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Batman Villains That Are Perfect for a Superhero Horror Movie

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Batman has a lexicon of murderous criminals, many of which are perfect villain material for a superhero horror film. Let’s look at the best options.

Thanks to Werewolf By Night, the hottest new topic in superhero cinema is crossing the genre over with horror. As both genres have featured superpowered beings, it is a field ripe with potential. Superheroes are filled with colorful heroes who would play well off of larger-than-life villains who seek to terrorize the helpless. In fact, one of the world’s oldest superheroes has a rogues gallery of villains perfect for this trend.

Batman has been no stranger to bloody violence and battles with gruesome foes. Villains like The Joker have not shied away from disturbing behavior, while the Dark Knight himself has crossed paths with the gory Mortal Kombat franchise. A Batman entry with a terrifying spin is a perfect match, as the Caped Crusader has a number of dastardly foes that fit right at home in the horror genre. Here are some villains that would be perfect for a horror-themed showdown with Batman.

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Victor Zsasz Is a Worthy Slasher

Mister Zsasz

A nihilistic serial killer prowling the streets of Gotham, Zsasz is a match for the slasher genre. He has hundreds of tally mark scars for his victims and loves to pose their corpses in unusual ways, which would make for some frightening imagery. Additionally, his portrayal in Batman: Arkham City had Zsasz cold call future victims like a more serious Ghostface. Tension could be wrung out of having Zsasz call Batman and his victims to taunt them.

Zsasz would make for a great villain in a slasher film, gruesomely killing people while Batman hunts him down in a Michael Myers/Doctor Loomis dynamic. While Zsasz has made appearances in Batman Begins and Birds of Prey, those films treated him as a cameo and a mob henchman, respectively. A true horror show would provide the perfect outlet to bring the character to justice.

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Killer Croc Dishes Out Monster Action

Killer Croc and Batman DC Comics

Killer Croc’s monstrous appearance and demeanor make him suitable for a monster movie. He often exhibits cannibalistic tendencies and is generally shown lurking in sewers like a mythical sewer alligator. Croc has dipped his toes in horror before, as the segment where Batman braves his lair in Batman: Arkham Asylum provides one of the game’s most thrilling moments.

A horror movie with Killer Croc would be an excellent Jaws movie on land. Croc’s cannibalism and preference for sewers would lend well to scenes of gory mayhem and suspense as Batman prowls an area he has a disadvantage in to defeat his foe. Furthermore, the fact Croc is a mutated human at his core would allow some depth as to the nature of his villainy. A film could spend time debating on whether he was naturally evil or if society was the villain for mistreating him based on his appearance.

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Professor Pyg Delivers Surreal Horror

Professor Pyg DC Comics

One of Batman’s most bizarre enemies, Professor Pyg’s pig mask and childish behavior are the least unusual things about him. He performs gruesome surgery to turn victims into his featureless Dollotron slaves and has a whole circus of strange people he performs with. On top of it, he worships a wooden frame he calls “Mother.” All these elements add up to a surreal villain who provides chills.

Professor Pyg in a Batman horror film would be a truly surreal horror show. His experiments and circus lend themselves well to strange imagery that would cause an audience to question what they just watched. Combined with Pyg’s eccentric mannerisms and the gore that would follow his surgeries, it would make for a shocking horror film that would be equal parts Texas Chain Saw Massacre and Saw.

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Man-Bat Is Ripe For a Cronenberg Nightmare

Man-Bat turns into a hulking monster in Batman Comics

One of Batman’s more tragic foes, Dr. Kirk Langstrom’s efforts to cure his ailing hearing turn him into a monstrous bat. The horror would come not just from Langstrom being a good man accidentally becoming a monster but the potential for a mistaken identity plot due to his bat-like appearance. That would easily lend itself to a horror story where Batman is blamed for a monster’s violent actions across Gotham City.

A Man-Bat horror project is also rich in the directions it could take. His transformation could be a werewolf-like condition or a gradual body horror akin to David Cronenberg’s works that becomes painful as it goes on. Combined with the ease Batman could be mistaken for Langstrom, this would lead to a dramatic horror film where Batman must race against time to clear his name and save an innocent man’s life.

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