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10 Best Written Female Characters In DC Comics

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Regarding strength and courage, few characters rival the fortitude of female characters in DC. The woman of DC inspires female comic readers because they are more than just fashion icons; they are warriors and goddesses who are just as strong and intelligent as their male counterparts.

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The stories of these female characters are written so well because they display a sense of self-identity and determination. Starting with iconic heroes like Wonder Woman to fan-favorite villains like Harley Quinn, these are the best-written female characters in DC.

10/10 Stargirl Grew From A Brat To A Bold Hero

Courtney Whitmore in her debut as Stargirl

What makes Courtney Whitmore’s story interesting is how realistic it is to the real world. Whitmore was a teenager from Los Angeles who resented her stepfather Pat Dugan for marrying her mother and moving her and Courtney from the Golden State to Blue Valley, Nebraska.

While Courtney seemed like a brat at first, by donning Sylvester Pembleton’s gear to irritate Pat, she eventually decided to use the cosmic staff to become a new, modern hero, Stargirl. Like many people with conflicting relationships with their stepparents, Courtney learned to love Pat as he fought by her side as S.T.R.I.P.E.

9/10 Hawkgirl Is A Lover And A Fighter

Hawkgirl flies in DC Comics

Shayera Hol (Hawkgirl) is a law enforcement officer from the planet Thanagar. Shayera is known for her partnership and relationship with Katar Hol (Hawkman), but she isn’t just his sidekick. Although, as a Thanegerian, Shayera is a warrior of brute strength and flight, her courage and commitment to serving justice are beyond admirable.

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Before they were lovers, Katar was insistent on having a woman as a partner, but Shayera more than proved her worth. Katar fell for Shayera after she saved his life; that’s when Hawkman realized that Hawkgirl was just as strong and courageous as him, if not more.

8/10 Nubia Represents Unity

Nubia faces an unseen foe in DC Comics

Nubia had become an underutilized character in comic books for years. As DC’s first black woman superhero, Nubia deserved to be acknowledged. Unfortunately, it took a long gap of no appearances and several years as a minor background character for Nubia to get her big break.

Vita Ayala, Stephanie Williams, and Alitha Martinez’s Nubian & the Amazon series introduces Nebula as the newly crowned queen of Themyscira following the events of Infinite Frontier. As the new queen, Nubia felt a weight of pressure from her fellow Amazonians, but as a symbol of nobility, liberation, and hope, Nubia was able to unite all Amazonians of Themyscira, and brought hope to black female comic readers.

7/10 Huntress Was Motivated By Grief And Loss

Huntress (Helena Bertinelli) holds up her crossbow

Though her tactics are questionable due to her irrational behavior and violent nature, the Helena Bertinelli version of Huntress has such an intriguing origin story. Helena was the daughter of a Gotham mob boss, and due to her father’s lifestyle, her entire family was murdered. Helena witnessed the gruesome slaughter and vowed to avenge her family.

Huntress tried to go straight and narrow as a member of the Justice League, but her definition of justice didn’t quite align with the other members. Huntress’s story is compelling because she represents someone whose grief has opened a little darkness inside of her that some people can relate to. Many people may disagree with Huntress’s tactics, but she refuses to change for anyone.

6/10 Barbara Gordon Is The Best-Written Batgirl

Batgirl fights for justice

Barbara Gordon sticks out the most out of all the different versions of Batgirl. Aside from being the most famous Batgirl of them all, Gordon has had several aspects of her life that make her storyline appealing.

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Barbara Gordon faced many hardships in her time in the comics. Her story took a surprising turn when she retired as Batgirl after being shot in the spine by the Joker, resulting in her developing paraplegia. Still, paralysis didn’t stop Barbara from making a difference as she donned the persona of Oracle to be the eyes for the rest of the Bat Family from behind a computer. Barbara Gordon’s resilience and bravery are what make her the best-written Batgirl.

5/10 Raven’s Life Is Conflicting

Raven Rachel Roth Teen Titans DC Comics

Commonly known as a prominent member of the Teen Titans, Raven is a character whose lore is uniquely peculiar. Raven is a cambian, meaning she is half demon on her father Trigon’s side and human on her mother’s.

Despite her lineage, Raven refuses to embrace the darkness inside her and tries to stop her father from destroying the world. Raven’s rejection of her demonic side speaks to readers who have had to walk in their parent’s shadows. Raven’s empathic abilities and sorcery are impressive, but it is her ability to resist the temptation of the demon inside of her.

4/10 Catwoman Is Relentless

Selina Kyle dressed as Catwoman holding a whip

As an adversary and lover of Batman, Catwoman was one of the most popular villains in DC. However, more recently, Catwoman was written as an anti-hero, and this title fits her comedic style and skills more.

Catwoman was never really known for violent crimes, so the idea of her being shifted to a vigilante resonated with readers more.

Catwoman’s romance with Batman may be a fan favorite, but it wasn’t Catwoman’s love for Bruce that encouraged her to leave villainy behind her. Catwoman is a woman of determination and makes decisions based on her best interest; that’s what people admire about her.

3/10 Harley Quinn Rose Above Abuse And Redeemed Herself

Harley Quinn with her mallet in DC Comics

Harley Quinn was once a respected psychiatrist named Harleen Frances Quinzel, who specialized in criminal behavior. Quinzel fell in love with Joker, who happened to be her patient at Arkham Asylum, and began to accompany him in his twisted adventures.

Harley Quinn was a battered woman, the Joker constantly abused her, but she was conflicted about leaving him. Eventually, Harley Quinn stood up for herself and left the Joker. No longer wanting to live the lifestyle that the Joker opened her up to, Harley Quinn decided to be sort of a hero. Rising above mental and physical abuse and using that experience to become a hero displays how much Harley Quinn has grown as a character.

2/10 Vixen Is A Role Model

Vixen uses her claws in DC Comics

Vixen is one of the most beautiful and fashionable female characters in comics. Not only is she a superhero, but during her time off from saving the world, Vixen works as a supermodel and a fashion designer.

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Before becoming a superhero, Vixen experienced extreme loss while poachers killed her mother, and her father was killed by her uncle. Vixen could have channeled her grief and used her morphing powers for evil, but instead, she used her pain to subside the pain of others. As a black superhero and model, Vixen instills confidence and ambition into her readers.

1/10 Wonder Woman Is An Iconic Warrior

Wonder Woman smiles in DC Rebirth

Without question, Wonder Woman is the most popular female hero in DC. Hailing from Themyscira, the home of Amazonian women, Wonder Woman is the leader of an island of female warriors. Her courage and valor appeal to all walks of reader.

Instead of being the typical damsel in distress, Wonder Woman saved Steve Trevor after his ship crash-landed on Themyscira. Wonder Woman then assisted Steve Trevor and other war heroes during World War II in fighting off Nazis. Wonder Woman, a war hero who could fight in combat, was a modern twist for comic readers as women usually ran from danger instead of standing up against it.

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