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How One Piece Odyssey Fits Into the Series

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One Piece Odyssey is right around the corner, and one big question that many fans still have is where it falls along the series’ timeline.

One Piece Odyssey is finally coming out soon, and it’s already caught a lot of attention from new and old One Piece fans alike. Video games from the world of One Piece have often gotten very mixed reviews, but with Eiichiro Oda himself contributing heavily to the game and a full hardcore JRPG feel that perfectly fits the setting, many fans are hoping that this could be the best One Piece game yet.

However, with there being over 1,000 episodes in the One Piece anime and even more chapters of the manga, there will undoubtedly be fans of the series who aren’t fully caught up by the time One Piece Odyssey releases. This begs the question, do they even have to be fully caught up in the first place? Many fans are wondering if there’s a specific point where the story of One Piece Odyssey fits into the series’ timeline, and if so, how far do they need to read or watch to fully enjoy the game without needing to worry about spoilers?

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One Piece Odyssey’s Main Story Likely Takes Place During a Specific Arc

The Straw Hat Pirates in the new RPG One Piece Odyssey

While the events of One Piece Odyssey are to be considered non-canon, the story itself can easily slot into a very specific time within the series. Eiichiro Oda and the developers at Bandai Namco began development of One Piece Odyssey roughly around the time that the Whole Cake Island Arc was in print in the manga series, and it can be clearly determined by what information has been released that the game’s main story takes place around that same time.

One major aspect of One Piece Odyssey is the “World of Memories” system, which will allow players to experience a few major arcs from the canon timeline. It has already been confirmed that one of these arcs is the Dressrosa Arc, which immediately precedes the Whole Cake Island Arc. The story arc that immediately follows Whole Cake, the Wano Arc, included some major changes to the series that make it immediately obvious that One Piece Odyssey happened before Wano, including Luffy being able to access Gear Five and, more notably, former Warlord Jinbe officially joining the Straw Hat crew. Given the fact that Jinbe is not on the roster as a playable character in One Piece Odyssey, it’s clear that the game could only take place around the time of Whole Cake.

However, since the Straw Hat Crew was largely separated from each other for most of the Whole Cake Island Arc, especially Sanji, fans can pin down the One Piece Odyssey timeline a bit further. After Dressrosa, the crew made a stop on an island called Zou, and after Zou, the crew splits up for the duration of the Whole Cake Island Arc and only fully reunites on the island of Wano.

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The plot of One Piece Odyssey supposedly revolves around a “sudden storm at sea” that maroons the Straw Hat crew on a new island, meaning they would all have to be together at the start. Therefore, One Piece Odyssey can really only take place around the time the Straw Hats visited Zou, after the end of Dressrosa, but before they all separated from each other. The Zou Arc takes place between chapters 802 and 824 of the One Piece manga and between episodes 751 and 779 of the anime.

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As previously noted, One Piece Odyssey contains a feature called “World of Memories,” which allows the player to relive certain major story arcs from the One Piece anime and manga. While the events of the main story are non-canon, and a player could likely enjoy most of the game without necessarily being all caught up, these World of Memories sections do follow canon storylines and will obviously contain spoilers for those arcs. Therefore, players who don’t want to be spoiled by these sections should at least be caught up with those specific story arcs.

The story arcs that are confirmed to appear in the World of Memories section include Alabasta, Water Seven, Marineford, and Dressrosa. The Dressrosa Arc ends at chapter 801 of the manga or episode 746 of the anime, so fans who don’t want to be spoiled by One Piece Odyssey should look to be caught up to at least that point before picking up the game.

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