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Marvel Announces She-Hulk Anniversary Issue

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Following the first season of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law last fall, more fans than ever are excited to see what’s in store for the Jade Giantess. Marvel Comics has been capitalizing on that hype through a new She-Hulk ongoing comic — and it looks like that book is about to head into a major milestone. On Friday, Marvel announced the first details surrounding April’s She-Hulk #12, which will be the 175th legacy issue for Jennifer Walters / She-Hulk. The double-sized issue will be led by a story from current She-Hulk writer Rainbow Rowell, who will be reuniting with Runaways artist Andrés Genolet. The story is expected to introduce a new villain into Jen’s rogues gallery — The Scoundrel. The cover for the issue will be drawn by current She-Hulk cover artist Jen Bartel.

“Every issue that I get to write SHE-HULK is a delight—but I’m especially honored to escort her to her 175th issue,” Rowell said in a statement. “One of things we’ve focused on is building up Jen’s narrative support structure… Giving her friends, colleagues, a love interest, and her very own antagonists. The Scoundrel is an adversary tailor-made for Jennifer Walters. A lot of things come easily for Jen. Nothing about the Scoundrel is easy.”

(Photo: Marvel Comics)

When will She-Hulk return to the MCU?

She-Hulk’s next MCU appearance has not been confirmed, either in a second season of She-Hulk or in another project. As franchise star Tatiana Maslany told shortly after the show’s first season wrapped, the ambiguity of where her character could go next is exciting to her.

“I mean, it’s really the thing that drew me in the first place, which was — I did not expect this,” Maslany explained in our interview. “I didn’t expect this character. I didn’t expect where she goes. I didn’t expect these little weird moments that she gets to… So for me, it’s really about being like surprised, you know? ‘Cause she’s so irreverent. So if I’m expecting or if I want a certain thing, likely the best option is to do the exact opposite.”

Are you excited for She-Hulk‘s #175 anniversary issue? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

She-Hulk #12 is set to arrive wherever comics are sold on April 19th.

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