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WWE Report Reveals Internal Reactions to Vince McMahon’s Return Announcement

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Earlier today it was revealed that Vince McMahon has put plans into place to force his way back into WWE as Chairman so he can take the lead in the process of a company sale. After the initial report dropped McMahon confirmed the news and announced that if he wasn’t put into that role he would use his stock voting power to hold up any media rights deals and any attempt at selling the company. A new report from Fightful Select reveals the internal reaction to the news, and it was mostly blindsided and shocked across the board, as apparently no one Fightful talked to was tipped off ahead of time.

The report states they spoke to dozens within WWE, and all were floored by the announcement. No one in any department that they talked to was briefed or tipped off, or for that matter given any information immediately after the announcement.

“Not one bit, but considering some people from his regime were kept this long, they must have known it would happen. We’ll see if they talk to us tomorrow,” one talent told Fightful, referring to the upcoming January 6th Smackdown taping.

Among talent, the idea that McMahon could make a return to controlling creative was a concern, and two sources from within the creative team had not heard of any adjustments to their roles and were sent Smackdown notes shortly before the original Wall Street Journal report.

The reaction from many who commented on the matter was either bad news or ‘news above their pay grade’ that they wouldn’t concern themselves with until it was needed. Another talent said “Finding out online is scary, and it’s Vince, so I don’t believe a word he says. I hope current management and everything doesn’t change, but only time will tell.” Another talent said they believe there will be a roster uproar if Vince does return to running creative.

“I can’t count how many interviews I’ve read or people I talked to outside the company that said ‘Vince liked me, but I got fired.’ He didn’t like you, he didn’t like any of them. He fired or they wouldn’t have been fired during a pandemic,” one concerned higher up said.

“I would be blown away if he returned to creative,” a recently signed talent said.

What do you think of the Vince McMahon return possibilities? Let us know in the comments.

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