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Every Wednesday Character, Sorted Into Their Hogwarts House

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Wednesday was one of the best Netflix shows in 2022. The Addams Family spinoff was incredibly successful, quickly turning into a modern classic. This is primarily because of its excellent characters, mainly Wednesday Addams, portrayed by Jenna Ortega.

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Because of the show’s quirky and exciting cast of characters, people already see the potential of assigning them different Hogwarts houses. This is very interesting because, even though Wednesday is clearly a Slytherin, she’s also the show’s hero. This proves how much Wednesday shakes the usual formula of TV shows.

10/10 Morticia Addams Is A Slytherin

Morticia Addams in Netflix's Wednesday.

Morticia Addams is Wednesday’s mother, and in this show, she tries everything to have a closer relationship with her daughter. Throughout the show, the audience also gets a glimpse of this character’s life when she was younger, especially during her time at Nevermore.

One of the most powerful characters in Wednesday, when she was younger, Morticia had to stab Gates Garret to defend her husband from being killed, which implies that she isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty to defend the people she loves. This, together with a love of the dark arts, makes Morticia a complete Slytherin.

9/10 Gomez Addams Is A Hufflepuff

Gomez Addams in Wednesday, looking scared.

Gomez appears on Wednesday as a family man. He cares deeply about his children and wife and doesn’t know what to do about Morticia and Wednesday’s troublesome relationship. However, he’s always there to support both of them.

Even though Gomez, like the rest of his family, has a taste for everything gruesome, he’s fiercely loyal and incredibly kind. For example, he was willing to go to jail to protect his wife. These attributes make Gomez a Hufflepuff through and through.

8/10 Marilyn Thornhill Is A Ravenclaw

Christina Ricci playing Marilyn Thornhill in Wednesday Episode 3.

Marilyn Thornhill is the normie Herbology teacher at Nevermore, but at the end of the show, she turns out to be Laurel Gates, the last member of the Gates family. Laurel wants to take revenge on the outcasts, and she wants to bring Joseph Crackstone back to life.

Laurel is one of those characters that could belong either to Slytherin or to Ravenclaw. Her cunningness and ambitious nature could put her in the serpent house, but this character’s most distinctive trait is her intelligence, so she ends up being a Ravenclaw.

7/10 Larissa Weems: Slytherin

Principal Larissa Weems smiling in Wednesday.

Larissa Weems is the headmaster of Nevermore school, and she spends most of her time trying to protect her students. Even though she was a secondary character, Weems was a scene-stealer. Since the Hyde is creating chaos in the town of Jericho, Weems goes out of her way to cover these murders and the school’s reputation.

While in the end, it turns out Weems is a good character, even sacrificing her life to protect Wednesday, her way of doing things is very Slytherin. Weems completely believes the end justifies the means. This, together with her cunning nature, places Weems in the serpent house.

6/10 Bianca Barclay Is A Gryffindor

Bianca from Wednesday.

Bianca Barclay is the most popular student at Nevermore and a mermaid. Throughout the show, viewers come to know that this character has a difficult family life and that she actually escapes them to go to this school. Even though she can be hostile, Bianca cares deeply about her loved ones.

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Bianca’s braveness and loyalty completely put her in Gryffindor. The courage it takes to face her loved ones and stop their evil agenda is typical of the lion house. On top of that, she displays great loyalty when she helps Wednesday try to stop Tyler.

5/10 Eugene Otinger Is A Ravenclaw

Moosa Mostafa as Wednesday's friend, Eugene

Eugene Otinger is Wednesday’s classmate and the president of the beekeeper club. He has the ability to control insects which has led him to create a meaningful bond with these creatures. On top of that, he’s very knowledgeable about bees and how to care for them.

While Eugene’s fierce loyalty could place him in Gryffindor, ultimately, his intelligence is his most important attribute. Eugene’s understanding of nature, especially his beloved bees, gives him tremendous power. His respect for all living creatures makes him one of the greatest characters on Wednesday.

4/10 Xavier Thorpe Is A Gryffindor

Percy Hynes White as Xavier, a popular Nervermore student

Xavier Thorpe is one of Nevermore’s students. He used to date Bianca Barclay, but he clearly falls in love with Wednesday as soon as he sets eyes on her. He’s troubled by visions of Hyde and tries to cope by creating pictures of the monster, which ultimately leads Wednesday to believe he’s the villain.

Xavier may not look like the stereotypical Gryffindor, but he shows his braveness and gentleman-like nature several times in the show. He confronts Rowan in his plans to stop Wednesday, and then, he even saves Wednesday’s life, putting his own at risk.

3/10 Tyler Galpin Is A Slytherin

Hunter Doohan as Tyler, a barista who finds an interest in Wednesday in Netflix's Wednesday.

Tyler Galpin is a normie that works at a cafe in Jericho town. Even though his father, the Sheriff, forbids him from seeing Wednesday, he develops a romantic relationship with the girl. However, soon, Wednesday discovers he’s the monster that’s been killing people in the town.

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The fact that Tyler was able to disguise his evil personality to the very end makes him a Slytherin. This type of thinking requires a lot of careful and crafty scheming, such as when he hurts himself, so Wednesday wouldn’t suspect him being the monster.

2/10 Enid Sinclair Is A Hufflepuff

Emma Myers as Enid showing her claws to Wednesday

Enid Sinclair is Wednesday’s roommate at Nevermore academy. The girl is the virtual opposite of Wednesday, being extremely charming, colorful, and extroverted. However, they put their differences aside and become one of the best friendships on television.

While Enid displays the kind of loyalty that could place her in the Gryffindor house, ultimately, her kindness is her most prominent characteristic. Enid never judges people, and always tries to be friendly, even with Wednesday, who doesn’t make it easy. This makes Enid one of the most likable characters in the show.

1/10 Wednesday Addams Is A Slytherin

Wednesday Addams snaps her fingers during a scene in Wednesday.

The show focuses mainly on Wednesday, the eldest daughter of the Addams family, who starts attending Nevermore. Wednesday hates most people, but still takes it upon herself to find the terrible creature murdering people in Jericho.

Wednesday often disobeys rules, cunningly finds a way to get what she wants, and manipulates her friends in several situations. While Wednesday’s intentions are always good, she tends to go about things in a deceitful and sketchy way, which makes her a true Slytherin.

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