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Fester Was Dead After All

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The Addams Family is a beloved rebirth of the hit franchise, but one theory makes every crucial moment part of a larger plot to resurrect Fester.

For decades, The Addams Family has been a staple of modern cartooning and TV sitcoms. The tales of a family very different from the traditional one but infinitely more loving have captured the minds of generations and shown fans that it’s okay to be a bit mysterious, be a bit spooky and express oneself. However, 1991’s The Addams Family was the spark needed to breathe more life into a franchise that hadn’t had a major hit since the original TV series. While the film itself is cut and dry in terms of narrative, there’s still room for theorizing, as one fan theorized Fester was never alive, and the entire film was a massive ritual to bring him back.

The Addams Family picked up with an incomplete house, as Fester was seemingly lost at sea after a run-in with The Bermuda Triangle. For nearly 30 years, he had been missing, yet the Addams never stopped trying to contact him from beyond the grave. However, according to Reddit theorist freedcreativity, the reality was that the family knew Fester was dead and a séance they conducted wasn’t to literally raise him from the dead but to kickstart a plan that involved many moving parts and an orphan named Gordon.

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Was Gordon Actually Uncle Fester or Just a Vessel for Fester’s Soul?

The Addams Family Gordon

In the film, Gordon was a man who looked unmistakably like Fester. He even carried himself with a similar pensive stance when he was nervous. However, he was the adopted son of a con woman named Abigail Craven who would stop at nothing to get the Addams’ massive family fortune. She was also a loan shark who needed money from the Addams’ lawyer, Tully Alford. With these particular and crucial pieces in place, the Addams family knew that all they had to do next was enact their massive plan.

According to the theory, the plan involved everything from magic to necromancy to horrors that go beyond time itself. Throughout the film, the family integrated Gordon and welcomed him as their own, offering a love he had never gotten as a child. This helped make the inevitable transition even easier, but the ritual would require Gordon’s complete acceptance of the family, which Morticia completed when she turned him on his mother.

In that instance, he took the book Hurricane Irene: Nightmare From Above and used it against Craven and Alford. The massive storm tossed the two out of the house and into shallow graves, where the children, Wednesday and Pugsley, waited, and Fester was struck in the head by lightning, supposedly curing his amnesia.

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Bringing Uncle Fester Back Into the Addams Family Was Always the Goal

The Addams Family Fester

According to this theory, Tully and Abigail were the souls needed to ensure Fester could return, and the lightning was the completion of the ritual where Fester took over Gordon’s body. While the ritual and the cost it took to bring Fester back may seem a bit macabre, it’s right up the alley of the Addams family, as they would likely have done something like this to reunite with a loved one given a chance, but the only question that remains is how likely this theory could hold up when compared to the film.

A few contradictory moments could negate this theory, like Craven having found Gordon in a fishing net. Even though she told the story while in disguise, sometimes the best way to sell a lie is with some truth. Also, while the Addams’ are known to do things for the sake of spectacle, it would’ve been easier to lure Gordon in than have a multi-year plan where they assumed Tully would owe Craven money. Whether true or not, the theory maintained the spirit of love and family that’s become common with The Addams Family and helps make the film even more fun 30 years later.

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