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10 Weirdest MCU Characters, Ranked

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe has brought dozens of fan-favorite comic book characters to life across the years, from caped heroes like the mighty Thor and Vision to true villains like Thanos, Red Skull, and Hela the goddess of death. To help welcome new viewers, the MCU made a clear effort to keep things relatively “normal” and grounded at first, instead of flexing the full might of comic book weirdness.

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By now, the MCU has stabilized and fans are used to its quirky side, so the MCU has plenty of wonderfully strange and peculiar characters to its name. These weird MCU characters may have unique and vaguely explained powers, for example, or have a highly unusual physiology that the movies don’t fully explain.

10/10 Aldrich Killian Can Shoot Energy Beams Like Godzilla

Aldrich Killian breathing fire in Iron Man 3

2013’s Iron Man 3 launched Phase 2 of the MCU, taking place not long after 2012’s The Avengers. This time, hero Tony Stark faced a foe who wielded not a metal suit, but the weird power of Extremis. Aldrich Killian had developed his own gene therapy to turn his body into a fearsome weapon.

Aldrich isn’t too weird on his own, but his Extremis powers do stand out in the MCU, what with his glowing orange energy and rapid regeneration. He can also emit destructive energy beams from his mouth, making him oddly similar to Godzilla, though he didn’t often use that particular technique in combat.

9/10 Black Bolt Can Kill With His Voice Alone

black bolt in MCU

In 2022’s Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, partway through Phase 4, MCU fans met an all-new hero team called the Illuminati. Even with Professor X on that team, though, the weirdest member was Black Bolt, who makes sure to never speak outside of combat.

With his sonic scream ability, Black Bolt can devastate people and even buildings with any vocalization, so he’s careful to almost never talk. This makes him a risky but powerful ally to have, and he can also use sign language and some telepathy to communicate more easily, too.

8/10 Gorr The God Butcher Had Unusual Motives & Weapons

Gorr the God Butcher in the MCU

Gorr the God Butcher is a humanoid alien who appeared in Thor: Love and Thunder as a disillusioned father who realized the gods would never help him and his deceased daughter. He seemed ordinary at first, but then, he got weird with his scary god-slayer sword, a weapon MCU fans had never seen before.

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Gorr also becomes corrupt, assuming a grayscale theme with glowing yellow eyes. He could even use shadows to fight, taking Thor by total surprise, and resided in a black-and-white world in a remote corner of the universe. No other MCU villain has actually robbed the MCU of its color before, but Gorr made it seem so easy.

7/10 Taserface Has Bad Taste In Names

taserface mcu

The Guardians of the Galaxy movies feature many bizarre characters, including the thuggish Ravager known as Taserface. He announced that nickname in 2017’s Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2, and Rocket Raccoon couldn’t help but laugh his head off at that moniker.

Taserface has truly strange taste if he thinks “Taserface” is a respectable name for any warlord or boss. He was also a total fool, mixing up fractions and being too slow to stop Yondu, Rocket, and Groot from breaking free and destroying his captured ship before heading to Ego.

6/10 Vision Didn’t Even Understand Himself

MCU Vision

Vision made his debut in 2015’s The Avengers: Age of Ultron, and at first, the robotic villain Ultron hoped to inhabit that synthetic body. Then J.A.R.V.I.S. claimed it instead, becoming a powerful new Avenger who was built, not born.

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Vision didn’t fully understand himself, and neither did the other Avengers, who were left scratching their heads at the sight of him. Vision bears an Infinity Stone, can somehow turn intangible, and can even lift Mjolnir, a highly unusual feat for anyone, let alone a synthetic being like him.

5/10 Rocket Raccoon Is No Trash Panda

Rocket Raccoon looking up with a sad face in Avengers: Endgame.

Rocket Raccoon claims to not be an actual raccoon, despite being known as Rocket Raccoon. Rocket is also touchy about his mysterious origins, stating that some scientists broke him down and built him back up to make him the talking animal he is today.

Rocket even has cyborg-style sockets on his back, as Star-Lord saw when they entered prison, but the MCU hasn’t commented further on that. For now, Rocket the talking raccoon alien must be taken at face value, as a slippery mercenary who will shoot or steal anything he wishes without restraint.

4/10 Groot Speaks One Sentence & Has Odd Behavior Patterns

MCU Quiz Groot

Groot is another peculiar but beloved member of the Guardians. He is a tree-man who only says “I am Groot,” and only a few people, such as Rocket and Star-Lord, know what he’s actually saying whenever he does that. He is also impulsive and does weird things like drink fountain water.

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Groot is difficult to understand or predict, but he is at least a reliable and trustworthy friend who protects Rocket and the others however he can. And unlike most MCU characters, Groot can somehow escape death and be reborn with a single twig.

3/10 Korg Is A Literal Rock-Man

A jovial Korg from Thor: Love and Thunder.

Korg made his debut in Phase 3 of the MCU as Thor’s rocky new friend and fellow gladiator on Sakaar. Korg even made rock-paper-scissors jokes without realizing it, such as being strong against bladed foes but struggling to spread his message with paper flyers.

Korg is odd but lovable with his silly personality, rocky appearance, and most of all, his physiology. Korg seemingly died in Omnipotence City, only for his organic face to survive. His rocky body was really just an animated shell, and Korg’s people can assemble new rocks around their faces to build a new body.

2/10 America Chavez Is A Multiverse Anomaly

America Chavez in the street with cars

The universe-hopping America Chavez appeared in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, and even in Doctor Strange’s eyes, America was quite unusual. She is an anomaly in the multiverse, a being who exists only once instead of having alternate versions of herself in other universes.

America Chavez also stood out because she can freely travel the Multiverse, but not by will. She hops from one world to another seemingly at random, and she finds it stressful. However, America’s unique talents were vital for defeating a rampaging Scarlet Witch.

1/10 Ego Is A Celestial, Planet, & Parent

Ego in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Ego is a Celestial, an ancient spacefaring being who can seed planets with life at will. He eventually realized that he needed a child to help him with his plans, so he had a son with an Earth woman, that child being Peter Quill/Star-Lord.

Ego can assume many forms, such as David Hasselhoff, but his real body is an entire planet with a giant glowing brain at its core. All that makes Ego incredibly bizarre and memorable as a weird MCU character. Not just anyone can claim to have a planet father, but Star-Lord can.

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