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The Best Deck for the Hulk

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Being one of the last characters added to the team, the Hulk can be challenging to figure out quickly, especially considering his Rage mechanic.

The Hulk is one of the last characters currently accessible in Marvel’s Midnight Suns. Bruce Banner becomes the Hulk via incredible rage. The game introduces this fact as the Rage mechanic unique to the Hulk. To ensure that players can use the Hulk well, given his late-game entrance, they will want to build their deck around this Rage mechanic, which can significantly increase damage.

One of the dangers presented in Marvel’s Midnight Suns is Lilith’s ability to corrupt heroes. This is done to Banner early on, so players do not gain access to him as a playable character until almost the end of the game. This can make it difficult for players to create a powerful Hulk deck on the fly, as well as suitable team compositions. One of the best decks for the Hulk will focus on dishing out as much damage as possible while utilizing Rage.

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Smash+ Won’t Consume Rage

Smash Hulk Marvels Midnight Suns

When building around the Rage mechanic, it is essential to remember that the Rage counter can go down when Heroic or Attack cards are played. This is why it’s critical to include two copies of the Attack card Smash+. Smash+ will not consume rage, instead increasing the counter by one. Rage will also apply stun to the target. On top of the 50% offensive damage caused by this card, the damage is increased if the target is at full health. Smash+ adds one Heroism once played.

Crush+ Can Help Keep the Rage Counter Full

Crush Hulk Marvels Midnight Suns

While not a guaranteed way not to consume Rage, Crush+ will not lower the counter if the attack KO’s the opponent. It is recommended that two copies of this Attack card be kept in the Hulk’s deck so that all attack cards will have a chance to keep Hulk’s Rage counter from decreasing, weakening his attacks. Crush+ does 100% offensive damage, increased to 150% if the target has the Stun status effect.

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Always Angry+ Should Be Used in Case of Emergency

Always Angry Hulk Marvels Midnight Suns

Skill cards are the next category rounding out Banner’s deck. Always Angry+ is a card that players will want to be cautious of using. It will consume all Rage to recover health. This card can overheat the Hulk, increasing his maximum health. It will also increase the maximum Rage by one. Because of the cost of Rage, it is best to only use Always Angry+ when in a bind and instead lean on support characters like Doctor Strange to maintain the offensive boost caused by Rage.

Challenging Roar+ Capitalizes on Hulk Being a Target

Challenging Roar Hulk Marvels Midnight Suns

Wrapping up the skill cards, Challenging Roar+ will not only Taunt enemies, pulling their focus toward the Hulk but also capitalize on their attention. Challenging Roar+ will generate Rage for each enemy targeting Banner. This card will also add a Counter.

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Seismic Slam+ Gets Enemies’ Attention

Seismic Slam Hulk Marvels Midnight Suns

Aside from gaining Rage via cards, the Hulk can also generate it by being attacked. Because of this, he does not pair well with characters like Captain Marvel, who use the Taunt mechanic. Seismic Slam+ is a must-have when considering Heroic cards, as it will damage and taunt each enemy in a selected area. At a hefty four heroism, Seismic Slam+ does not disappoint in damage dealt, with Banner dishing out a massive 250% damage to any enemy unlucky enough to be in the area.

Worldbreaker+ Builds Rage

Worldbreaker Hulk Marvels Midnight Suns

The last of the Heroic cards recommended for the Hulk’s deck, Worldbreaker+, provides a decisive move that damages and forcefully knocks back every enemy. A wonderful card to use if enemies are weakened, especially following Seismic Slam+, Worldbreaker+ does 150% offensive damage and will generate one Rage for every KO. This card does come with the Exhaust status effect and a steep six Heroism cost, but it can be worth it to build Rage quickly.

As stated, the central purpose of the Hulk’s deck is to build Rage to increase offense continuously. Rage is a unique ability of the Hulk that is not influenced by the friendship system and is instead affected by cards played for the Hulk and damage dealt to him. While already a heavy hitter, the boosted attack from Rage can make what would be a hard blow a devastating one.

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