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HBO Max’s Dead Boy Detectives Taps The Winchesters, Arrow Directors

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Steve Yockey, the showrunner for Dead Boy Detectives, reveals the slate of directors for the first season of the upcoming HBO Max series.

HBO Max’s Dead Boy Detectives announces its slate of directors for Season 1, including directors from shows like The Winchesters and Arrow.

Showrunner Steve Yockey announced the “absolutely killer roster of directors” for the upcoming show’s first season. Among them is Lee Toland Krieger, Glen Winter (Arrow), Cheryl Dunye, Andi Armaganian (Stargirl), Amanda Tapping, Pete Chatmon and Richard Speight (The Winchesters).

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The Dead Boy Detectives made their live-action debut on HBO Max’s Doom Patrol, with characters Edwin Paine, Charles Rowland and Crystal Palace portrayed by Ty Tennant, Sebastian Croft and Madalyn Horcher, respectively. However, the characters were recast for the spinoff series, with George Rexstrew, Jayden Revri and Kassius Nelson playing Edwin, Charles and Crystal. While the original live-action actors won’t be returning for Dead Boy Detectives, Tennant and Croft reprised their roles for the third season of Doom Patrol.

The Dead Boy Detectives Are Coming to HBO Max

The Dead Boy Detectives were co-created by Neil Gaiman with artists Malcolm Jones III and Matt Wagner as a spinoff for the comic book series, The Sandman, in 1991. In the comic, Charles Rowland and Edwin Paine are two deceased boys who decide not to enter the afterlife with Death, choosing to remain on Earth and form their own detective agency. HBO Max ordered the pilot for Dead Boy Detectives in September 2021 to be written and executive produced by Yockey. Doom Patrol creator Jeremy Carver will also serve as an executive producer on the series.

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Yockey announced that Dead Boy Detectives had officially started production in October. Now filming, Gaiman offered his early support for the upcoming series. “It’s so good,” he said. “I mean, it really is so good. I’ve seen the pilot. I’ve read the scripts. So good. (You’ll just have to trust me.)” Arrow and Sweet Tooth writer Beth Schwartz will also serve as co-showrunner on the series alongside Yockey.

Doom Patrol began airing its fourth season in December 2022, which premiered exclusively on HBO Max. Doom Patrol stars Brendan Fraser as Robotman, Matt Bomer as Negative Man, Diane Guerrero as Crazy Jane, April Bowlby as Elasti-Girl, Joivan Wade as Cyborg, Timothy Dalton as The Chief and Skye Roberts as Kay Challis. Season 3 also added a new main cast member with Michelle Gomez, who portrays Madame Rouge.

Dead Boy Detectives does not yet have a release date but will premiere on HBO Max. The first three seasons of Doom Patrol are available to stream on the service. New episodes of Season 4 air every Thursday on HBO Max.

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