would have taken him on by herself if she had to. That kind of willpower is pretty scary. It’s unfortunate Naruto came in time to fight Madara because a fight between Temari and Madara would have been pretty cool.

7/10 Shikamaru & Shikadai Know Who’s In Charge

Temari glaring at Shikamaru and Shikadai during dinner in Boruto.

After the Fourth Great Ninja War comes to an end, a lot of the characters settle down, including Temari. She marries Shikamaru, and they have a son together named Shikadai. Based on their interactions, it’s pretty obvious who’s running the household and Temari does so with an iron fist.

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Temari doesn’t take any nonsense from her family and she can get pretty terrifying when she scolds them for doing something wrong. She even uses her fan to blow them out of the house. Temari definitely isn’t a mother that should be messed with, especially by her own family.

6/10 Temari Is The Scariest Boss

temari serious naruto

As a leader, Temari is the type of person who doesn’t take any excuses from anyone. During the Fourth Great Shinobi War, her subordinates are often faced with her ire, and fans can’t help but feel sorry for them. Temari is an intimidating shinobi, and it’s difficult for the people around her to live up to her expectations.

Temari’s subordinates often find themselves cowering in fear when she reprimands them. Some fans may wish they could live in the Naruto universe, but getting scolded by Temari is probably one of the few things fans would be too scared to deal with.

5/10 Temari’s Blade Dance Jutsu Is Deadly

temari and kamatari naruto

Temari is known for her wind attacks but her most terrifying attack is one she doesn’t use often. Blade dance jutsu allows her to summon a weasel holding a scythe, and it is a surprisingly strong attack. While fighting the Sound Ninja she is able to level an entire forest in one stroke.

During an episode of Naruto Shippuden, Temari shows what this kind of attack can do to a person. She easily cuts a reanimated shinobi in half and completely destroys them. This episode may be filler, but considering what fans have seen her blade dance jutsu do, it’s pretty obvious it’s very capable of killing a person like that.

4/10 Temari Is A Soccer Mom

Temari, Sakura, and Ino watching Chunin exams

Compared to other moms in Boruto, Temari is the most like a soccer mom. During the Chunin exams for her son, she pushes him to go all out and even tells him that losing isn’t an option. However, she really gets scary once her son’s fight starts.

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While the other parents are sitting quietly, Temari is cheering on Shikadai and demanding he does his best. Shikadai may appreciate her enthusiasm but seeing his mother yell at him from the stands only makes disappointing her even more scary.

3/10 Temari Is A Scary Instructor

temari gliding on her fan naruto

Temari may be in charge of the housework once she starts a family, but that doesn’t mean she’s letting her fighting skills get rusty. She trains her son Shikadai and his team for the Chunin exams and she makes it look effortless.

Only a small portion of their fight is seen, but judging how the kids are scratched up, it’s clear Temari wasn’t going easy on them. Temari’s skills are so much better than theirs that it’s a wonder they aren’t terrified to fight her. Then again, the fact that they’re willing to take on Temari shows that they have potential.

2/10 Temari Defeats Tayuya With Ease

Temari protecting Shikamaru in Naruto.

One of the best moments in the original Naruto series is when the Sand siblings save the Leaf Shinobi from the sound ninja. It’s a moment that solidifies the relationship between the Sand and the Leaf, but it also shows how strong the Sand ninja are.

The fact that Temari defeats Tayuya while Shikamaru couldn’t just shows how scary strong she is. Not to mention, she’s able to level an entire forest with a few swipes of her fan. It’s scary to imagine what she could do to a village with that kind of power.

1/10 Temari Has Hurricane Force Winds At Her Finger Tips

Temari using her fan in Boruto

Temari’s fan jutsu is incredibly unique, but most fans don’t think about how truly powerful her attacks can be. Despite the size of her fan she’s shown that she can create hurricane-force winds in an instant.

Someone who gets within close range isn’t any safer from her attacks because Temari has been known to use her fan as a bludgeoning weapon. Temari’s firey attitude may be intimidating for most people but the level of skill she possesses is her scariest trait.

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