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Hitman 3 Overhaul Gives Players 2 Free Games

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Hitman 3 creator IO Interactive is “drastically simplifying” the way Hitman games are sold, and for some, that means you may have two free games coming your way. Hitman 3 is being renamed Hitman World of Assassination to mirror the name of the Hitman trilogy consisting of Hitman, Hitman 2, and Hitman 3, and buying this new World of Assassination product will net you all three games at once. For those who already own Hitman 3, you’ll be getting a free upgrade to the new version of the game which means you’ll get Hitman and Hitman 2 at no cost, too.

These changes will take effect on January 26th, IO Interactive announced, with the first details shared this week. The free upgrade and the fact that current Hitman 3 owners will be getting the other two games for free if they don’t already own them separately or through the series’ “Access Pass” feature.

Currently, the Hitman series is spread out across several different options that are sometimes difficult to make sense of if you’re just trying to figure out what you need in order to play one game or another. There’s Hitman 3 which comes in several different editions, then there’s the Hitman Trilogy product that comes with all three games in one, but there are also individual Access Passes for Hitman and Hitman 2 that Hitman 3 owners can buy to access content from those games. Combine all of that with the smaller DLCs available for the game and you’ve got a lot of options that can easily turn players off if they don’t know where to start.

To fix this, IO Interactive said Hitman World of Assassination will be the only main product available that’ll be sold for $70. If you want to add a bit more DLC to that, you can buy the Hitman World of Assassination Deluxe Pack for $30 extra.

“Essentially, these two changes will mean that all new players and existing HITMAN 3 owners will have the same base content ownership. There will be no more confusion over which edition to buy, what content you own, how to redeem Legacy packs or import locations, etc. We’re done with that.”

These Hitman changes will take effect on January 26th.

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