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Marvel Legends X-Men Ch’od Buld-A-Figure Wave Pre-Orders Are Available Now

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Hasbro Is kicking off 2023 with a wave of six Marvel Legends X-Men figures that include a piece that you can combine to form Ch’od and his beloved pet Cr’reee. The lizard-like Ch’od is one of the founding members of the Starjammers crew of space pirates, and Cr’reee is the alien creature that you’ll often find on Ch’od’s shoulder. In order to build  Ch’rod, you’ll need to collect figures of Starjammer Corsair, Kid Omega, Emma Frost, Chamber, Monet St. Croix, and, regrettably, Fang. There’s also a Cyclops figure in the wave that doesn’t include a BAF piece. 

The Marvel Legends X-Men Ch’od BAF wave is pretty fantastic overall, especially with tyhe inclusion of Chamber and Kid Omega. Pre-orders for the entire collection are available here at Entertainment Earth with free US shipping on orders $39+ using the code FREESHIP39 at checkout during the month of January 2023. A breakdown of the wave can be found below followed by a gallery of images. 

See new Marvel Legends Figures at Entertainment Earth

  • Marvel Legends Starjammer Corsair ($24.99): Christopher Summers, aka Corsair, is the Leader of the Starjammers and father to both Cyclops and Havok. Pre-order at Entertainment Earth
  • Marvel Legends Kid Omega ($24.99): Kid Omega, aka Quentin Quire, is a rebellious, omega level mutant with extremely powerful telepathy abilities. Pre-order at Entertainment Earth
  • Marvel Legends Emma Frost ($24.99): Emma Frost is a powerful telepath and White Queen of the Hellfire Club. Pre-order at Entertainment Earth
  • Marvel Legends Chamber ($24.99): Jonothon Starsmore, aka Chamber, is a mutant with the ability to blast psionic energy from his chest. Pre-order at Entertainment Earth
  • Marvel Legends Monet St. Croix ($24.99): Monet St. Croix, aka M, has abilities that cover just about everything, essentially making her a “perfect” mutant. No wonder she’s arrogant. Pre-order at Entertainment Earth
  • Marvel Legends Fang ($24.99): Fang is a member of the Imperial Guard and the alien race known as Lupak. His costume was stolen by Wolverine at one point, so the lack of an alternative Wolverine head for this figure is disappointing to say the least. Pre-order at Entertainment Earth
  • Marvel Legends Cyclops ($24.99): Cyclops aka Scott Summers is the leader of the X-Men. Pre-order at Entertainment Earth

You can keep tabs on the latest and greatest Hasbro action figure releases right here. Some recent headlines include:

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