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Rise of the Beasts Will End G1 Vs Beast Wars Debate

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Transformers: Rise of the Beasts finally unites two eras of Transformers. But can the film end an age-old debate between both franchises?

The world of Transformers has ironically transformed over the decade in many creative ways. From the early years of G1, the franchise has changed to include Headmasters and Targetmasters, and later introduced everything from Mini-Cons to robots that could change into realistic animals. As a result, there are multiple Transformers iterations that generations of fans have hitched their wagons to in terms of what could be considered the favorite or even the best.

Since its inception, G1 remained undisputed as the most beloved and iconic iteration of the brand as it introduced characters like Optimus Prime and Megatron. As the year progressed, however, other franchises have appeared that challenged the status of G1 and even created some debate among fans, most prominently Beast Wars. Since then, both series have represented different types of fans and have even crossed over from time to time. However, no matter how many times they unite, it’s still asked which show is the better series. Transformers: Rise of the Beasts may finally end the debate.

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What Separates G1 And Beast Wars?

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The G1 era of Transformers has always been known for its iconography, first and foremost. There’s a lot that the series conveys to audiences, showing that there are layers and lessons to be learned. A great example of this came in the episode featuring the Golden Lagoon, which was a commentary on conservation and the dangers of taking more than needed. But more than anything, the show is mainly remembered for its characters like Optimus Prime and how his actions and words of wisdom impacted an entire generation. In short, the show may have been surface-level, but when it made an impact, it stood the test of time.

Comparatively, Beast Wars was a full-blown series with an overarching narrative that saw its Transformers characters evolve and change. Furthermore, the story was equal parts family-friendly, but brave enough to handle more mature concepts like romance and growing up. Essentially, Beast Wars was more than a war story about good vs. evil. It also showed the complexities of both sides and that motivations aren’t always shown in black and white. As a result, to say which is better — considering what they offered — is nearly impossible.

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Could Rise of the Beasts Finally End A Classic Debate?

Optimus Primal looks on the a scene from Transformers: Rise of the Beasts

Transformers: Rise of the Beasts marks the first time on the big screen that both iconic shows are crossing over. Like all team-ups, it’s expected that both sides would duke it out in a battle before facing the main enemy. Many may even want to see this as it would finally show which franchise is the superior Transformers story. But instead, Optimus Primal shows restraint where Prime appears hostile and extends an olive branch to work together against a larger threat.

To skip the expected fight between factions showed a great deal of maturity on the side of Beast Wars but may also have given fans the answer they’ve been seeking. In the end, there isn’t a better option as both sides offer strengths and weaknesses that improve one another. It’s also a symbolic olive branch as two eras of fans who experienced Transformers differently shouldn’t compare and argue about who’s better but instead celebrate what makes them special. In the end, all these characters are Transformers, and seeing them work together will also always be better than apart.

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