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10 Scariest Shinigami In Bleach

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Bleach has introduced dozens of Shinigami over the years, many of them having unique designs and personalities that manage to stand out despite there being hundreds of different characters. The Shinigami are responsible for purifying Hollows and protecting Soul Society, making it essential for them to learn how to fight or heal.

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The strongest and most intelligent of the Shinigami are often the scariest, as their innate talents make people unwilling to make an enemy of them. These characters are also willing to do practically anything to get what they want, leading to some extremely dark or controversial actions on their part.

10/10 Mayuri Kurotsuchi’s Experiments Are Terrifying

Mayuri Kurotsuchi In Bleach

Mayuri Kurotsuchi is the Captain of the 12th Division, and most people are rightfully terrified of him. He sees people as things to be experimented on and only cares about those he doesn’t fully understand yet.

When encountering someone with unfamiliar powers, Kurotsuchi offers them what he considers to be a generous opportunity – a chance to be his research subjects. However, his methods of experimentation are cruel and painful. He turned his men into living bombs and uses experimental drugs or microbes on friend and foe alike without permission.

9/10 Sosuke Aizen Is A Master Of Manipulation

Sosuke Aizen In Bleach

Sosuke Aizen was originally a Captain in the Gotei 13 who seemed soft-spoken and kind. However, it was only an act, an act so convincing that his vice-captain, Momo Hinamori, couldn’t believe that he was evil even after his true nature was revealed. He used this skill to bring a group of Arrancar under his control, gaining their respect through manipulation and fear.

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Aizen extends his cruelty to his friends and allies, cutting down anyone whose usefulness to him has expired. His Shikai is capable of manipulating anyone’s 5 senses, driving his enemies to attack their own comrades.

8/10 Kenpachi Zaraki Is One Of The Strongest Shinigami

Retsu Unohana, Kenpachi Zaraki, And Candice Catnipp In Bleach

Kenpachi Zaraki is one of the strongest Shinigami, and Central 46 hesitated to unlock his full potential because they were afraid no one would be able to control him. He is a person who loves battle, especially against those who can match his strength.

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Kenpachi often holds back in order to enjoy a battle for a longer period of time, but still manages to overwhelm most of his opponents. When in a close fight, Kenpachi is always seen grinning with delight and even laughing maniacally, enjoying himself even when he is the one getting injured. Kenpachi is so powerful that fans can’t help but feel sorry for his opponents.

7/10 Genryusai Yamamoto Wields Powerful Flames

Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto In Bleach

Genryusai Yamamoto was the no-nonsense Captain-Commander who everyone in the Gotei 13 listened to. Everyone respected and slightly feared him, and although he was the oldest person in Soul Society, he was also the strongest. He was able to defeat Ayon without any effort, a creature that none of its previous opponents were able to take down.

Genryusai is a powerful, quick, and talented swordsman, but he can also use his Zanpakuto to control fires that are so powerful that, if he uses his Bankai for too long, he could destroy Soul Society. He even summons an army of Yhwach’s deceased comrades as undead skeletons to attack Royd Lloyd.

6/10 Retsu Unohana Is The Original Kenpachi

Retsu Unohana In Bleach

Retsu Unohana may have been in charge of healing throughout most of the series, but she had this natural, intimidating aura that made other people quickly agree to her suggestions. She had been hiding her bloodlust for years, as her skill and love for fighting made her the first Kenpachi.

Unohana’s happiest moments were when she was fighting Zaraki Kenpachi because he was the only opponent who was able to give her a real challenge. She killed him over and over again during their final battle, and revealed that she only learned healing just to make her battles last longer.

5/10 Soi Fon Can Kill Enemies In Two Hits

BG9 And Soi Fon In Bleach

Soi Fon is a cold and serious woman who trained herself to be one of Soul Society’s most ruthless and swiftest fighters. She specializes in stealth thanks to her training, making her capable of sneaking up on people and killing them before they even notice she’s there.

Soi Fon’s Shikai is what makes her so terrifying, since if she is able to strike the same area twice, she is able to instantly kill her opponent. During her battle against Ggio Vega, she toyed with him to test the limits of his power, then killed him so quickly that he barely perceived the blows.

4/10 Ichibe Hyosube Is Terrifying During A Fight

Ichibē Hyōsube In Bleach

Ichibe Hyosube is the leader of the Royal Guard, a group made of the strongest Shinigami who were tasked with protecting the Soul King. He is jovial and friendly to his allies but wears a sickly smile when fighting Yhwach. Hyosube’s pupils disappear at times, making him appear all the more frightening, and he looks down on Yhwach during their encounter.

With his Zanpakuto, he can cover an opponent in ink, rendering them powerless. He is one of the few people who are able to last during an extended battle against Yhwach.

3/10 Kisuke Urahara Is A Cunning Strategist Who Uses Others To His Advantage

Kisuke Urahara In Bleach

Kisuke Urahara is the founder of the Shinigami Research and Development Institute, and like Kurotsuchi, he is brilliant enough to have come up with many technological advancements. His intelligence shines when it comes to battle strategy, as he is the one who finally manages to seal away Aizen.

Urahara seems to always be around during critical moments, and he won’t hesitate to use other people to his advantage, first hiding the Hogyoku in Rukia, risking Ichigo’s complete Hollowfication, then forcing Yoruichi to transform against her will during their battle against Askin Nakk Le Vaar.

2/10 Gin Ichimaru Isn’t Afraid To Kill People To Accomplish His Goals

Gin Ichimaru In Bleach

Gin Ichimaru was a character who was able to completely mask his intentions, even from those closest to him. In order to protect Rangiku Matsumoto and kill Aizen, Gin was willing to pretend to be Aizen’s ally for years. To prove himself, Gin was willing to kill so many Shinigami.

Gin was able to toy with people’s emotions, filling Rukia Kuchiki with the hope of escaping her execution before delightedly crushing it. His personality and physical appearance resembled a snake, and his Zanpakuto struck like one too. His Bankai could make his sword extend over 8 miles, faster than the speed of sound.

1/10 The First Captains Of The Gotei 13 Were Depicted As Merciless Killers

Saizō Sakahone In Bleach

When Yhwach and his army of Quincy first arrived in Soul Society, they were faced with the first captains of the Gotei 13. Through a flashback in the anime, fans could see each captain brutally killing Quincy. Not much is known about them outside this scene, and their faces are even obscured by shadows during the battle, making them seem less than human.

Some, like Furofushi Saito and Nobutsuna Shigyo, are seen smiling during the massacre. This was a time before the Shinigami established meaningful bonds or found people worth protecting, like Yamamoto would eventually do as he grew older.

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