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10 Anime Heroes Who Are Too Smart For Their Own Good

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In anime, some of the most exciting heroes are always the smartest. These characters always keep their opponents on their toes and never allow even their closest allies to guess what’s on their minds. These characters are brilliant. However, their wits may also be their greatest disadvantage.

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Some of them are too self-assured and cocky, while others are carrying heavy burdens of intel that they can’t share with anyone else. Everything comes with a price, including a wickedly high IQ. These genius anime heroes prove that being intelligent may be a bigger burden than one would initially assume.

10/10 Being The World’s Greatest Detective Comes With A Price For L

Death Note

L from Death Note crouched on a chair.

In Death Note, L is the world’s greatest detective. Though he doesn’t look like it, L’s solved every case he’s ever been on and proved himself a true rival to Light Yagami. Unfortunately, while he figured out Kira’s identity very early on, he never had the concrete evidence necessary to indict Light.

Though he died in the process, L never gave up or lost hope in the investigation. He even became close to Light in the middle of it, despite not trusting him all the way. L was a great detective, but some of his actions in Death Note may have been mistakes that led to his downfall.

9/10 Karma Tends To Get Too Far Ahead Of Himself

Assassination Classroom

Karma Akabane in Assassination Classroom.

In Assassination Classroom, Karma Akabane is a fan-favorite trickster who always outsmarts the people around him. He’s brilliant but never applies himself in academics. Still, he was excited about the prospect of assassinating his teacher and made quite the debut when he threw himself off a cliff, knowing Koro-sensei would be compelled to follow him down.

Unfortunately, Karma’s cockiness gets him into trouble. Often getting too far ahead of himself, Karma assumes that he can wing his way through academics, soon realizing that he’d actually have to put in the work to graduate.

8/10 Intelligence Is Half Of Vash The Stampede’s Strength


Vash the Stampede Laughing in Trigun

In Trigun, Vash The Stampede is known for his luckiness and uncanny intelligence. He thinks quickly on his feet, and it’s nearly impossible for his enemies to get one over on him. Vash is a master of disguising his true identity as a criminal.

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He comes off like a carefree fool to make sure people feel comfortable around him and don’t suspect him of anything. By extension, Vash acts like this because making others laugh through his clowning makes him forget about his own suffering.

7/10 Hange’s Passion For Learning About Titans May Be Offputting To Some

Attack On Titan

Hange winks at her teammates in Attack On Titan.

In Attack On Titan, knowing the entire truth about the world’s bloodshed and brutality is important. However, some people take their zest for knowledge to a new extreme. Hange Zoe, in particular, is so passionate about learning about Titans that their over-exaggerated reactions may be offputting to some.

Some viewers even labeled Hange annoying and downright creepy because of their obsession with Titans. Luckily, Hange matured later in the series after Erwin’s death and used their wits to become the best scouting legion commander possible.

6/10 Twilight Gave Up Everything To Become A Spy

Spy X Family

Loid Forger in Spy x Family.

In Spy X Family, Loid gave up everything for the sake of his country to become a spy. Abandoning his family, real name, and any prospects of starting a real family, Loid is just one of this spy’s many names. Going by the name Twilight, he’s a master of disguise and gathering intel. It’s hard to catch Twilight off guard.

Unfortunately, as Spy X Family progresses, viewers see how much of a mental toll this takes on Twilight. He only has vague memories of his mother and childhood, and it’s implied that he feels quite empty because of it.

5/10 Hawks Knew Too Much About The Heroes’ & Villains’ Shady Business

My Hero Academia

Hawks from My Hero Academia.

Hawks was raised by the Public Safety Commission in My Hero Academia. The organization took advantage of him and groomed him into their ideal spy after his dad was arrested and his mom basically abandoned him.

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At this point, Hawks has enough intel on both the heroes’ and villains’ shady business that he could throw society into even more chaos by exposing what he knows. Often in morally compromising positions, Hawks clearly hides how much he’s struggling with a self-assured smile and cocky attitude while preaching about how he wants to make sure heroes have too much time on their hands.

4/10 Okabe Is An Eccentric Genius


Okabe Striking A Pose

In Steins;Gate, Okabe’s a genius whose wits too often go unnoticed. This is partially his own fault since he constantly boasts about being a scientist who seems to live in a fantasy world where he’s running away from an “Organization” that hates his guts for unknown reasons.

Still, giving credit where it’s due is necessary, and Okabe’s feats shouldn’t be ignored. Okabe invented a time machine and always stayed at the top of his class in college. Though his claims of having a 170 IQ are questionable, Okabe’s definitely not a simpleton.

3/10 Dazai Never Lets Others Know What He’s Thinking

Bungou Stray Dogs

Osamu Dazai from Bungou Stray Dogs.

In Bungou Stray Dogs, Dazai is one of the most enigmatic characters. Never letting anyone else know what he’s thinking, Dazai disguises his dark past with a smile and careless musings about ending his own life. Dazai also never reveals his ultimate motive until he’s absolutely certain he’s trapped his target.

Dazai may put up an eccentric front, but there’s a reason why the Port Mafia made him the youngest executive in their history. He’s a relentless fighter with an indomitable wit, an unbreakable force in the underworld, hence why it’s always better to have Dazai as an ally rather than an enemy.

2/10 Itachi Believed The Means Justified The Ends


What was Itachi Uchiha's illness in Naruto?

In Naruto, Itachi believed that killing the entire Uchiha clan would be the only way to save Konoha from a potential coup. By extension, Itachi painted himself as a villain so Sasuke could become a great shinobi. Unfortunately, Itachi’s ultimate plan sent Sasuke down an unprecedented downward spiral.

Still, Itachi carefully planned out all of his actions with that goal in mind. Though some argue the massacre was preventable, Itachi’s years of planning shouldn’t go unnoticed. He’s a complicated antihero with the wits to back up his case.

1/10 Ray Knew The Truth About The Orphanage But Had To Keep It A Secret

The Promised Neverland

Ray from The Promised Neverland.

In The Promised Neverland, Ray has a photographic memory. Most kids have no recollection of infanthood, but Ray remembers everything in excruciating detail. Ray was also the first child to figure out the orphanage’s truth and had to keep it a secret the entire time.

Ray knew about the orphanage’s true purpose as a farm for demons to harvest children. Every time a kid was sent out for “adoption,” he knew what it actually meant. Eventually, Ray used his smarts and years of careful planning to help save his friends and the rest of the kids from the Grace Field House.

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