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Spider-Man Finds the Hulk Working for the Mob in Marvel’s Joe Fixit #1

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Peter David and Yildiray Çınar bring out all the Hulk nostalgia in Marvel Comics’ Joe Fixit #1.

  • Joe Fixit #1
    Joe Fixit #1

    Peter David

    Yıldıray Çınar

    VC’s Ariana Maher

    Cover Artist:
    Cully Hammer, Jordie Bellaire



    Release Date:

    Dee Cunniffe, Matt Milla

The Hulk has a storied history in the Marvel Universe. Many fans remember the Hulk for his time fighting alongside the Avengers or his many collaborations with the Fantastic Four, but some readers forget that the angry green monster also worked with the mob. He put aside smashing Abomination and other puny supervillains and took his act to Las Vegas, where he worked as a mob enforcer and operated under the name Joe Fixit. Now, Joe is back in a revival of the classic arc. Joe Fixit #1 is an exciting first issue written by Peter David, drawn by Yildiray Çınar, colored by Dee Cunniffe with Matt Milla, and lettered by VC’s Ariana Maher.

In the first issue, the audience finds Peter Parker as he’s about to leave Las Vegas after traveling there to promote a book of his photographs. He discovers that the Hulk is calling himself Joe Fixit and working at the Coliseum Casino for Michael Berengetti. However, before Peter can board his plane to New York, he sees the Kingpin walking in. As expected, curiosity gets the best of the itsy-bitsy spider, and he decides to sniff around to find out what’s going down.

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Wilson Fisk refusing to shake hands in Joe Fixit #1

While the title of the comic is Joe Fixit, this is more of a Spider-Man story. David utilizes Peter as the vessel for the audience’s eyes. The Web-Head is both the narrator and mover of the story, as Hulk’s alter ego hangs back in the periphery. It’s a risky move to utilize another superhero as the protagonist here, but it pays off as it allows for a quick rundown of Joe’s backstory and how it’s all tied to the Hulk. Considering Spider-Man’s infamous clashes with the jolly green giant, it’s smart to bring him into this story to fill in the blanks for newer readers.

Joe Fixit #1 moves briskly, using the first part of the book to set the scene, the middle section for context, and the third act for the action. This allows for a jam-packed issue filled with a solid story foundation for those who need a history lesson of the origins of the character, a quick reminder of the conflict between Spidey and Hulk, and the introduction of the Kingpin as the main villain for the arc.

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Joe Fixit clenching his fists in Joe Fixit #1

Çınar brings a traditional Marvel approach to the art. His linework is neat and tidy, making Joe Fixit #1 look and feel like a classic Marvel book. The artist dives into the past for the designs and notable expressions of Joe, Peter, and Kingpin, which makes sense considering when the story takes place. Colorists Cunniffe and Milla follow Çınar’s lead and bring out the flashy palettes for the adventure. The colors are particularly salient in the action sequences, as they pump a dose of Super Soldier Serum into the drawings. Similarly, Maher’s lettering shines in the moments of fisticuffs, as the sound effects complement the backdrop.

Marvel’s formula of allowing creators to explore stories from years past is proving to be fruitful. It tickles the nostalgia itch and serves as a gateway for newer fans to discover classic comic stories. Joe Fixit #1 is an electric look at a time when the gray Hulk reigned supreme and took on a new identity in the City of Sin. Viva Las Hulk!

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