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One Piece Chapter 1071 Recap & Spoilers: The Hero Deploys

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The following contains spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1071, “The Hero Deploys,” by Eiichiro Oda, Stephen Paul and Vanessa Satone, available in English from Viz Media.

Back in Chapter 1070 of One Piece, Sentomaru ultimately tastes Rob Lucci’s wickedness. He gets attacked by the CP0 agent, and when Lucci realizes that the Marine officer is still conscious, the Zoan Devil Fruit user attempts to knock him out. Luffy, however, isn’t just going to let him do as he pleases. Luffy unleashes his peculiar Gear Five attacks and keeps Rob Lucci at bay. The Seraphims also deal with the other Cipher Pol agents, allowing Luffy and the gang to escape. Sentomaru then hands over Dr. Vegapunk’s protection to the Straw Hat Pirates.

While the two mighty rivals are fighting, the other Straw Hats can’t help but notice the Seraphim’s familiar abilities. Dr. Vegapunk explains to them how the cyborgs function. But first, he gives them a crash course about Devil Fruit replication. He tells them that only Zoan Devil Fruits can be artificially reproduced, while Logia Devil Fruits are still untouchable. Even though Paramythia Devil Fruits can’t be artificially made like the Zoans, but the users’ Bloodline Elements can be harvested and turned into a special kind of blood. This same blood is what’s running through the Seraphims’ veins, fueling them.

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Kuma arriving in a Navy base in One Piece

Chapter 1071 brings the readers to Red Port, which is at the base of the Red Line. Kuma rushes to this place after escaping from Kamabakka Queendom. The mindless cyborg’s appearance confuses the locals and also makes them terrified after he starts moving. His arrival also arouses the Marines’ attention. An immediate announcement is made throughout the island. Every Marine officer is dispatched to take care of the former Warlord, while every citizen is issued an evacuation order.

Back in Egghead, the Cipher Pol agents are also on the move to block every possible path the Straw Hat Pirates and the genius scientist may use to evacuate. Lucci even tells them to destroy the ships if needed. Mulling over their next courses of action, Stussy asks Lucci whether he not plans to listen to their official order. Lucci casually answers that he simply doesn’t view Luffy as an Emperor. Dr. Vegapunk and his Satellites are also considering their next move. Lilith is already raring to fight the government agents, and the others are logically stopping her. Shaka further explains that their main goal is not to fight the government agents but to let the Stella body escape.

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Bonney Chasing Vegapunk in One Piece

While the real Dr. Vegapunk’s conscience is bugging him, the Satellite discusses their next move. Pythagoras reminds them that they have another ally on the island. However, Edison also reminds them that asking that particular person for help will mean getting chased off their homeland and hunted by the government. Despite the Satellite’s warning, the main body easily makes a call to the mystery person. The mystery individual easily agrees to help Dr. Vegapunk, much to the scientist’s surprise and glee. With another ally joining in on the fray, all they have to do is let the main body hitch a ride with the Straw Hats. Lilith even volunteers to escort the main body to the port. However, Dr. Vegapunk suddenly asks the Straw Hats to allow seven individuals on their ship.

But at that moment, the Labophase’s defense system suddenly deactivates. The Satellites are confused by the sudden development since the Frontier Dome is supposed to be their last bastion and impenetrable fortress. The Cipher Pol agents are also doubting the sudden development. Lucci thinks that it may be a trap due to its convenient timing. But upon closer inspection, the government agents realize that that may not be the case. Not only that, but the dome’s deactivation also exposes the Thousand Sunny. Kaku then sends a kick toward the ship without hesitation.

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Kaku waking up Zoro in One Piece

Kaku’s rash decision wakes up Zoro from his nap, much to the Straw Hat’s irritation and the Cipher Pol’s surprise. The Satellites manage to restore the dome just then, but they’ve already allowed the Cipher Pol agents inside. Shaka then knows that they will be going for the Thousand Sunny. Just as the Satellite predicted, Kaku is already engaging with Zoro. Lilith is the only one excited about how the events are unfolding since it means she does get to fight.

Luffy and the others finally reach Labophase, but the others inform him about their immediate departure. Luffy isn’t happy about it. He wants to relax first, but his crewmates remind him of all the chaos that is ensuing around them. Just then, Luffy remembers Bonney. He asks the others if they have seen her. Robin also realizes Vegapunk’s disappearance. The chapter then shifts to show Bonney chasing the life out of the genius scientist. Bonney is relentlessly attacking Vegapunk, asking him to return her father back to a human being. Vegapunk adamantly refuses her request, though he swears that there is a good reason for it.

In another part of New World, Eustass Kid and his crew have also arrived at their next destination. His first mate, Killer, asks whether they shall disembark on the island. Kid shrugs Killer’s question, asking why his friend even has to ask. Killer then tells him that their next destination is no other than the Giant’s very own homeland — Elbaph. Meanwhile, in the Navy Base G-14, Garp is causing a ruckus. The vice admiral calls out to Helmeppo. He tells the young officer to wipe the snot off his face and follow him. They will be going to Blackbeard’s territory, Fullalead, and rescue One Piece‘s earliest characters, Koby.

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