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10 Scariest Devils In Chainsaw Man

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Like the Control Devil, the Doll Devil’s power lies in its ability to use people as a means to its ends. However, instead of

does, the Doll Devil completes full control of the body of the person it’s using as its Doll. Any person the Doll Devil touches can be turned into a doll that can be used and manipulated at its discretion.The Doll Devil takes on the creepy moniker of “Santa Claus” and can use her dolls to make contracts with other devils, thus causing no loss to her in undergoing said contract. Not only is her power as a devil overwhelming, but in her awakened form, the Doll Devil is one of the creepiest-looking devils around, appearing as a dilapidated fusion of multiple body parts.

The Future Devil Laughs In The Face Of Fate

Aki makes a deal with the Future Devil in Chainsaw Man
The Future Devil’s creepy, overly-happy demeanor makes him one of the scariest devils in chainsaw man. Couple his strange appearance with his ability to see how anyone will die, and the Future Devil defines what being a devil is all about.
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The Future Devil appears with fur all over his body and tree-like horns and branches emerging from his head and feet. He has no facial features besides slits where his eyes should be and a perpetually smiling mouth. His singular, gigantic eye emerges from the darkness in the center of his body.

The Typhoon Devil Makes It Rain Blood

The typhoon devil in chainsaw man manga
There may truly be nothing more terrifying than an enormous whirlwind of entrails, complete with a giant baby head leveling a city. The absurdity of the Typhoon Devil’s appearance is enough to give fans nightmares, but its sheer power is also nothing to overlook.The Typhoon Devil’s true form is first seen during Denji’s fight with the Bomb Devil, which is difficult enough. It has formed a pact with Rene after it trapped her and Denji in the high school, mistaking her for a friend of Denji’s. The Typhoon Devil can not only turn into a Typhoon of human innards but also control the weather itself, making it a genuinely terrible enemy to face for any Hunter.

The Gun Devil Feeds Off Gun Violence

gun devil in the chainsaw man manga
The Gun Devil is revealed as one of the most powerful devils in the world by Makima early in
Chainsaw Man
, and its reputation is not unwarranted. The Gun Devil is
able to kill countless people in a matter of seconds
, making it one of the most feared devils by humanity.The Gun Devil’s power was used to level entire cities in the past, and even the 20% of its power held by America is enough to kill thousands of people nearly simultaneously. The Gun Devil’s aim is so precise that it can kill every living being not born in April, July, or October from a kilometer away.

The Cosmos Devil Embodies The Existential Dread Of Space

The cosmos fiend in her library in the chainsaw man manga
Not only does the cosmos fiend have a scary appearance, but her ability is also inconceivably powerful. While the devil itself is never shown, only its fiend version, the Cosmos Fiend’s ability and appearance are scary enough to feed into anyone’s worst nightmare.There’s nothing scarier than knowing that – after having all the knowledge in the world – all you’ll be able to say in the end is “Halloween” repeatedly. That’s the terrifying cosmic horror of the Cosmos Devil, a perfect representation of the overwhelming fear of the vastness of the universe
as displayed in the works of H.P. Lovecraft

The Chainsaw Devil Can Erase Devils From Memory

Denji, in his Chainsaw Man form, kills the Bat Devil
As the namesake of the series, the Chainsaw Devil is just as powerful as an anime protagonist should be. Not only does he have complete control of the chainsaws which emerge from his body, but he also can completely erase Devils from the collective memory of humanity by consuming them.
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Denji isn’t really the scary type in comparison to most devils in
Chainsaw Man
. However, when he achieves his awakened form as the Chainsaw Devil, Denji becomes a terrifying enemy with four arms all equipped with chainsaws protruding from them and an armored, muscular body that enhances his strength tenfold.

The Curse Devil Makes Its User Pay The Price

The Curse Devil is efficient and simplistic in its approach,
like any powerful curse should be
. After performing the ritual of stabbing the enemy with a pin-like blade, the Curse Devil appears from the darkness and tears its target apart.Not only is the Curse Devil’s power scary to face as an enemy, but even using it for one’s own benefit takes years off a person’s life. This side effect was well known by Aki, who held a contract with the Curse Devil, and thus he would only use it when he was entirely devoid of other options.

The Hell Devil Drags Its Enemies Into The Abyss

The Hell Devil from Chainsaw Man.
The Hell Devil has only been shown so far in the
Chainsaw Man
manga, but as the physical embodiment of the fear of hell itself, the Hell Devil is easily one of the strongest devils the Devil Hunters have ever had to face.Not only does it look terrifying, but the Hell Devil’s power is one of the scariest of any devil. If a contract is made with the Hell Devil, it can manifest as a giant hand in the sky and send any person in the vicinity directly into the pits of hell.

The Ghost Devil Seeks Out Fear

Chainsaw Man's Ghost Devil moves from protector to enemy
Taking the form of a smiling mother with unkempt black hair and numerous arms, the Ghost Devil is one of the creepiest devils in appearance. It walks upon its hands, and its neck is a lengthy collection of flowers in full bloom.
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The Ghost Devil cannot be touched physically and cannot see traditionally. Instead, it senses the fear of those around it and responds solely according to that. Despite its soulless appearance, the Ghost Devil seems to keep something of those it devours – as shown when it hands Aki Himeno’s cigarette following her death.

The Darkness Devil Is One Of The Primal Fears Of Humanity

Darkness Devil dismembers everyone in Chainsaw Man
The Darkness Devil is the most terrifying devil in
Chainsaw Man
in terms of appearance and powers alone. Embodying humanity’s fear of the dark, the Darkness Devil has plenty of places to draw power from. It takes the appearance of a humanoid creature made up of several rotting corpses, with its head being the skull of a goat-like animal.The Darkness Devil’s appearance in the manga proved to be one of the most overwhelming experiences any Devil Hunters ever faced: it removed the extremities of all those in its vicinity one by one without even touching them. As one of the Primal Devils, the Darkness Devil has never been killed, allowing it to slowly accumulate its power over centuries of human existence.
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