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Damian Wayne Is Currently DC’s Most Important Leader

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Robin takes command in DC’s new Lazarus Planet: Alpha one-shot, telling the heroes of the DC Universe how to contend with a world forever changed.

Damian Wayne steps up to guide the DC Universe out of a new crisis in Lazarus Planet: Alpha #1, the one-shot intro to the company’s “Lazarus Planet” mega event.

A preview of the upcoming issue shows Damian piloting his injured father, Batman, and mother, Talia al Ghul, to safety after the volcano of Lazarus Island explodes, sending Lazarus Resin flying across the world. The metahuman community quickly goes into high alert, with Supergirl asking all heroes to save lives in the tumultuous magical storms kicked up by the explosion.

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Damian quickly goes into leadership mode, assembling a motley crew of heroes ranging from Power Girl to Monkey Price to help him defeat King Fire Bull, the instigator of the explosion. Notably, most of the heroes under Damian’s command initially look to Batman for guidance, but the injured Dark Knight tells them to listen to his son instead.

The Road To Lazarus Planet

Lazarus Planet: Alpha intersects with Batman vs. Robin, a series detailing a dramatic fight between father and son orchestrated by the Devil Nezha, an ancient Chinese demon. Nezha, who debuted in the first story arc of Batman/Superman: World’s Finest, confiscated magic artifacts from across the DC Universe and used them to control Damian Wayne. Batman vs. Robin #4 saw Batman donning the helm of Doctor Fate to break the spell over his son. This effort was successful, but the Dark Knight suffered a deadly wound in the fight.

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Nezha’s onslaught was also stopped by King Fire Bull, another villain based on Chinese mythology who first appeared in DC’s Monkey Prince series. King Fire Bull is Nezha’s adopted son, and the pair share a deep animosity toward each other. In his orders to the assembled heroes, Damian suggests that they might find a temporary ally in Nezha, who may be willing to help them defeat his son.

“Lazaurus Planet” runs until Feb. 21 and features a total of seven one-shot comics and nine tie-ins. These include Alpha, Assault on Krypton, We Once Were Gods, Legends Reborn, Next Evolution, Dark Fate and Omega. Lazarus Planet: Alpha is written by Mark Waid, illustrated by Riccardo Federici, colored by Brad Anderson and lettered by Steve Wands. The one-shot features a main cover by David Marquez and Alejandro Sanchez, and a wide array of variant covers by Lee Garbett, Ben Oliver, Felipe Massafera, Ariel Colon, Bernard Chang, Federici, Pete Woods, Helene Lenoble and Tiago Da Silva. The issue goes on sale Jan. 10.

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