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10 Best Movies To Watch If You Love Saw

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Whenever torture-based horror movies are mentioned, the Saw films are the first to come to mind. Saw follows the Jigsaw killer, who places his victims in fatal situations, lethal traps, and intense moral quandaries. Most horror films have gory kills, but some are more entertaining than others. With the next film not being released until late 2023, fans might be on the lookout for psychologically thrilling movies like Saw.

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The Saw movies are incredibly popular, and it’s always an accomplishment when a horror movie gets a visceral reaction from the audience. A lot of movies try to emulate the pure dread and squeamish feelings that Saw creates, and quite a few are comparable.

10/10 Would You Rather Tortures The Mind

Much like Saw, the psychological horror movie Would You Rather puts people in dangerous situations where survival is the only way out. The players are forced to hurt other contestants by stabbing, electrocuting, drowning, whipping, and shooting them. Would You Rather stars Brittany Snow and horror legend Jeffery Combs. Its haunting premise and psychological elements are similar to the Saw series.

The main difference between Saw and Would You Rather is that the characters in the latter have come to this game voluntarily. While they didn’t know the game would be life or death, they each had something to gain if they won. Would You Rather is gripping, gritty, and the perfect film for fans who loved the mystery of Saw.

9/10 Headgame Throws Strangers In A Room

A character in the Headgame movie with a camera in her forehead

Headgame features a relatively simple but fun premise: nine people wake up in a warehouse with a camera lens embedded into their foreheads. The characters are told that only one of them will be leaving. The movie is just like Saw, as Headgame is loaded with suspense and gore.RELATED: 10 Horror Sequels That Went Off The Rails

The cameras in the characters’ foreheads are for a secret elite society that holds these games. The organizers of the event are previous game winners, and they place bets on who they think will be the last one standing. Headgame features many realistic kills and a tense story, making it a worthwhile watch for Saw fans.

8/10 Inhuman Resources Is Saw In An Office

Annabelle covered in blood in Inhuman Resources

Inhuman Resources was released in 2012, and the gory movie is just like Saw. The film follows six people who find themselves chained to desks and tasked with proving that a former regional manager is innocent. The former manager is Thomas “Redd” Reddman, who recently escaped prison and is hell-bent on proving his innocence.

Inhuman Resources reveals that Redd’s status as a convicted serial killer has changed him, and he now dishes out painful punishments at the drop of a hat. The film has a captivating storyline and a satisfying ending. Similar to Saw, Inhuman Resources is filled with gory deaths, tons of suspense, and a bit of mystery to keep the audience intrigued.

7/10 Se7en Shows Victims Of Torture

David Finch’s Se7en is a well-known crime thriller that enjoyed huge popularity thanks to its tense and haunting plot. Starring Brad Pitt, Morgan Freeman, and Gwyneth Paltrow, Se7en follows two detectives who investigate a string of murders. Each of these murders is inspired by the biblical seven deadly sins.

Saw was inspired by Finch’s thriller flick. It mirrored Se7en’s themed kills, plot twist ending, and petrifying jump scares and placed them in Jigsaw’s world. The kills in Se7en are gory, but the true horror comes from the shocking reveals and the film’s brutal ending.

6/10 The Collector Features Similar Traps To Saw

The Collector is a lesser-known film, but it is perfect for Saw fans who enjoyed Jigsaw’s bloody and entertaining kills. The Collector stars Criminal Minds’ Josh Stewart. Stewart does an incredible job playing Arkin, a desperate family man with a seedy past. He is an ex-con who needs money, so he plans to steal from his boss.

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When Arkin breaks into his boss’s house, he realizes that another killer had the same idea. For fans who enjoy the traps in Saw, The Collector is jam-packed with elaborate and lethal devices. The Collector also deals with themes of class, power, and control, which is reminiscent of the Saw movies.

5/10 Hostel Is Hauntingly Realistic

Eli Roth’s Hostel is part of a harrowing horror trilogy that’s not for the faint of heart. This fun yet hauntingly realistic film provides the blood and gore that Saw fans long for. Hostel follows a group of college boys who decide to stay at a hostel in Slovakia. Unfortunately for the boys, they discover that the titular hostel sells their guests to human traffickers.

Hostel shows the torture before, during, and after, which is extremely brutal. For Saw fans who enjoyed the disturbing deaths, many installments, and overarching narrative, Hostel is the perfect fit. However, Hostel received criticism for its unfair portrayal of Slovakia.

4/10 The Final Torments High Schoolers

Although The Final is about high schoolers, it is definitely for adult viewers. The movie, like Saw, has no problem cutting off any of the characters’ body parts. The Final is available to watch on Tubi, but otherwise, the horror film has flown under the radar.

The Final is a revenge movie about teenagers who have been bullied in high school and are prepared to ruin their harassers’ lives, no matter the cost. The “outcasts” have creepy masks that would make Jigsaw proud and terrifying torture methods that they showcase in front of their future victims.

3/10 The Platform Shows The Brutality Of Humans

The Platform is a Spanish film that shines a light on human behavior and the different issues that humanity has created. The Platform focuses on a prison that houses two inmates on one of the 250 floors. Every day, a giant platform full of food comes down and a live-or-die choice is presented to each individual.

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The inmates have two minutes to eat as much as they can. However, depending on what level the inmate is on, there might not be any food left. For main character Goreng, The Hole is only going to get worse. The Platform is a hard-hitting film that describes the difference between three types of people: the ones above, the ones below, and the ones who fall. Just like the Saw movies, this film presents its characters with hard choices that leave the viewer wondering what they would do in that situation.

2/10 Final Destination Is All About Creative Kills

The popular slasher franchise Final Destination comes from horror icon James Wong and boasts five installments of wild kills that only get more fun and creative. Known for its entertaining death scenes and the interesting concept of Death, 2000’s Final Destination leaves viewers hesitant to step on a plane.

Final Destination is about people who weren’t supposed to survive an accident, but the protagonist sees a vision of their future and saves their lives. Death isn’t happy about that, so it begins to target them. For Saw fans who like relentless gore and a high body count, Final Destination is the perfect film.

1/10 House Of 1000 Corpses Is Not For The Faint Of Heart

House of 1000 Corpses doesn’t have one evil mastermind, specific targets, or terrifying traps like the Saw movies. It does have, however, an incredibly brutal premise that isn’t for everyone. Rob Zombie’s House of 1000 Corpses features intense violence and crude language.

The Firefly family takes victims of opportunity to torture, assault, and eventually kill, purely for the fun of it. While audiences may be hesitant to watch House of 1000 Corpses because of its dark premise, Bill Moseley and Rainn Wilson (The Office) both performed brilliantly.Like Saw,House of 1000 Corpses confuses the audience, so they don’t know who to trust or what’s coming next.

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