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10 Unlikable Power Rangers Characters Fans Grew To Love

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Power Rangers has always been a diverse series. Usually, this works to its benefit, but occasionally, the desire to include different character archetypes has left a bad impression on fans. But a lucky few have managed to escape their original reception and win fans’ hearts.

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These few characters not only survived their poor first impression, many of them have gone on to become some of the most popular characters in the franchise. They’ve made repeat appearances in both the extended universe and other seasons of Power Rangers, and they and their writers earned the respect of their audiences.

10/10 Tommy Oliver Had A Rough Start

Tommy Oliver smiling in Power Rangers

Although he is undoubtedly the greatest Power Ranger of all time, Tommy didn’t start out that way. Originally, Tommy was the new kid in Angel Grove and a foil to the Rangers both in and out of their suits. His martial arts skills and looks were the envy of Jason and caught the eye of Kimberly.

He is most well remembered for his arc where he was brainwashed into being Rita Repulsa’s evil green Ranger, where he handily defeated the Power Rangers again and again. Tommy was lucky, however, that the amazing action and writing made him into an incredibly cool villain and not a frustrating one. After rejecting Rita’s evil, he joined the Power Rangers, eventually becoming their leader.

9/10 Despite Appearances, Robert “RJ” James Is An Amazing Mentor

RJ Power Rangers.jpeg

Although he initially seemed to be incompetent and far more laid back when compared to his father and the other Pai Zhua masters, RJ quickly revealed himself to the Jungle Fury Power Rangers to be an exceptional martial artist and teacher. Put simply, RJ is the Mr. Miyagi of Power Rangers, and his teaching proved to be effective.

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In addition to this, RJ served as the first ever purple Power Ranger, and fought alongside his students in the battle against Dai Shi. He may not have been like the other Pai Zhua masters, and his training might be unorthodox, but it turned out to be just what his students needed to save the world.

8/10 Raised To Be Selfish, Summer Landsdown Now Fights For The World

Summer Landsdown Power Rangers.jpeg

The yellow RPM Ranger, Summer grew up as the spoiled daughter of an incredibly rich family. She spent her life without want and with no concern for the needs or feelings of others. It was only when the butler who helped raise her, whom she mistreated her whole life, still gave his life to protect her that she realized her sheltered life had to end.

After Venjix took over the world, Summer dedicated herself to protecting it with the other RPM Rangers, as well as forming a friendship with the outsider Dillon. After the defeat of Venjix, Summer was the first to volunteer to help rebuild the world outside the domed city of Corinth, giving her one of the most dynamic character arcs in all of Power Rangers.

7/10 A Former Criminal, Jack Landors Became One Of The Series Best Leaders

Jack Landors Power Rangers.jpeg

The first red Ranger of the S.P.D. B-squad, Jack Landors started out as a petty thief. Living a Robin Hood existence, he stole from the rich to provide for the poor of his city. After the S.P.D. A-squad Rangers were seemingly defeated, Commander Cruger offered him the position of Red Ranger, and the chance to make a difference on a much larger scale.

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Jack accepted, and while he initially didn’t take his role as leader seriously, he quickly learned to handle the responsibilities of leadership, as well as the needs of his team. However, he grew to miss his former life, and ended up leaving S.P.D. after fulfilling his duties to return to helping people more personally.

6/10 Initially A Walking Nerd Stereotype, Chip Thorn Won Audiences Over

Chip Thorn Power Rangers.jpeg

Chip Thorn served as the yellow Mystic Force Ranger, and he seemed the most at home in their new magical element. He never lost his childlike sense of wonder, and frequently dressed as a wizard or superhero in school and at work. However, his nerdy nature ended up saving the Rangers on multiple occasions, as his knowledge of fantasy tropes proved vital to the defeat of several enemies.

But Chip proved there was more to him than enthusiasm and a love of all things geeky, as he ended up training as a noble knight, putting his skills with a sword and a bow to good use. He also matured greatly as a person, and eventually gained the respect of his classmates and was promoted to manager of the Rock Porium.

5/10 Sky Tate Was Given The “Sokka Treatment”

Skye Tate Power Rangers.jpeg

In many ways, S.P.D. Ranger Sky Tate had a similar arc to Sokka from Avatar: The Last Airbender, meaning that he was an intentionally flawed character who would eventually evolve out of his bad habits. Much like Sokka, Sky started out as arrogant, prideful, and somewhat sexist.

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His arrogance got in his own way often, and at times caused him to look down on and cause conflicts with his teammates, especially Jack, due to him feeling he should be the leader. However, he eventually came to terms with the fact that he wasn’t ready to be the leader, and at the end of the series, he was finally allowed to become the red Ranger, just like his father once was.

4/10 Finally Given A Chance At Redemption, Karone Proved Herself

Karone Power Rangers.jpeg

Filling the shoes of the first Power Ranger to ever die in battle is no easy feat, especially in Karone’s case. Once known as Astronema, the sister of Andros and one of the main villains of Power Rangers In Space, Karone was freed of her evil brainwashing by Zordon’s sacrifice. After Kendrix Morgan sacrificed herself to defeat the pink Psycho Ranger, Karone ended up taking her place as the pink Galaxy Ranger.

While going from villain to hero isn’t entirely uncommon in Power Rangers, few had been as steeped in evil as Karone was. Karone managed to win over the audience, and finally got the chance to make up for all her evil deeds, and live the life she should have been able to all along.

3/10 Ziggy Grover Still Gets Laughs From Fans

Ziggy Grover Power Rangers.jpeg

Although he is utterly unqualified to be a Ranger, and consistently fails on and off the battlefield, Ziggy nonetheless raced his way into the hearts of fans. Ziggy is beloved primarily because he is so incredibly funny, consistently breaking the fourth wall and failing his way upwards.

He’s similar to Hercule from Dragonball Z in many ways, providing comic relief, and yet still brave (and lucky) enough to stand against much stronger opponents. Although he only became a Ranger by accident, there’s no denying that he always had the heart for it, even if he didn’t have the strength like other Rangers.

2/10 Dr. K Might Have The Best Character Arc In The Franchise

Dr. K Power Rangers.jpeg

It’s no surprise that Power Rangers RPM, one of the most popular series in the franchise, is famous for its dynamic character arcs. Dr. K was taken as a child to work in a government research facility due to her advanced intelligence, and being deprived of her childhood and most human connection stunted her emotionally, so she focused all her energy on science, eventually creating a computer virus to help her escape.

Things got out of control, however, and the computer virus she created, Venjix, went on to infect all the world’s computers and nearly destroy humanity. However, Dr. K finally learned to accept her mistakes, eventually admitting that despite how intelligent Venjix was because of her, it was nothing compared to any human, growing beyond her simple perceptions of intelligence in determining human worth.

1/10 Bulk and Skull Went From Bullies To Heroes

Bulk And Skull Power Rangers.jpeg

Bulk and Skull, despite being possibly the most childish characters in the franchise, are Power Rangers in a nutshell. Silly slapstick, great musical themes, bad puns, and action follow them everywhere they go. Starting off as nothing more than comic relief and incompetent bullies, they eventually evolved into more complex characters, devoting themselves to discovering the identities of the Power Rangers.

Their greatest moment of character development occurred in the finale of the Zordon era, where when the Earth was under siege, Bulk and Skull refused to give up hope that the Rangers would save them. When Astronema offered to spare Earth if the Rangers were turned over, Bulk and Skull stepped forward declaring themselves to be Rangers, and later leading the citizens of Angel Grove into battle to help the Rangers. Since the original, every series has had a Bulk and Skull style character, with Bulk himself often reappearing.

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