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10 Best Post-Credit Scenes In TV Shows

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The MCU is known for its post-credit scenes that tease upcoming continuations of the franchise, both within its movies and TV shows. This has proven to be an effective way to excite fans for the stories to come. However, the Marvel franchise is not the only project with thrilling post-credit sequences.

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Post-credit scenes following an episode of a series are used sparingly throughout the industry. Often utilized at the end of a season or in the finale of a show, a post-credit scene is used occasionally to entertain the audience or tease what is to come later in a season. Some great post-credit scenes in popular TV shows resonated with the viewers.

10/10 There’s A Funny Post-Credit Scene In The Fourth Episode Of Loki

Loki Post-Credit Scene

Loki is one of the most popular Marvel villains, making Disney+’s Loki a hit series. The show follows Loki as he seeks to step out of his brother’s shadow, taking place after the events of the final Avengers movie. In this storyline, an alternate Loki finds himself in a thriller all his own, traveling through time variants.

This series didn’t have many post-credit scenes throughout the episodes, but the one following the events of episode four was memorable. This scene features Loki interacting with his other variants in different worlds within the multiverse.

9/10 The Shameless Post-Credit Scenes Were Fitting

The primary cast of Season 1 of Shameless TV show.

Shameless is one of the most controversial shows of the modern era, with many viewers finding it a little too edgy and crude for their taste. However, the show developed a dedicated fanbase that loved the constant surprises and quirky plotlines.

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The show continues to be one of the best series on Showtime, making important commentary on the experiences of people living in poverty in the US and the humor and tragedy that can coincide with those struggling. The episodes often had post-credit clips that didn’t add to the plot but highlighted the themes of the storyline.

8/10 Mr. Robot Set Up The Stakes At The End Of Season One

Rami Malek on Mr. Robot

Mr. Robot featured an anti-social computer programmer that was a vigilante hacker in his pastime. The show focuses on his attempts to take down corporate America, which he believes is corrupting the world, offering twists and turns as the plotline thickens.

The first season’s final episode features a short scene post-credits that shocked fans and made them question how the shocking twist would play out in the next season. This post-credit scene was such a success, making fans all the more eager to get to season two, that the show continued the twist-ending post-credit scene in the following season.

7/10 Every Golden Girls Episode Had A Funny Post-Credit Clip

Golden Girls

Though The Golden Girls ended over two decades ago, it continues to be one of the most historically important shows of all time. The four older women the show focuses on are riveting characters that outline the experiences of American women during their “golden years.”

Each episode of the seventh season, which saw a shift in the show’s themes, making it even more comical, featured a post-credit scene that concluded the storyline of the given episode. The Golden Girls was known for the outrageous humor throughout, and these final moments in each episode always succeeded in hilariously concluding every episode.

6/10 Morgan’s Return Is Teased In The Walking Dead Season 5

Morgan TWD

Many series incorporate a post-credit scene at the end of a season or within the final episode overall. However, The Walking Dead featured a post-credit scene at the end of the first episode of season five, teasing the return of one of the original characters.

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Morgan Jones helped Rick out at the beginning of the series and returned for an episode in season 3 in which it seemed he had suffered a mental break that there was no coming back. Season five teased at his return a couple of times, showing him tracking Rick until they eventually reunited in Alexandria.

5/10 Hannibal Has a Chilling Post-Credit Scene

Hannibal looking up in Hannibal.

Hannibal problematic romanticizes a serial killer, but the show developed a cult following due to the popularity of the books and films it’s based on. The show focuses on the dark world of the charismatic and cannibalistic Dr. Hannibal Lecter.

The series concluded in its third season, making it seem like Hannibal died after tumbling off a seaside cliff while fighting with FBI profiler Will Graham. However, the post-credit scene in the finale suggests Hannibal survived this deadly fall. The brief scene shows his disturbed psychiatrist, Bedelia, waiting for a dinner guest with her own leg roasted for the meal.

4/10 Magnum PI Had A Nod To The Fans In The Finale

Magnum P.I

Though this series received one of the worst TV reboots, Magnum PI’s original ’80s series was a massive hit in its time. The conclusion of this series in 1988 was one of the most successful endings to a series of all time, wrapping up all the loose ends and giving the fans a satisfyingly happy ending.

The post-credit sequence in this finale consisted of two parts that thrilled the fans. The sequence first shows Magnum and his love interest, Lily, spending a day together on a beach. Then the scene shifted, having Magnum face the screen and say “goodnight” to the audience. This was one of the best quick fourth-wall breaks on a TV show.

3/10 Andor’s Reveal At The End Of The First Season

Diego Luna as Cassian Andor in prison uniform from Andor on Disney Plus

Andor currently has one season, but the series was a quick success, with many fans considering it one of the best additions to the Star Wars franchise. The series features a young Cassian Andor as a rebel spy during his early years.

Though the show focused primarily on developing Andor’s character story, it felt like a prison drama series with a Star Wars twist. The post-credit scene in the finale revealed that the mysterious parts Andor was working on while imprisoned were components of the infamous Death Star. This was a shocking reveal, especially since Andor would take part in the inevitable destruction of the Death Star later on.

2/10 The Walking Dead Utilized A Post-Credit Scenes To Set Up A Spinoff

Rick Grimes in the series finale of The Walking Dead wearing a CRM jacket and looking ahead.

The original series of The Walking Dead concluded with the promise of three spinoffs featuring popular characters from the original cast. The Dead City spinoff, starring Negan and Maggie, will be the first spinoff released in the spring.

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However, the post-credit scene at the end of the series teased the events of the most anticipated spinoff: the return of Rick Grimes. The scene showed Rick being caught by the CRM while wearing one of their jackets, suggesting he had run from them and was being hunted. This hinted that the return of Rick and Michonne would be, at the least, an action-packed fight for survival.

1/10 Wanda Hears Her Boys’ Voices In WandaVision

Wanda Maximoff with the Darkhold, in WandaVision's post-credits scene

WandaVision, featuring Wanda Maximoff, explored how her immense power could be triggered in fascinating and deadly ways when extreme emotions, such as grief, strike her. This series was a riveting watch and highlighted how powerful the Scarlet Witch was as a hero and a villain.

In the post-credit scene at the end of the show, Wanda not only possesses the powerful Darkhold book but hears her boys screaming for help. This sets up her motive in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness when she seeks power to bring her boys back to her.

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