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The Boys Pokes Fun at the Gutting of HBO Max Content

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The Boys’ in-universe superhero company, Vought International, mocks Warner Bros. Discovery pulling content from HBO Max by making cuts to Vought+.

In a move that mimics decisions made by Warner Bros. Discovery regarding HBO Max, The Boys‘ Vought International has made some changes to its own fictional streaming service, Vought++, restoring it back to just “Vought+.”

Back in August 2022, Vought International made the announcement on Twitter that its various streaming apps (which don’t exist in the real world) — VTV+, VNN+ and VSN+ — were being merged with Vought+, rebranding the service as Vought++. However, on January 4, 2023, Vought reversed course, tweeting out, “To begin 2023, we’re proud to unveil the most effective restructuring in entertainment history. Vought++ is now Vought+ again! We’ve unbundled your favorite apps like VTV+ and VSPN+, and eliminated 35% of our films. All for the new low price of $119/month, plus!” It appears that the tweet is intended to mock Warner Bros. Discovery, which has pulled a sizable portion of content from HBO Max over the last year.

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What Has Warner Bros. Discovery Been Doing to HBO Max?

Since the Aug. 2022 cancelation of HBO Max films like Batgirl and Scoob! Holiday Haunt, projects that were already well into their production timeline, over 30 animated titles have been removed from the service’s content library, while other series — such as Westworld and Minx — have been both canceled and pulled. Some series formerly housed on HBO Max now may be licensed out to smaller streaming services, and one of the more recent cuts is the removal of Seasons 16 through 31 of Looney Toons, comprising a total of 256 animated shorts. According to an August report, the HBO Max content gutting was then saving Warner Bros. Discovery “tens of millions of dollars,” but it remains to be seen whether any other fan-favorite series and/or films will be getting the axe to save the company some more.

Ways That The Boys Makes Fun of the Real World

Vought International’s tweet is not the only instance of The Boys poking fun at the real world though. Vought+ was already an obvious spin of the Disney+ streaming service, and the Vought International account has made other mock posts before, such as the announcement that “Homelander digital collectible cards” were on sale following former United States President Donald Trump’s decision to sell “Trump Digital Trading Cards,” one of which depicts Trump as a superhero. The Boys‘ real-world jokes are not exclusive to social media either, being that the series has parodied the online #ReleaseTheSnyderCut campaign and the Gal Gadot-orchestrated “Imagine” video in episodes, to name just two examples.

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Tweets from Vought International and The Boys‘ main socials will have to hold fans over for the time being. As of writing, production is currently underway on The Boys Season 4, and it is unknown when exactly in 2023 the first season of the series’ college-themed spinoff, Gen V, will premiere on Prime Video. An official teaser trailer for Gen V has been released, as have casting announcements for The Boys Season 4, such as actors Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Rob Benedict and Elliot Knight joining in undisclosed roles, Valorie Curry and Susan Heyward respectively signing on as the supes Firecracker and Sage, and Rosemarie DeWitt portraying Hughie Campbell’s mother.

The first three seasons of The Boys are available to stream on Prime Video, as is the first season of the show’s animated spinoff, The Boys Presents: Diabolical. Neither Gen V Season 1 nor The Boys Season 4 have official release dates as of writing.

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