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Disney World Drops Major Tease for New Tron Ride

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The Disney Parks Twitter account dropped a cryptic message yesterday about Disneyland’s planned Tron Lightcycle Run roller coaster, which has some fans thinking that the attraction — first announced in 2017 — will open in April. Structured as a high score board from the Tron arcade game, the announcement uses initials and numbers to get fans thinking and talking about what it is they have up their sleeve — but the biggest things on the list seem to translate to an April opening for the ride.

The TRON attraction will actually be the same as the Lightcycle Power Run at Shanghai Disneyland. The ride will be a thrilling high-speed coaster attraction that takes guests onto The Grid for a wild trip. A canopy is planned to shield the ride from the elements but hasn’t been constructed just yet. The design of both the ride and surrounding areas is greatly influenced by both the 1982 Disney feature and the 2010 sequel TRON: Legacy

Here’s the tweet:

…and thanks to fans in the comments, you can see a key to the answers (as far as anybody can tell) below (thanks, Jacob Martin in particular for pulling them all together):

1. TRON All-Time High Score
2. TRON Opening Day? (04/21/2023)
3. TRON: Legacy Release Date
4. Jeff Bridges’ Birthday
5. Magic Kingdom Opening Day
6. DisneyLand Opening Day
7. TRON (1982) Release Date
8. ???
9. Shanghai DisneyLand Opening Day
10. Cast Member Previews 04/4-8/2023

We’re leaving #8 as a question mark, because as far as we can tell, nobody else has figured it out, either. 

Opening in Spring 2023 in the Magic Kingdom, Tron Lightcycle Run is one of a number of big projects coming in the months and years to come, with a number of construction projects having gone into motion between 2019 and 2021. Tomorrowland is poised to look a lot different by next year when the big celebration gets underway.

It boasts a number of features:

Sync Chamber
Step inside the techno-style zone featuring glowing glass rails, a real-time Raceview and blue laser lights that etch patterns through space—this is where Users synchronize with their Lightcycles. Feel the power activating as you jump on, grab the handles and brace to face an unknown digital frontier.

Launcher-Upload Conduit
Anticipation heightens as the Lightcycles lunge forward with sound effects building to a feverish pitch. Suddenly, you’re throttling through a tunnel of flashing markers and, just as quickly, plummeting onto a turbo-charged track known as the Grid!

The Grid
Filled with brilliantly illuminated shapes and sleek, color-changing TRON iconography, this game-world “gravity box” seems to rev harder with enhanced energy as Lightcycles catapult past each Gate. Will Team Blue capture them all and take the championship? See if you can defeat the Programs, survive the Power Run and make your way back to the real world!

Keep your eyes on for more details on the long-awaited opening of the ride.

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