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The Father of Charmaine’s Babies

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The following contains spoilers for Virgin River Season 4, now streaming on Netflix.

In the finale of Virgin River Season 4, fans finally got confirmation of a theory that had been floating around for a while — Jack is not the father of Charmaine’s unborn twins. While the revelation was shocking, fans have been speculating about his paternity since Charmaine announced her pregnancy in Season 1. The timeline of the show about this small mountain town has been moving slowly, highlighted by how Charmaine is still pregnant for the duration of Season 4. But even before giving birth to the twins, she unexpectedly confessed to Jack and Mel in a moment of weakness. Still, the truth has yet to be discovered. Who is the real father of Charmaine’s babies?

By the finale of Season 4, “The Long Goodbye,” there was a storyline about fatherhood that needed to be resolved. But it was centered around Mel’s unborn child. So while the episode circled the question of whether Jack was the father of her baby, it took a surprising twist and revealed a secret about Virgin River’s other pregnancy – Charmaine’s. Somehow, in all of the discussions between Mel and Jack about a paternity test for Mel, the idea of taking a test with Charmaine was never brought up.

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During the finale, Jack comforts Charmaine about her worries that her husband Todd is cheating on her. It is clear there is a lot on her mind. Later, he receives an urgent text from Charmaine and hurries across town to help her, with Mel by his side. Charmaine is writhing in pain on the floor, sobbing and desperate. In that moment, she says this is all karma because . . . the twins aren’t Jack’s. But who is the father? Charmaine’s revelation does not include the truth. While she is not seen with too many men during the course of Virgin River, there are a few suspects it would be difficult to ignore. The top possibilities are Mike, Todd, and Brady.

One of the most popular fan theories is that Mike, the police investigator, is the father of Charmaine’s twins. Mike served as a Marine with Jack and he seems to have a complicated relationship with his military buddies. During the series, he does a lot of work to help solve the mystery of Jack’s shooting. In order to stay on the case, he even breaks up with a long-distance fiancée. But the real clue stems from a conversation with Jack, where he tells Mike that he is not ready to be a father. When Jack tells Mike that Charmaine is pregnant, Mike’s expression shifts to complete disbelief and shock. The intensity of his reaction was so difficult to ignore that it led fans to wonder if he and Charmaine were once a couple. This would explain why he has remained in Virgin River for so long.

It is also possible that Charmaine’s husband, Todd, is the real father. While this seems like the most obvious conclusion, the timeline is complicated. Todd first appears in Season 3, when Charmaine introduces him to Mel and Jack in Jack’s bar. At this point, Charmaine has already been pregnant for a few months. When she glowingly recalls how she met Todd cutting his hair in her salon, she lets it slip that even though they only met about a month ago, they are already engaged. Todd inserts himself into parenting decisions, such as the birthing plan and hiring a custody lawyer, in ways that frustrate Jack and reveal red flags about Todd. Charmaine marries Todd in the Season 3 finale, “A Wedding, No Funeral And A Baby,” but their relationship continues to be rocky. Could she have been lying about when they met? Is there a possibility that Todd is the father, but he has no idea?

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VirginRiver Hollingsworth Couple

The father could also be Brady. Another Marine buddy of Jack’s, Brady charms the ladies of Virgin River but is not held in high regard. Despite trying to clean up his act, he continuously finds himself in trouble, like stealing money from Jack’s bar, getting involved with drug rings, and being framed for shooting Jack. In Season 3, Brady meets and falls in love with Jack’s sister, Brie. While he stays committed to his relationship with Brie, this is after Charmaine gets pregnant. Could Brady have been in a casual relationship with Charmaine at the same time as Jack? It would hardly be an affair for anyone involved, as Jack and Charmaine were not serious. But it would still be shocking for Jack to find out that someone he once called a friend was actively deceiving him.

Only time will tell who is the real father of Charmaine’s unborn twins. It could even be someone entirely new to the show. But, in true Virgin River style, the dramatic reveal is sure to be a complete surprise.

Virgin River Season 4 is available to stream on Netflix.

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