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Buddy Daddies Used Real Parenting Experience To Write the Anime

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The producers of Buddy Daddies, the new found family anime starring two assassin daddies, harness the parenting experience of their staff to write it.

Buddy Daddies is making sure to keep some real life in its story about assassin dads.

According to an interview with Mitsuhito Tsuji and Toba Yosuke, two producers from Buddy Daddies, the two spoke about the thought process and design behind creating the original anime. Yosuke said “‘becoming a family is a big theme” in the story and continued, “I thought it would be interesting as a work to be able to create a sense of comedy with such fine details [of parenting].” The two consulted with their staff who had experience raising children and Tsuji asked them “to include a lot of ‘parenting”

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Tsuji noted the two main characters have either “lost love in the past” or are the kind “who doesn’t know love,” but that all changes thanks to four-year-old Miri. “The main characters are basically new to raising children, so I thought it would be interesting to see how they would deal with [Miri,]” Tsuji said. The challenges are further compounded due to their occupations, as Yosuke said, “they are in the shadows and can’t talk to anyone about their position.”

The Origins of Buddy Daddies

The two producers said the idea of Buddy Daddies came around the time Tsuji began raising his children. The idea of having assassins, whose paths are normally covered in blood and death, raise children was interesting. Furthermore, Yosuke added, “Two men raising children who aren’t related by blood is a modern story where values are diversifying, so I thought this would work. I thought that a ‘family not related by blood’ and ‘two people of the same sex raising a child’ are both great themes.”

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Produced by P.A. Works (The Eccentric Family and Ya Boy Kongming!), Buddy Daddies follows best friends Kazuki Kurusu and Rei Suwa, professional assassins and roommates who could not be any more different from each other. Gambler Kazuki prefers to go out and flirt with women while Rei would rather stay home and play video games in his free time. The two meet precocious four-year-old Miri who accidentally mistaken Kazuki as her mob boss father while the two are on a dangerous mission. Buddy Daddies brings on Toshiyuki Toyonaga, Koki Uchiyama and Hina Kino to voice Kazuki, Rei and Miri. Ayase sings the opening theme song “Shock!” while DURDN makes their anime-related debut with their ending song “My Plan.”

Buddy Daddies aired its first episode on Crunchyroll on Jan. 6. The anime has 13 episodes listed.

Source: Buddy Daddies Official Website

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