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Upcoming PvP Shooter Friends vs Friends Has a Unique Spin on the Genre

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Friends vs Friends is an indie game coming soon with a little something for everyone. Essentially, this FPS is tailored to live up to its name by pitting friends against each other in the most absurd ways, although the game does support matchmaking as well. While waiting for the release date for Friends vs Friends, some gamers have had a chance to play it in early access, which offers plenty to look forward to.

Friends vs Friends is indeed an FPS, but it also has many roguelike aspects that set it apart from other entries in the first-person shooter genre. The developer, Brainwash Gang, has incorporated a card-based mechanic that spices up each and every round for players. Every card is different and applies a unique effect to either the user or their opponent in an attempt to tip the fight in their favor. This concept should be incredibly compelling for anyone who is a fan of fun sandbox-like game modes in shooting games such as Halo or Grand Theft Auto.

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How the Combat in Friends vs Friends Works


There is basically only one goal in Friends vs Friends, and that is for players to eliminate their so-called friends by any means necessary. Friends vs Friends is an online PvP game where each match has a best-of-five system. Players can choose to 1v1 with their friends or play with more people in a 2v2. Each round will play differently since the player’s equipment will be randomized at the start of each one. Of course, in this game, the only equipment to look out for is an arsenal of in-game playing cards.

The cards will constantly be changing the tide of battle as the match progresses. The game is fast-paced and chaotic enough that even one round can inflict plenty of chaos on any player. Since each card is designed to help the user and/or hinder the opponent, all can be used in a variety of ways to aid in combat. For example, every player will have access to a simple pistol at the beginning of each round. However, with the help of just the right cards, players can summon a machine gun, a sniper rifle, a katana, and more.

Beyond the helpfulness of extra weapons, cards can either buff the wielder or debuff the opponent. For example, players can choose to either grow their opponent’s head to a ridiculous size, making it an easy target, or shrink their own head in defense, depending on who is holding the right cards for the job. The cards only escalate from there. Players can add poison damage to their guns, hide their opponent’s deck from their own view, or change the map entirely with a nuke. This makes for some hilariously fun gameplay that is akin to other chaotic game modes like Fiesta in Halo. Yet, with all of this chaos occurring, there’s still plenty of strategy involved in winning a match.

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How Deck Building Can Influence the Game


Deck building is a key feature in Friends vs Friends that adds a whole new layer of depth to the game. Although cards are randomly assigned to each player at the start of every round, players can influence which cards they receive by selecting their favorite cards in the game’s initial menu screen.

Each upgradeable card comes with two things to note: an effect that the card will cause once played and a level of power displayed in the top right corner. This number represents how much space it takes up in a player’s deck. Players are required to have a minimum of 25 cards, and a deck can reach a power level of 50 as a whole. This means gamers can arrange their cards in a way that suits their playstyle by selecting cards that complement each other.

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Players will have five cards to aid them in battle at the beginning of each round. A player can activate each card instantly, or they could hold off and not spend a single card, which will reward them in the next round. On top of this, each player must choose one of ten characters currently available, and each character comes with their own benefit that can synchronize with deck building even further.

Friends vs Friends Is Coming Soon


With all the customization available to help make the game as fun as possible, it’s safe to say that the game’s release will be eagerly anticipated by many. On top of the fun combat and graphics that have already been shown off, it’s also been reported that the game will not be pay-to-win and is truly meant to be equally fun for anyone looking to play. Those interested won’t have to wait too much longer, and content such as new maps and characters will continue to be pushed out as well.

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