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10 Naruto Characters Who Could Beat Naruto In His Prime

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There are only a handful of iconic anime characters who are known throughout the world, and Naruto is one of them. People love Naruto because he started off as a trouble-making knucklehead who wanted to become the Hokage to make people acknowledge him. As the series goes on, he becomes far more mature, and he is willing to put all of the world’s hatred on his shoulders to obtain peace.

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When Naruto was in his prime, he had full control of the Nine-Tailed Fox’s chakra because he was a perfect Jinchuriki, and he had a portion of the other Tailed Beasts’ chakra as well. He also mastered the art of Sage Mode. Naruto is one of the strongest ninja in history, but there are a few characters who could still beat him in his prime.

10/10 Kisame Is Perfect For Fighting Jinchuriki

8 kisame with shark blade samehada

Kisame was one of the first Akatsuki members to appear, and in terms of overall chakra, he might have been the strongest. His chakra reserves were so massive, that he was considered a Tailed Beast without a tail. Naruto may be a perfect Jincuriki, but Kisame is perfectly capable of fighting him thanks to Samehada.

Samehada is a sentient sword which absorbs chakra from those it cuts. With the sword, Kisame was able to defeat the 4-Tails’ Jinchuriki by himself, and he would have defeated the 8-Tails’ Jinchuriki if Samehada had not betrayed him. Kisame can simply drain Naruto of his chakra to knock him unconscious.

9/10 Naruto Wouldn’t Survive Deidara’s C4

Deidara Smiling As He Detonates C4 Against Sasuke

Deidara possessed the Explosion Release kekkei genkai, which is why he was recruited to be the Akatsuki’s explosives expert. He would mold his explosive chakra into clay, which he could animate and detonate at any time.

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In reality, prime Naruto would be able to survive most of Deidara’s explosions thanks to his Nine-Tails transformation, but he would not be able to survive C4. With this jutsu, Deidara creates a colossal version of himself which creates thousands of microscopic bombs. If Naruto breathes in any of these bombs, he will be disintegrated at the cellular level once they are detonated.

8/10 Mu Cannot Be Detected & He Has Dust Release

second tsuchikage mu edo tensei black eyes covered in cloth in Naruto

Mu was the 2nd Tsuchikage, and he can still be considered one of the strongest Kage because of his unique body and his ability to use Dust Release. He was known as the “Non-person” because his body allowed him to leave no physical traces behind, and his chakra could not be detected.

Even with Sage Mode, prime Naruto would not be able to sense him coming. With Dust Release, Mu could create three-dimensional objects that he could fire at Naruto. If Naruto were to be caught inside one of these objects when it expands, he would be disintegrated.

7/10 Torune Could Take Naruto Down By Simply Touching Him

Torune Vs Naruto During The 4th Great Ninja War

Torune was a highly skilled member of Danzo’s Root organization, and he was part of the underutilized Aburame Clan. Like other members of his clan, Torune used insects during combat, but he possessed a special breed of nano-sized insects known as the Rinkaichu.

These insects do most of their damage through direct physical contact, and if the Naruto and Torune engaged in melee combat, one touch would mean the end for Naruto. These insects destroy the cells of those they attack, which causes excruciating pain. Torune fought one of Naruto’s empowered clones during the war, and fought on pretty even ground.

6/10 10-Tails Madara Cannot Be Defeated Alone

Madara Uchiha as the Ten Tails Jinchuriki in Naruto.

Madara was highly skilled and intelligent, and he possessed incredible chakra as well as a powerful Sharingan. He decimated the Allied Shinobi Forces, making him one of the deadliest villains in the series, and he basically became a god when he became the 10-Tails’ Jinchuriki.

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While in this form, Madara was the strongest being on the planet, and even Naruto and Sasuke had a hard time fighting him when they both possessed power from the Sage of Six Paths. Naruto may have gotten stronger when he reached his prime, but Madara’s experience and power would still overwhelm him.

5/10 Shisui Could Stop Naruto With Mind Control

Shisui Uchiha uses Kotoamatsukami in Naruto.

Shisui was a prodigy, and Danzo claimed that he was the strongest Uchiha of his generation. Shisui mastered the Body Flicker technique to the point that he would leave no physical trace behind, and not even the best sensory ninja could tell where he was going.

If he were forced to fight Naruto, the battle would end very quickly thanks to his Kotoamatsukami. Shisui gained this ability when he awakened his Mangekyō Sharingan, and with it, he could enter Naruto’s mind and make him yield or maim himself. This is a form of mind control, as Naruto would believe he is performing these actions of his own free will.

4/10 Guy Nearly Beat 10-Tails Madara By Opening All 8 Inner Gates

Might Guy opening the Eight Gates To Fight Madara

Might Guy may be the most positive character in the series, but he is also a Taijutsu master who received immense praise from Madara. Guy could unlock all 8 Inner Gates, and in doing so, he would briefly gain power that far surpasses the combined strength of the Five Kage.

Naruto and Sasuke combined could not seriously injure 10-Tails Madara, but Guy nearly killed him while using all eight gates. While Guy is in this state, not even Naruto’s Nine-Tails transformation would be able to protect him.

3/10 Itachi Is Essentially Invincible With His Susanoo

Itachi's Susanoo using the Totsuka Blade in Naruto.

Even by Uchiha standards, Itachi was a prodigy, and he gained numerous abilities when he awakened his Mangekyō Sharingan. Prime Naruto may be strong, but he would still fall victim to Itachi’s Tsukuyomi. Itachi also used Amaterasu’s black flames to defeat the 4th Mizukage, a Perfect Jinchuriki like Naruto.

Even if Naruto could get past those abilities, he would stand no chance against Itachi’s Susanoo. It is equipped with the Yata Mirror, a mythical shield that can block any attack, and it wields the Totsuka Blade, which can pierce anything and trap the target in a genjustu world for eternity. With these items, Itachi’s Susanoo is said to be invincible.

2/10 Kaguya’s God-Like Powers Would Overpower Naruto In A 1-On-1 Battle

Kaguya from Naruto ready to attack.

Kaguya is the progenitor of chakra on Earth, making her one of the strongest characters in the series. It is true that Naruto was able to beat Kaguya, but it only happened because he had help from Sakura, Obito, Kakashi, and Sasuke. Kaguya had no experience fighting ninja, but she could still defeat Naruto in a one-on-one fight.

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She can transport herself and others to other dimensions with Amenominaka. Naruto cannot travel dimensions on his own, so she could literally trap him somewhere. With the All-Killing Ash Bones ability, she could fire sharp bone projectiles at Naruto, and if he gets hit, his body would turn to ash.

1/10 Sasuke Was Naruto’s Only Equal After The War

Sasuke Uchiha using Chidori in Boruto.

When Naruto ended, Naruto and Sasuke were so strong that they could easily take over the ninja world if they wanted to. In his prime, Naruto mastered the Nine-Tails and Sage Mode, whereas Sasuke possessed a powerful Mangekyō Sharingan, a perfect Susanoo, and a Rinnegan.

Sasuke’s Susanoo is a match for Naruto’s Tailed Beast transformation, and his Rinnegan’s ability to swap places, makes it a decent counter to Naruto’s Sage Mode. They may be equals, but Sasuke gets the edge because he can take Naruto down with the black flames of Amaterasu, which cannot be extinguished.

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