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James Gunn Is Writing an Unannounced DC TV Series

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DC Studios co-chair and CEO James Gunn confirms that he’s currently penning scripts for a DC Universe TV show not yet announced to the public.

DC Studios co-chair and CEO James Gunn just revealed that he’s writing an as-yet-unannounced TV series set in the DC Universe.

Gunn teased the mystery DCU project’s existence on Twitter, noting that he was a third of the way through penning scripts for the show. It is the latest in an ever-expanding list of productions the DC Studios boss is directly involved in. These include the second season of the HBO Max series Peacemaker and a Superman movie headlined by a young incarnation of the Man of Steel. As Gunn mentions in his tweet, he’s also currently juggling his DC Studios commitments and post-production on his final Marvel Studios outing, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.

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News of another DCU project spearheaded by Gunn follows another public statement by the filmmaker regarding the status of the shared universe’s slate of movies and TV shows. Gunn tweeted in January 2023 that he and DC Studios co-chair and CEO Peter Safran will unveil some (but not all) of the DCU titles currently in the works by the end of the month. What’s more, Gunn confirmed that the DCU roadmap he and Safran have developed should yield as much as 10 years’ worth of content.

James Gunn Talks Wonder Woman and The Flash

Gunn would later divulge that the first three of these years will feature Wonder Woman in some capacity. Responding to a fan, he debunked claims that the iconic DC superhero won’t appear in the initial phase of DCU productions. The filmmaker was slightly coyer regarding another fan-favorite character, though. Asked whether reports that current Flash actor Ezra Miller will continue to portray the Scarlet Speedster going forward are true, Gunn replied that he wasn’t aware of the latest buzz surrounding Miller’s future.

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Gunn has stirred up considerable controversy since taking over the reins of the DCU in October 2022. Shazam! Fury of the Gods star Zachary Levi has nevertheless thrown his support behind Gunn, insisting he and Safran are the right people to shepherd the franchise. “[Gunn] understands comic books, guys,” Levi said. “He understands world-building, he understands how to do right by the canon and also by the characters and also by the audience. And [DC Studios co-SEO Peter Safran]’s there to — he’s an incredible diplomat and business person. I’ve worked with him now for years. Just breathe. It’s gonna be okay. It’s gonna be better than okay.”

James Gunn’s untitled DC Universe TV show does not yet have a release date.

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