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10 Things To Know About Shiny Hunting In Pokémon Scarlet And Violet

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The Pokémon franchise is now nine generations deep, and while each new iteration introduces new species of Pokémon, game concepts, and mechanics, as well as locations and general ideas, there are some tropes that have remained a consistent presence. Shiny Pokémon has existed in each mainline game since its introduction in Gen II.

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Shiny hunting has taken on different forms in each generation, but in the Gen IX games Scarlet & Violet, there are now many different ways to approach getting shiny versions of fan-favorite Pokémon. In fact, the sheer volume of methods can appear daunting at first glance, which is why it helps to know how these methods affect the chances of getting Shiny Pokémon.

10/10 There Are Many Ways To Increase The Base Shiny Encounter Rate

Shiny Lechonk is encountered in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

One of the first and most important things to know about Shiny Pokémon is that they are incredibly rare. In Scarlet & Violet, the base encounter rate for a Shiny Pokémon stands at 1 in every 4086. While there are many ways to reduce this rarity, shiny hunting will always ultimately come down to sheer luck.

Through various combinations of methods, this rate can be improved to 1/512.44, but while this is certainly a drastic change, a shiny encounter still isn’t guaranteed by any means. Understanding the methods of increasing the encounter rate are critical for any player looking to catch a Shiny Pokémon.

9/10 Completing The Pokédex Earns Players The Shiny Charm

Shiny Spiritomb in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

One such method to drastically increase the shiny rate is by acquiring the Shiny Charm. In Scarlet & Violet, players can receive the Shiny Charm by completing their 400-strong Pokédex and taking their extraordinary efforts to Jacq, one of the teachers at the academy.

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The Shiny Charm is a solid reward for completing the Pokédex and increases the shiny odds rate from 1/4086 to 1/1365.67, which is a substantial difference. This rate can then be improved further, but the Shiny Charm gets the ball rolling, and players immediately have more of a chance in finding Shiny Pokémon in the wild.

8/10 Sandwiches Are Crucial In Making Shiny Hunting Easier

Egg Ham and Cheese Sandwich in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Making sandwiches at a picnic is a fun new addition to the franchise in Scarlet & Violet, but while it can certainly be ignored without harming the overall gameplay experience too much, sandwiches can make shiny hunting much better. “Sparkling Power” bonuses are what players should be seeking, whether it comes from attainable recipes or concoctions made in “Creative Mode.”

Herba Mystica are explored throughout the Path of Legends storyline in Scarlet & Violet, but their value extends to sandwich making. They can be rewarded to players who pass certain Tera Raids, and then subsequently added to sandwiches.

7/10 Shiny-Hunting Sandwiches Can Still Be Made Without Salty Herba Mystica

Picnic sandwich with Eevee pick in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Salty Herba Mystica are known to be the crucial ingredient for the simple recipes for making shiny-friendly sandwiches, but as they are generally received as rewards for specific five-star Tera Raids, they aren’t attainable and accessible for everybody. This is where the “Creative Mode” comes in handy for sandwich making.

As long as they have stock of other Herba Mystica and a wide range of other ingredients, players can make these complex recipes as an easy workaround. These alternate recipes can even help to enhance encounter rates of specific types, which in-turn helps towards shiny hunting.

6/10 Mass Outbreaks Bring Hordes Of A Certain Pokémon To A Focused Area

A mass outbreak of Smoliv in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

The concept of the Mass Outbreak was introduced in Pokémon Legends: Arceus, but has returned in Scarlet & Violet. The main premise of a Mass Outbreak is as the name suggests, multiple of a specific species appearing at an increased rate within a certain location for a set period of time.

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Mass Outbreaks present a perfect opportunity for focused shiny hunting, especially when combined with other shiny methods like the Shiny Charm or sandwiches. The introduction of Auto Battling helps players get through the hordes quickly, as does running away and coming back to reset spawns.

5/10 Perseverance In Battling Through Mass Outbreaks Brings Results

Shiny Iron Moth screeches as it's encountered in battle. Shiny sparkles eminate from it.

While the mere premise of Mass Outbreaks appears to be a gold mine in terms of the chances in getting a Shiny Pokémon, perseverance reaps even better rewards. Defeating or catching more than 60 of the particular species boosts the shiny rate when assisted by the Shiny Charm, to 1 in 819.60.

This can be improved upon further with the correct sandwiches, with the rate even going as high as 1 in 512.44. The “Let’s Go” Auto Battle feature is a perfect way to do this quickly, removing the monotony of the traditional battling process and animations, as players press through in search of their Shiny Pokémon.

4/10 Patience Is A Virtue In General Shiny Hunting

Shiny Cetitan in its battle stance in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

While perseverance is notably beneficial to shiny hunting in a Mass Outbreak, patience and persistence are required as an overall necessity in all methods of trying to find and catch Shiny Pokémon. Players need to remember that it still comes down to luck, even if they have ticked all the boxes in preparing for a shiny hunt.

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Remembering that many players have been fortunate to stumble across Shiny Pokémon without even seeking them out, should reaffirm that it isn’t necessary to lose hope or sleep over the concept. Accepting this fact can help take the pressure off and make those focused shiny hunts all the more fun and enjoyable.

3/10 Searching For Shinies Through Breeding Is Not Worth It Unless Using The Masuda Method

A picnic table in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Breeding and hatching Pokémon Eggs can seem like a long and arduous process at first glance, but just like there are ways to speed up the hatching process normally, there is one particular method that increases the shiny hatch rate significantly. The Masuda method is so simple to execute that the significant reduction in shiny rate is shocking. In fact, it is as low as 1 in 512.

The Masuda method focuses on having one of the two Pokémon that are being paired for breeding, being from another Trainer of a different country. The most-effective use of this strategy is to get a foreign Ditto, and then pair it with whichever Pokémon the player wants a shiny version of.

2/10 There Are Additional Ways Of Making The Masuda Method More Efficient

Player riding Miraidon next to a Pokemon egg in Scarlet & Violet

Even though the Masuda method does significantly increase the chances of finding a Shiny Pokémon from breeding and hatching Eggs, the traditional process of collecting and hatching Eggs can still be long and frustrating. Making sandwiches that provide “Egg Power” are a good way of improving the number of Eggs produced at a Picnic in the specified time.

Players can then utilize a Pokémon like Talonflame with its Ability Flame Body, to hatch the Eggs in a quicker time than normal. Having multiple Ditto or multiple other Pokémon, can then add more volume or variety to the number of Eggs provided in a certain timeframe. This then leaves it up to the player to grind hatching all of those Eggs in search of a Shiny Pokémon.

1/10 Saving The Game & Resetting Is Valid & Acceptable In Shiny Hunting

Shiny Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet

Considering everything that goes into each of the shiny-hunting methods, players can be forgiven for cutting corners in saving their game before certain stages, and resetting if they don’t get their desired Shiny Pokémon. A prime example of this would be in obtaining Pokémon Eggs from breeding, and saving before hatching them, then reloading the game if no Shiny Pokémon are found.

Knowing when to save and then try again, can help players in ultimately saving time in the long run. Saving and resetting can also be forgiven when using valuable items and materials, as acquiring them again may well be a long and tough process to repeat. For this all to work however, players need to ensure that they turn off the Auto Save feature in Settings.

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