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10 Most Hated Side Characters On TV

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Side characters on television can be a great source of comic relief or, oftentimes, be the source of frustration for viewers. Whether it’s because of their annoying habits or selfish actions, certain side characters seem to consistently garner the hatred of the audience. Despite not being the main focus of the show, these characters can still have a major impact on the plot and the development of the other characters.

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Whether they are love interests, coworkers, or family members, these characters can often be the source of conflict and drama, making them some of the most disliked on television. Their repeated appearance throughout a series tends to grow the disdain fans have for the character, even if they attempt to make up for past misdeeds and television series are full of them.

10/10 Kyle’s Mom Can Be A Major Thorn In The Side

South Park

Sheila Broflovski in South Park.

Sheila Broflovski from South Park is the mother of one of the main characters, Kyle, and is often portrayed as overbearing and controlling. Sheila is known for her strong political beliefs and her willingness to take extreme measures to prove her point.

In most situations, Sheila comes across as aggressive and judgmental, which has earned her the hatred of some viewers. Despite her strong convictions, Sheila’s actions and behavior often cause problems for her family and the other characters in the show. Cartman even sang an entire song about how much of a pain Mrs. Broflovski is.

9/10 Andy Bernard Need To Chill Out

The Office

Ed Helms as Andy Bernard in The Office US tv show.

Andy Bernard is perhaps the most hated character from the American version of the television show The Office. Andy has garnered a reputation as one of the most hated characters largely due to his arrogant and entitled behavior, as well as his tendency to be selfish and thoughtless towards his coworkers.

Andy is known for being overly confident and prone to making poor decisions, which often leads to conflicts with the other characters. Additionally, his immaturity and lack of professionalism can be off-putting to some viewers. Overall, Andy’s unlikable personality and questionable actions have tanked his popularity among fans.

8/10 Meg Cannot Be Trusted


Meg from Supernatural.

Meg Masters was a demon from the TV show Supernatural that worked against and, eventually, alongside the Winchester brothers. Some viewers have criticized Meg for being manipulative and unreliable, while others have defended her as a survivor who has had to do whatever it takes to survive in a dangerous world.

In the early seasons of the show, Meg was shown to be working for the demon Azazel, and she frequently betrayed Sam and Dean to further her own agenda. Additionally, Meg has been shown to be willing to do whatever it takes to achieve her goals, even if it means hurting those around her.

7/10 Jeremy Jamm Frustrates Everyone

Parks and Recreation

Jeremy Jamm in his robe in Parks and Rec.

Jeremy Jamm is a recurring antagonist from Parks and Recreation. He is known for being arrogant, selfish, and dishonest. Jeremy’s actions often cause problems for the main characters and the community, making him a disliked and sometimes hated character.

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Jeremy’s lack of remorse and tendency to manipulate situations for his own gain make him unsympathetic to many viewers. Overall, Jeremy’s negative personality traits and questionable actions solidified his position as a hated character on the show by other characters and fans alike.

6/10 Skyler White Is A Huge Nag

Breaking Bad

Walter White banging on the window to Skyler White's car in Breaking Bad.

Skyler White is the wife of the main character, Walter White, in Breaking Bad. Despite being married to the main character, Skyler has gained a reputation as one of the most hated characters on the show. This is largely due to her selfish actions and behavior throughout the series.

Skyler is resistant to her husband’s involvement in the drug trade and tries to convince him to leave it behind. However, as the show progresses, Skyler becomes more and more complicit in Walter’s illegal activities and makes a number of questionable decisions. These actions, combined with her sometimes cold and unfeeling demeanor, have led many viewers to hate Skyler.

5/10 Andrea Harrison Went Down The Wrong Path

The Walking Dead

Andrea Harrison in The Walking Dead.

The television version of Andrea Harrison from The Walking Dead has amassed some hate from fans. This is largely due to her irresponsible and selfish actions and decisions throughout the series. Andrea is known for her tendency to act impulsively and make poor decisions, often causing problems for the group and putting them in danger.

This version of Andrea is also dramatically different from her character in the comics. Additionally, her relationships with other characters, particularly her romance with the villainous Governor, have been a source of frustration for many viewers.

4/10 Scrappy-Doo Has Some Growing Up To Do


Scooby-Doo with his nephew, Scrappy-Doo, in Scooby-Doo.

Scrappy-Doo is the nephew of the cowardly title character from Scooby-Doo. Despite Scooby-Doo being so loved, Scrappy-Doo is often considered one of the most hated characters in the series. This is largely due to his brash and reckless behavior, as well as his tendency to steal the spotlight from the other characters, particularly his uncle, Scooby.

Scrappy-Doo is known for his tough talk and desire to prove himself, which oftentimes comes across as arrogant and annoying to viewers. Additionally, his immaturity and lack of fear often put the rest of the group in danger, leading to frustration from both the other characters and the audience.

3/10 Dr. Brenner Didn’t Deserve Any Redemption

Stranger Things

Dr. Martin Brenner in Stranger Things Season 4.

Dr. Brenner, also known as Papa, is one of the most controversial characters from the Netflix original series Stranger Things. Most of the hate thrown Papa’s way is due to his cruel and unethical behavior, as well as his willingness to go to great lengths to achieve his goals.

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Dr. Brenner was the head of the Hawkins National Laboratory and was responsible for several unethical experiments, including the abduction of and experimentation on children, including Eleven. His callous disregard for the well-being of the children and their families, as well as his manipulation and coercion of the main characters, have made him a detested character among viewers.

2/10 Ned Flanders Should Keep His Beliefs To Himself

The Simpsons

Ned Flanders clutching his bible in The Simpsons.

Ned Flanders is the annoying neighbor of Homer and his family in The Simpsons. Ned has gained a reputation as one of the most hated characters on the show. This is largely due to his overly cheerful and preachy personality, as well as his tendency to be overly controlling and judgmental toward his neighbors.

Ned’s strict adherence to his religious beliefs and moral code can sometimes come across as judgmental and self-righteous. Additionally, his attempts to impose his beliefs on others and his condemnation of those who do not follow his strict code of conduct have also contributed to his unpopularity among viewers.

1/10 Ramsay Bolton Takes Bloodthirsty To A Whole New Level

Game of Thrones

Ramsay Bolton in Winterfell in HBO's Game of Thrones.

Ramsay Bolton is easily one of the most hated side characters in Game of Thrones. It is easy to hate Ramsay for his brutal and cruel behavior and his lack of empathy and willingness to engage in horrific acts of violence. Ramsay is known for his brutality and love of causing pain.

Additionally, Ramsay’s manipulation and betrayal of those around him, including his own family, have contributed to his unpopularity among the audience. Not to mention a lot of his terrible actions have been done against the main cast that many have come to love, like Theon Greyjoy or Sansa Stark.

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