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Orochimaru Vs Jiraiya: Who Would Win?

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Orochimaru and Jiraiya form a strong bond during their youth, but they later part ways due to their conflicting goals in Naruto. Orochimaru believes that learning as many jutsu as possible represents the ultimate goal for ninjas whereas Jiraiya values persistence instead of power.

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Thus, Orochimaru defects from the Leaf Village to continue his lab experiments, acquiring more knowledge about different jutsu, and Jiraiya protects the village from the shadows. Both ninjas earn recognition for their skills and become known as the Legendary Sannin along with Tsunade. Orochimaru and Jiraiya are considered rivals, but if they go head-to-head in a fight, who would win?

Orochimaru’s Advantages Over Jiraiya

Jiraiya’s Advantages Over Orochimaru

Edo Tensei resurrects strong ninja

An impressive arsenal of ninjutsu

Defeated the Third Hokage

Can use Sage Mode

Art of the Eight-Headed Serpent

Uses his hair for attack & defense

Can summon snakes

Can summon toads

Has incredible durability

Skilled with Fire Release jutsu

Orochimaru’s Advantages Over Jiraiya

Orochimaru’s Edo Tensei Helps Him Resurrect & Control Dead Ninjas

Orochimaru Using Edo Tensei To Revive the 1st & 2nd Hokage

Orochimaru goes to great lengths to learn all the jutsu in the world, including forbidden techniques. He learns how to perform Edo Tensei, a technique forbidden for its immorality. Orochimaru can summon dead ninjas and use them as his pawns to assist him in combat with this jutsu.

Edo Tensei can be dangerous, especially if Orochimaru summons dead ninjas who were powerful when they were alive. Thus, Edo Tensei not only gives Orochimaru strength in numbers but also saves him energy by allowing his summoning to do the work for him.

Orochimaru Defeats The Third Hokage

Naruto Orochimaru Vs The Third Hokage

Orochimaru infiltrates the Leaf Village and challenges the Third Hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi, to a fight. Hiruzen earns the title of hokage for being one of the strongest ninjas in the village, so the fact that Orochimaru defeats him speaks volumes for Orochimaru’s extraordinary strength.

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Hiruzen forces Orochimaru into a predicament by pulling out Orochimaru’s soul, but Orochimaru stabs Hiruzen just in time to win the fight. Orochimaru leaves the fight in a terrible state, as Hiruzen seals his arms, but Orochimaru nonetheless comes out on top. Thus, Orochimaru lives up to his name as one of the three Legendary Sannin with this victory.

Orochimaru’s Art Of The Eight-Headed Serpent Technique Poses A Dangerous Threat

Itachi uses susano'o against Sasuke and Orochimaru in Naruto.

The Art of the Eight-Headed Serpent Technique is arguably Orochimaru’s strongest jutsu. With this jutsu, he can create an eight-headed serpent that towers over opponents since its size is comparable to that of a Susano’o.

Orochimaru unleashes this jutsu against Itachi, and although Itachi uses the Totsuka Blade to defeat Orochimaru quickly, the serpent shows that it has enough strength to constrict and immobilize Itachi’s Susano’o. Orochimaru does not employ this jutsu again for the rest of the show, but it displays its power in its first appearance.

Orochimaru Can Summon Snakes

Orochimaru on top of Manda in Naruto.

Orochimaru frequently summons Manda, a giant snake that assists him in fights. Manda has a couple of abilities that make him superior to other animals used for summoning. Manda can shed his skin to evade the impact of an attack and subsequently surprise attack Orochimaru’s opponent from a different location on the battlefield.

Manda also uses his lengthy body to his advantage, as he constricts his opponents with immense pressure. All in all, he serves as Orochimaru’s trustworthy sidekick who can assist in numerous ways.

Orochimaru Has Incredible Durability

Orochimaru sticking out his long, snake-like tongue (Naruto)

Orochimaru strives to become immortal, so he puts in a lot of effort into finding ways to make himself more durable. Consequently, his durability is off the charts, as he develops techniques that help him survive longer in battles.

