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10 Storylines The God Of War TV Series Needs To Adapt

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The God of War series will be adapted into live-action, featuring the Nordic storyline as the backdrop. While this means Kratos and Atreus’ story will be the main outline, plenty of stories from the Greek saga also need to be featured.

RELATED: 10 Hardest Battles In God Of War RagnarokTV shows generally take liberties while adapting the source material, but certain aspects from the Nordic story should remain in place. It’s interesting to see how the God of War series will incorporate the most pertinent plot points. Gamers will appreciate faithfulness to the source material, while new viewers will find these storylines engaging.

10/10 Kratos & Atreus’ Estrangement After Faye’s Death

Kratos speaking to Atreus in God of War 2018 game

The development of Kratos and Atreus’ relationship was a focal point in God of War. The two were estranged because of their different approaches to coping with Faye’s death. The TV series should tackle this dynamic at the beginning in order to establish how their relationship works.

Kratos and Atreus’ strained bond should kick things off for the story, with it being strengthened over time. The tension between them culminated near the climax. Kratos’ admission that he was grieving Faye just as Atreus was an eye-opener, which the TV show should incorporate as the breakthrough their relationship needs.

9/10 Kratos’ Time As The Ghost Of Sparta

Kratos holds his wife's body in God of War

Although the God of War series will focus on Kratos and Atreus, the former’s backstory must also be shown. Kratos’ origin story can be told through flashback sequences. These will depict his rise and fall as Ares’ general until he becomes the Ghost of Sparta.

The flashback technique was also used in the first God of War game. The TV series can have frequent sequences where Kratos recalls his earlier days based on his recent experiences. The Ghost of Sparta story perfectly explains why Kratos didn’t pursue his lust for power.

8/10 Kratos’ Vengeance Against Zeus

Kratos fights his father, Zeus in God of War

Kratos was in the Nordic realm due to the fallout from his vengeance against Zeus. The cycle of familial violence shaped Kratos’ initial character, so the God of War series should focus on Kratos’ status as Zeus’ son.

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Kratos’ claim for revenge over Zeus’ betrayal can play out in flashbacks or through his outright admission. The TV series can have Kratos relay to Atreus how killing Zeus resulted in the Greek world’s destruction. Zeus is vital in Kratos’ characterization, as the latter strives not to be like his father.

7/10 Kratos’ Development From His Rage To A Peaceful Personality

Kratos from God of War

God Of War Ragnarök was a worthy Game of the Year contender due to its effective storytelling. The seeds were planted in 2018’s God of War, as Kratos showed his peaceful side. The personality change was a long-running arc, contrasting his anger-fueled original attitude.

The TV series should adapt Kratos’ attempts to curb the rage that has driven him for so long. Flashes of the anger that consumed him will work well in showing how difficult it is for Kratos to be better. Viewers will appreciate his character development based on how different he was from how he is now.

6/10 Atreus & Angrboda’s Love Story

Angrboda and Atreus meet for the first time in God of War

By the end of God of War Ragnarök, Atreus and Angrboda had a connection that was certain to progress into a romance. Mimir revealed to Kratos that Atreus had feelings for Angrboda, which should be adapted in full for the TV series.

While God of War has a great take on Loki, the bond between him and Angrboda comes from Norse mythology. By incorporating this, the show will be faithful to both the game and source material. The romance will also be better suited to a series since the characters won’t be restricted as they are with the games’ fixed camera.

5/10 Kratos’ Possession Of The Power Of Hope

The power of hope in God of War

Releasing the Power of Hope is how Kratos put himself on the path to redemption. He provided the world with this ability so that they could rebuild, which also severed the last connection he had with the Greek world.

The story of the Power of Hope represents the human part of Kratos, which the TV series can elaborate on. The show can bridge Kratos’ origins and his current place in the Nordic realm by depicting the moment he decided unselfishly to let go of hope for the world.

4/10 Freya & Odin’s Doomed Marriage

Freya holds Odin from behind in God of War

Freya and Odin’s relationship came into play in God of War Ragnarök, where she revealed the truth about their marriage. The God of War series has a great take on Odin, and the TV show has the opportunity to dive into this further since it won’t be restricted to Kratos and Atreus’ points of view.

By adapting Odin and Freya’s story, fans will see how she was trapped in their marriage. Exploring the pair’s failed relationship will also justify why Baldur was so emotionally troubled.

3/10 Mimir’s Backstory Leading Up To His Meeting With Kratos & Atreus

Mimir bound to a tree in God of War

After initially serving as a sidekick, Mimir’s backstory was fleshed out considerably. His history with the Norse gods and his own home world made him an interesting character to follow. The God of War show needs to incorporate this for viewers to understand where Mimir comes from.

RELATED: Every God Of War Game, Ranked According To MetacriticThe series can offer flashbacks rather than Mimir’s narration for fans to get a clear view of what he was once like. Mimir’s story could be a whole subplot leading up to when he meets Kratos and Atreus.

2/10 Thor’s Issues From Odin’s Mistreatment

Thor looks at Odin in God of War

The hype behind the character paid off, as God of War had a great take on Thor. While he was massively powerful as hoped, he also suffered from the bad way his father treated him. Thor’s main arc was to find the courage to stand up to Odin and defy him.

The TV series should tackle this territory with more emphasis on Thor’s parental issues. Fans will be interested to see how it affected his relationship with his sons and daughter. The God of Thunder can become a solid supporting character and sympathetic villain as a result.

1/10 Kratos & Calliope’s Brief Reunion & Separation

Calliope hugs Kratos in God of War Chains of Olympus

Even though the God of War show’s main story is about Kratos and Atreus, Calliope must be acknowledged. The best way to do so is by adapting her appearance from Chains of Olympus. Kratos briefly reunited with his daughter before being forced to leave her to prevent Persophone from destroying Elysium.

Kratos and Atreus’ relationship will have a different context once viewers see the former’s interactions with his first child. Calliope’s appearance will also provide insight into how the Greek world functioned compared to the Nordic world. Kratos’ contrasting parenting styles between Calliope and Atreus will also be apparent.

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