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10 Rick & Morty Fan Theories That Make Sense

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Rick and Morty is a beloved animated show known for its complex characters, mind-bending plots, and thought-provoking themes. Fans explore the causes of Rick’s alcoholism and reckless behavior to examine the role of technology and the multiverse in the show. Rick and Morty fans offer intriguing theories about the show’s characters, events, and underlying meanings.

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They offer a deeper understanding of the main character’s motivations and actions. For an animated show, the characters are surprisingly complex. Fan theories also provide a broader look into the world of Rick and Morty and inspire further contemplation and discussion among active viewers of the show.

10/10 The Cause Of Rick’s Alcoholism

Rick and Morty Enter the Lovecraft Dimension to Fight Cthulhu (Exclusive Preview)

Rick’s alcoholism is caused by grief over the loss of his wife, a member of the Citadel of Ricks. Rick’s return to alcohol might be to numb the pain of his loss and cope with his grief. His chaotic and aggressive behavior and emotional detachment may also be coping mechanisms used to avoid dealing with his feelings.

Rick’s alcoholism may have been exacerbated by the fact that his wife was a member of the Citadel of Ricks, feeling guilt or responsibility for her death. This guilt and grief may have contributed to Rick’s downward spiral into alcoholism.

9/10 The Reason For Rick’s Recklessness


This theory suggests that Rick’s adventures and experiments are a way for him to relive his past and cope with his mortality. Rick may be driven by a desire to feel alive and experience new and exciting things to distract himself from the fact that he is mortal.

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Rick’s dangerous and reckless behavior may also be a way for him to feel alive and push the limits of his mortality. His constant need for adventure and excitement may be a way for him to cope with the monotony and mundanity of everyday life and live on the edge to experience something unique and extraordinary.

8/10 Rick Is The Cause Of The Show’s Unbelievable Events

Rick and Morty confirm the good Rick's a bot

The show takes place in a multiverse, and Rick’s constant traveling between dimensions is what’s causing the strange and often dangerous events. This theory suggests Rick’s travels between dimensions are responsible for the show’s bizarre and dangerous events and villains that he and Morty encounter.

It’s also possible that Rick’s travels between dimensions allow him to access the advanced technology and knowledge he uses to manipulate reality. It could explain the variety of life forms and events that Rick and Morty meet, as these may result from Rick’s interference in other dimensions.

7/10 The Show Takes Place In A Simulation

Rick and Morty had Rick healing Beth and Space Beth

The theory suggests the show takes place in a simulated reality, and Rick is aware of this. Rick can manipulate the artificial world and bend its rules because he knows it is not real. This could explain why Rick is often so reckless with his actions.

Rick might manipulate the program and control the outcome of events to his advantage. This could explain why Rick can bend the rules of reality with an advanced level of control over the simulated reality and its often positive outcomes.

6/10 Rick Projects Abuse Onto Morty


Rick’s belittlement and abusive behavior towards Morty is a way for him to cope with his feelings of inadequacy and self-hatred. It’s possible that Rick projects his insecurities onto Morty and takes out his frustration on him to avoid dealing with his problems.

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The behavior serves as a way to exert control and power over someone, allowing him to feel superior and in charge. This need for control may be a coping mechanism for Rick’s feelings and to feel like he is in control of at least one aspect of his life.

5/10 Beth And Beth’s Clone Are Both Clones

Rick and Morty had Rick healing Beth and Space Beth

Rick’s daughter, Beth, is a clone of Rick’s wife he created after her death to cope with his grief and to keep a part of her. After the loss of his wife, Rick may have been seeking someone to fill the void and provide him with emotional support and connection.

By creating Beth, Rick may have been trying to make amends for his role in his wife’s death and to find a way to atone for his actions. Rick may have seen Beth as a way to exert control over his wife’s legacy and to ensure that a part of her lived on through Beth.

4/10 Rick’s Intelligence Isn’t Natural

Rick and Morty could be setting up a war with Weird Rick

Rick’s intelligence may not be entirely natural but rather the result of using some intelligence-enhancing substance or device. Rick may have access to technology or material that allows him to increase his intelligence to superhuman levels. But it could have long-term side effects.

This theory also suggests that there may be bleak side effects to using these substances or devices, such as alcoholism and emotional detachment. Rick’s reliance on these substances or devices caused him to become addicted, contributing to his negative personality traits and unhealthy behaviors.

3/10 The Show Takes Place In A Post-Apocalyptic World

Saving Rick and Morty

Rick and Morty’s adventures are a way for them to escape the bleak reality of their world. The theory states the show takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where most of the population has been wiped out by some disaster.

Rick and Morty’s adventures may be a way for them to find some sense of purpose and meaning in their lives. The adventures are a way for them to feel alive and to find hope in a world filled with despair. The audience only sees what they convince themselves of.

2/10 Rick Is An Alien

Rick and Morty confirm the good Rick's a bot

This theory suggests that Rick is not a human but an alien from another planet. Rick’s extraordinary intelligence and technological abilities result from his alien physiology or the advanced technology available on his home planet.

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The fan theory could also explain Rick’s ability to travel between dimensions and manipulate reality. Rick’s status as an alien has also made him a target for persecution or discrimination, leading him to keep his true identity a secret and to constantly be on the move to avoid being discovered.

1/10 Rick Is Confronting His Past Demons

Rick and Morty has a lightsaber apocalypse to end Season 6.

Rick’s reckless and irresponsible behavior is not simply a way for him to distract himself from his problems but rather a way for him to confront and overcome them. Rick’s adventures and experiments may be a way for him to face his fears, doubts, and insecurities head-on.

Rick’s emotional detachment and reckless behavior may be a way to protect himself from reliving and being overwhelmed by his own traumatic experiences. By constantly pushing himself to the limits and taking on new challenges, Rick may be trying to find a way to move forward and heal from his past traumas.

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