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Marvel’s Midnight Suns Post-Credits Scene, Explained

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Marvel’s Midnight Suns offers fans an exciting post-credits scene that teases a new enemy on the horizon, but who could the upcoming threat be?

The Marvel Universe is home to many iconic heroes and villains from all walks of life. In the case of Marvel’s Midnight Suns, there is a focus on heroes and villains that exist primarily in the supernatural realms of the universe. This includes heroes like Nico Minoru, Ghost Rider, Blade, and Doctor Strange to name a few. However, what has made the turn-based strategy title unique is how it takes obscure and well-known Marvel heroes and puts them in a new environment where they have to work together to face a larger threat.

Featuring a new character known as The Hunter, Marvel’s Midnight Suns follows the newly awakened hero as they join a team to stop a demon queen named Lilith. Her ultimate goal is to take over the planet and unleash otherworldly forces on innocents. However, it’s revealed that the true enemy was hiding in the shadows all along and brought into being thanks to an ancient book called The Darkhold. That said, there may be an even greater threat on the way that’s human in nature but no less dangerous.

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What Happens in Midnight Suns’ Post-Credits Scene

Midnight Suns Darkhold

At the end of Marvel’s Midnight Suns, Lilith, in a moment of clarity, defeats the demon Cthon by stabbing The Darkhold with a magical dagger, thus stopping Cthon from talking over the mortal world. She provides an escape for the rest of the Midnight Suns, but The Darkhold pulls everything tied to it into its embrace, including herself and The Hunter. What made the moment so intriguing was that the team had managed to avert the evil prophecy and save the world from apparent certain doom. However, it may not be the end of the story, as the game’s post-credits sequence highlights.

In the sequence, Scarlet Witch, Caretaker, Doctor Strange, and the ghost of Agatha Harkness scour their ancient texts to learn why and how they achieved the outcome they did. According to Caretaker, this victory may be just the beginning of something much more. From there, the screen cuts to an otherworldly dimension where The Darkhold is left covered in rubble. A figure in ironclad boots and a cape approaches it. He wipes the rubble away and admires the book, uttering one word: “Amateurs.”

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Why Doctor Doom Finding the Darkhold Is Significant

Doctor Doom Infinity Stones

There are few beings in tune with magic that have the skill and conviction to wield The Darkhold, but one that is more than capable, and all the more deadly for it, is Doctor Doom. Considering the confidence in the voice as well as the armor surrounding him, it’s clear that Doom is the one who manages to find The Darkhold. In the comics, Doctor Doom is more than a genius. He’s also a master of the mystic arts and has tried more than once to gain the title of Sorcerer Supreme. His dark intentions and power have always made him fully qualified, but never viable for the title. However, he’s more than qualified to utilize the dark book.

In terms of Marvel’s Midnight Suns, Doctor Doom’s presence could create a huge catastrophe for the mortal world, as he may have the tools to wield its power but doesn’t have the knowledge to control it properly. As a result, he could bring dark forces to Earth unwittingly, and his confidence wouldn’t allow him to think twice about it. That said, his presence could introduce the addition of The Fantastic Four, as only they know how to combat his hubris and mad genius. Even still, it may take the combined forces of all the heroes, including The Hunter, and a lot of luck to face off against an enemy that’s deadlier than anything within The Darkhold.

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