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He creates the Orochimaru-Style Body Replacement Technique, which enables him to revive himself after sustaining injuries from a deadly attack. He also displays the ability to break his body apart and reattach himself in his fight with Four Tails Naruto, demonstrating that his body cannot be easily damaged.

Jiraiya’s Advantages Over Orochimaru

Jiraiya Boasts An Impressive Arsenal Of Ninjutsu Techniques

Jiraiya uses rasengan

Jiraiya possesses great knowledge in genjutsu and taijutsu, but he excels most in ninjutsu. Jiraiya masters the Rasengan, and he learns how to perform other variations of the Rasengan, as well. He also becomes proficient in every chakra nature except for lightning.

Furthermore, Jiraiya has excellent infiltration techniques, thanks to his arsenal of ninjutsu. He demonstrates the ability to surreptitiously hide and attack while infiltrating the Rain Village to challenge Konan and Pain. Because of this, not many characters can match Jiraiya’s prowess in ninjutsu.

Jiraiya’s Sage Mode Significantly Amplifies His Abilities

Jiraya Enters Toad Sage Mode, Naruto Shippuden

Jiraiya masters Sage Mode at Mount Myoboku and consequently becomes one of the best Sage Mode users in the show. From taijutsu to speed, Jiraiya becomes significantly stronger in all aspects of fighting while activating Sage Mode. Sage Mode enables him to perform more destructive techniques, as well.

For instance, the fight between him and Pain introduces his auditory genjutsu that entraps Pain in an illusion. Furthermore, Jiraiya receives assistance from the sage toads Ma and Pa while using Sage Mode, thereby further bolstering his fighting capabilities.

Jiraiya Uses His Hair To Attack & Defend

Jiraiya toad hair attack From Naruto

The versatility of Jiraiya’s hair plays an important role in his fights, as he often relies on it to gain the upper hand. Jiraiya can harden his hair for both offensive and defensive purposes. He can harden his hair and subsequently fire them like needles.

Jiraiya can also increase his hair’s volume to block incoming attacks or elongate his hair to strike from a far distance. On top of this, he shows that he can restrain his opponents by engulfing them in his hair as he does with Konan to interrogate her.

Jiraiya Can Summon Toads

Gamabunta The battle toad, Naruto

While Orochimaru has an affinity for snakes, Jiraiya summons toads and employs a number of jutsu that are inspired by toads. Jiraiya often relies on his most powerful summoning, Gamabunta, for assistance during fights. Gamabunta is a large toad who wields a sword and helps Jiraiya in various scenarios.

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Gamabunta can expel oil from his mouth to make Jiraiya’s Fire Release techniques more powerful, as the oil combines with the fire for more damaging effects upon impact. Gamabunta also displays his prowess in Water Release while helping Naruto fight Gaara.

Jiraiya Is An Excellent Fire Release User

Toad Sage Jiraiya Uses Sage Art- Goemon, Naruto Shippuden

Jiraiya stands out amongst Naruto‘s cast of characters as a ninja who possesses incredible Fire Release skills. This is in part due to Jiraiya using Fire Release in creative ways compared to other characters. Jiraiya often combines his fire with oil to damage his target with more power.

Moreover, Jiraiya can boost his Fire Release techniques in Sage Mode since the natural energy he utilizes enhances the intensity of his jutsu. Hence, any opponent who stands in his way has to be prepared for his arsenal of Fire Release jutsu.



Orochimaru with tongue out in Naruto.

Orochimaru would triumph over Jiraiya if the two clash in a fight. Orochimaru proves that he can take down big names such as Hiruzen whereas Jiraiya does not have many victories against tough opponents. In addition, Jiraiya’s durability pales in comparison to Orochimaru’s.

In other words, Orochimaru can endure more damage than Jiraiya can. Furthermore, Orochimaru can sometimes be arrogant, but aside from this, he does not have many weaknesses that Jiraiya can exploit. Although Orochimaru and Jiraiya are considered rivals, Orochimaru has many advantages that would overwhelm Jiraiya.

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